Capital: Mujaw
Population: humans, half-elves(half drow),elves, drow, halflings, dwarf monstrous races.
Exports: none
Languages: Common, Wag
Places of Note: Mujaw, Cadi, Port Boka
Current Ruler: None
Main Religion: None

Prior to the breaking of Birgodfer the lands known as Wago, were home to great civilization that spanned the full length and with of The Great Expanse and reached to the Dragon Spire.

It is believed that the Orphidics had their kingdom here, as there are many indications of great temples similar to the few records of their architecture. Early on in the Age of Exploration, settlers from Gatalen and Alagash . The colony of Port or Boka was established but attempted to expand further inland towards the Great Expanse were met resistance from various monsters. Despite this, two additional colonies, Mujaw have been settled.

Mujaw is considered to be the capital of Wago, but in truth it is nothing but a small partly abandon city, whose residents are rumored to have become what some would describe as feral, and almost as dangerous as the creatures that roam the expanse.

Cadi, is not a human city, and only appears on maps because of it’s archaeological significance. The city it’s self is a great temple dating back to the Age of Creation. The temple it’s self descends deeply into Morionun though no true depth has even been recorded. Expeditions to explore the massive temple been futile as they have either been lost or returned near death and stricken with madness. This has given way to the belief that the prison of the Mad God Laenacus lies below the city.

All of these features have made Wago somewhat of a destination for adventure, and has turned Boka into a very large and prosperous city.

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