Capital: Belohum
Population: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, half-elves, Halflings
Exports: Fish, Woodcraft, Iron, Vodka
Languages: Common Dwarven, Elvish
Places of Note: Zelyony Forrest, Zamke, Girice
Current Ruler: Tsaritsa Ekaterina (Katya) Feyevna
Main Religion: Taime

The country of Ruounia is a large country bordered by the North Sea the North, Molthin to the South East, The Frozen Planes to the West and a mountain range to the South, the country of Ruounia mainly lives on thieving, woodcrafting and fishing. As a rule when traveling to Ruounia, keep one eye on your purse and one hand out you blade.

Because much of Ruounia is wilderness, this major cities are densely populated, and example being the capital of Belohum which is smaller then Stratus, but boasts twice as many residents. This wasn’t always the case but out lying towns and smaller cities have been overrun, by hostile creatures. The castle town of Soka was once a thriving community but after the children started disappearing into the Zelyony Forrest, and the constant Yeth Hound attacks, the city was abandoned. The dense populations and fear of monsters, does nothing to deter tourists, and Ruounia actually thrives on tourism, especially the city of Zamke which borders the Frozen Plains. Here people seeking adventure can book a barbarian guide to bring them out to the plains where they can observe and even hunt some of the creatures that make this land their home.

The Tsaritsa Ekaterina Feyevna, rules the country but is hardly ever seen, rumors are whispered that she has been under the control of her court wizard Grigori Yefivich, who is pushing his own agenda.

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