Capital: Nanjar The Jeweled City
Population: humans, half-elves(half drow),elves, drow, halflings, dwarf
Exports: Wine, Sun Orchid extract, gemstones, Opum,
Languages: Common, Quargian
Places of Note: Ghahra, Dhasayh, Sun Orchid Oasis
Current Ruler: Empress Kal’dim
Main Religion: Malha (An embodiment of Paim and Thordrin)

The vast country of Quarg makes up much of the lower half of Anglarthea. The terrain there varies consisting of fertile grasslands in the north, stepps in the west, and the great Sul-Galha Desert in the south. Quarg has always been a destination for those looking for adventure, The Sul-Galha, desert has many ruins of old civilizations that migrated from Desaqq yeas ago, in addition to being the only location you can obtain a Sun Orchid.

Ghahra, the norther most city in Quarg is what people of the kingdom thing of when they picture the empire a sprawling fortress, and training ground for much of the Qadiran army. Ghahra sits on the established border of the kingdom and Quarg, and is the center check point for Quargian border patrols riding from the coasts. one must pass through this city first on their way the the heart of Quarg.

Quarg is know for it’s slave trade, especially dealing with drow, though anyone can become a slave in Quarg. The main port for this is Dhasayh. The beautiful, open-air city designed as a permanent oasis for the nobles of from Nanjar. It is here that buyers may observe these slaves and verify they are trained, prepared, and broken for their lives of servitude.

Quargian culture is based on a feudal hierarchy. Every individual is born into a specific station with the main hereditary classes being laborers, freemen, military, and lord. Social status is extremely important to the Quargians, and one can inadvertently show disrespect if they are unaware of social station.

The Emperor (Empress) heads the Quargian government. Because there is such a high value put on ones station in life, it is not uncommon for royalty to maintained polygamous relations with members of their own blood in an effort to keep the ruling bloodline pure. Their are bastard children but those that are not executed banished to the Sul-Galha Desert.

In Quarg, there are three advisers to the Emperor, the Legion Commander, who advises in matters of war and conquest, the Master Keeper who advises on all things magical, add the Master Whisperer, who provides the Emperor with intelligence. All of these positions with the exception of the Master Whisperer are related to the Emperor in some way.

The Quargian military, are fearless fighters, and unmatched horsemen. Known for their use of chariots in combat with a skill that is nearly supernatural. People born into a labor’s class can choose to enlist in the military, to advance their station in life. The most respected position in the military it that of the Master of Horses.

Though appearing stable on the outside, the Empire is full of political conspiracy and court intrigue, True power in Quarg comes from information, and many of the highly placed officials have information about one another, which keeps them in power.

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