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As the gods clashed blots of white fire rained from the sky, striking the land and splitting the world
-Excerpt from the Book of the Knowledge

The Age of Creation -

In the time before time, the Primordial powers of Chaos and Order clashed for supremacy over the other. Their battle went on for many eons until in their fury they birthed Balance. Balance soothed Chaos and Order, and together they created the havens and the earth. After it’s, each of the primordials took part of their power and created the first gods, who are all but unknown today, Lyd, and Maladara in being the exception.

Exhausted after their work the three primordial powers shattered themselves into millions of pieces, creating the stars and the sun. The eight first gods, began to mold Birgodfer as they saw fit. After crafting the lands, and the seas, they began to toy with creating life. Their first attempts where the plants and animals that encompass the world, but yet they still could not create something in their likeness. An agreement was reached that other beings would need to be created to assist the old gods with their work. Stars were plucked from the sky and many demi-gods were born, among them, Taime, Alus, Oriel, Thordrin, Nadal, Paim, Sossar, Falech, Rith, and Laenacus.

With the new gods, the old gods began to mold their ideas of life. First came the dragons, who the gods considered to be a success and after that there came a flood of races onto the newly formed world. When the elves arrived, they began to record the history of the world. As more races began to enter the world, the first gods, excluding Lyd, and Maladara, became concerned about their place and planed along with Laenacus (unbeknownst to the new gods) to destroy the world. A mighty battle began and the earth it’s self shook under the furry of the deities. During this time Maladara with the help of Alus and Thordrin, created third realm, where the creatures of the world could escape. The elves and others fled to this realm in-between realms, while the dwarves at Thordrin’s bidding went below the surface. Those races that stayed behind entered into the brutal conflict between the gods of one side of the other. Eventually the demi-gods, lead by Taime, banished six of the eight first gods to the Realm Beyond. Lyd, and Maladara having fought alongside of the new gods were allowed to stay, and Laenacus’s betrayal was never realized.

Those who had fled were called back, though some were allowed to stay in the realm between realms. On their return they were now capable of working with the energies of the world around them to do something that they called magic. Soon the dwarves returned to the surface speaking of a vast area deep within the earth, full of nothing, but stretching on for miles, the elves called this place Morionun.

The Age of Growth –

The gods let the fledgling races begin to create and build. During this long period of peace, Laenacus discreetly began to sow the seeds of destruction that would later begin the Age of Darkness. His first act was the creation of the Orphidics with a lesser god. These serpent men held the mad god and their mother in the highest regard and built major cities devoted to their deities. Laenacus also began to corrupt the minds of other races including the gods themselves, one of which being Rith the sister of Maladara, who hungered for the worship that he sister received from the elves. Laenacus using his powers created glyphs that took the jealously and envy that the goddess had and allowed Rith to birth the Drow, who waged war on the elves, in her mother’s name.

The Mad God managed to shield his actions from the other gods, with the exception of Taime who began to inspire the races of the world to shun the Mad Gods worshipers.
As time progressed the gods noticed a taint seeping up from Morionun, on investigation it was discovered that another realm the Hells existed. It was here that the old gods keep their failed attempts at creating life. This was Laenacus’s undoing as he had discovered the Hells much earlier and began to consort with the creatures below. Eventually The Mad God took Ebnus as a mate for a short time, and creating something even more vial then the creatures which had become known as Rauko in elvish (translated to demon in common). The spawn of Laenacus and Ebnus waged war on the mortal realm ushering in the Age of Darkness.

The Age of Darkness -

Laenacus, with the help of a great many lesser deities spawned armies bent on the destruction of the very existence of everything. With his armies he waged a war against the races of the mortal realm, many great cities were lain to waste and many of the lesser gods, were slain, their powers absorbed by the greater deities. As the Age of Darkness waned on, many heroes were born to the races, of the world, and they wielded gifts from the gods to vanquish the forces of the Mad God. So furious was the battles in the heavens, that as the gods clashed blots of white fire rained from the sky, striking the land and splitting the world. Many of the great cities of the races of Bairgodref were laid to ruin, as seas of blood and beaches of bones, tainted the land.

When all hope seemed lost, Alus devised a plan to seal Laenacus in the deepest reaches of Morionun. With the help of the Demon King Anirron a contract was drafted, and all the greater gods, used a portion of their power to create a vast prison where Tiame, Falech, Thordrin and Paim were able to trap and seal, Laenacus.

As the Age of Darkness drew to a close, the armies of Laenacus retreated to Morionun, and those that didn’t were exterminated by the gods. The Drow and the dwarves who served Laenacus (now known as Duergar in common) were granted pity by the gods, but were forced to live under the earth they had tried to destroy, dealing with the creatures that had once been their allies.

Age of Exploration –

The Mad God, though sealed his influence was still apparent, as races of the world realized. Morionun continued to be plagued by his spawn, the deeper one ventured the more dangers presented themselves. The gods seal however strong was imperfect and as long as there was belief in Laenacus, his will would be done. In addition Ebnus still full of the Mad God’s seed and having taken Lyd’s powers for her own, began to birth what would become known as monsters. The orc where the first of her children and they waged war on her behalf filling the demon god with souls.

Many heroes rose to fight the menaces from Ebnus, and reclaim the land from her spawn, in addition to driving away whatever taint of Laenacus still existed in the mortal realm. Cities were build and expeditions lead to old ruins to recover the past. Though there is peace, the gods are still vigilant about the movements of the sealed god Laenacus.

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