The North Lands

Beyond the Vankardi Mountains lies the Frozen Plains, also commonly known as the North Lands. This land of perpetual winter is home to a great many giants, and their mammoths.

A great many predators live on the frozen plains as well, making it an exotic destination for travelers looking to hunt game. This has become such a destination spot that the country of Ruounia has sponsored a game preserve this however is still with in the country’s borders. As you travel further west you will likely see small villages of nomadic barbarians along the landscape, these barbarians or decedents of humans and giants, though they have lost their size, they still posses the strength of their for fathers.

Not always thought to be as cold and unforgiving as it currently appears, scholars believe that this along with a barrier Island to the north and the Wastes in Quarg, were the site where Laenacus first created his children. This has prompted expedition of scholars and the creation of the magical research facility Frost’s Reach and it’s twin to the south Sand Cellar.

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The North Lands

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