Capital: Khashtapold
Population: humans, halflings, half-elves, dwarves
Exports: Precious Metals, Pottery, Livestock.
Languages: Khol, Quargian, Dea, Common
Places of Note: Jande, Thecla, Chara
Current Ruler: Sultan Ager Safak
Main Religion: Malha (An embodiment of Paim and Thordrin)

Kohla, is a prosperous sultanate, which controls major ports on The Empyrean Sea. It’s capital Khashtapold, has fostered trading with Gatalen, Alagash, and Quarg, through caravanserai building. This has helped to increase the wealth of the country allowing them to stay independent from the Quargian empire.

Even thought the country maintains good relations with it’s neighbors through their trade, the inner government has been in a constant flip flop or war up until recent history. The capital has fallen to different rulers over the years and changed names several times. The country is currently experiencing an extended length of peace thanks in the efforts of Ager Safak to create a central government known as a “Kohma House”. The sultan is advised by the Divan, composed of the Grand Vizier and the ruling class askeir, which includes the noblemen, court officials, military officers and the religious class called the ulema.

The Divan has become very powerful in the last few years as Ager Safak, and has been unable to join the sessions.

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