Capital: Thaig Vanrum (Known in Orcish as, Vok Mubaraum [common translation Dwarf End])
Population: Orc, Goblins
Exports: None
Languages: Black Speach
Places of Note: Thaig Vanrum, the great marsh
Current Ruler: Ugluk
Main Religion: Carguk

It has been long known that dwarves and orc hate one another, this is clear through out history. The two races have been battling from the dawn of their creation, with the orcs typically on the losing side, with the exception of the nation of Korock [Core-Oc].

Orc used to occupy the western section of The Vankardi Mountain until sometime in the middle of the age of darkness, when the army’s of Ronsog The Red pushed them out into the area now known as Korock. One of the final battles of the bloody conflict called The Great Orc Wars took place in the Thaig of Vanrum. It was here the orc hero Carguk, managed to hold back kill Orar Orcbane, the King of Vanrum. The dwarven forces broke and the Orc were able to seal the entrances to the Stone Roads cutting off the Thaig. Carguk’s army eradicated the remaining dwarves in the thaig, and took it as their city.

Korock, contains a number of orc tribes that are united loosely under the banned of Carguk, and will only work with other tribes when raiding, or organizing a defense.

The country defends it’s borders fiercely and takes all that it can from Esya, Ducont, and Thir Farhum

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