Capital: Rala City of Spires
Population: Humans, Drow, halflings, gnomes*
Exports: Magical Devices
Languages: Common, Lumish
Places of Note: Kibaza, Gonblast, Sidan
Current Ruler: Viceroy Edos Alahal
Main Religion: Koreana

Lumene is the southern most country on Anglarthea’s southern half. Often called the country of mysteries and magic, Lumene is rumored to be the birth place of Kelack the Black and in it’s long history have lived up to the rumor by achieving great feats with magic, when it wasn’t busy warring with it’s self.

The country has been the setting for many a great civil war, and many of the once great cities have been lain to ruin, though they still appear on the maps of the region to this day. The cities of Gonblast and Kibaza suffered the worst after the last war, and are now home to aberrations.

Aside from Rala, Sidan, is one of the only other populated cities, and is controlled by the viceroy by magical means. Here one can access many magical items, and weapons. It’s just a matter of getting to this city.

*During one of the last civil wars, the gnomish population of Lumene was wiped out though people claim to have see them in the forrests, consorting with other Feiger

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