A dwarven thaig in the western half of the kingdom, Hammerhore, is the house of fine craftsmen.

The proud craftsmen of Hammerhore will be the first to tell you that they are among the oldest thaig in Anglarthea, this means little considering that Gruby is just as old.

Hammerhore is however, historically, the Thaig that Ronsog the Red supposedly ruled from, and all Hammerhore dwarves will be the first to tell you that.

Hammerhore is exports weapons and jewels of all types through out Kaplcia.

The are several legends about Hammerhore, the greatest of which talks about a dragon, who had moved into the Vankardi Mt. above the Thaig of hammerhore. The presents of the Dragon was scaring off livestock and traders. However the dwarves could not think of a polite way to ask a dragon to leave. Finally one merchant came up with an idea, he lead a wagon stocked to the brim with the ale the dragon’s roost. He offered the dragon drink and song. The dragon and the merchant sang and drank through the night. When morning came the Merchant asked the dragon if he would come back and visit. When the dragon asked the dwarf what he meant the merchant, said the dragon had talked about traveling south. The dragon had no recollection of this but since the dwarf had given him ale and a pleasant night of company he assumed that the dwarf was telling the truth. So he took off and promised to visit every so often (which he didn’t do apparently)This is believed to be a fact by all dwarves of Hammerhore.

There is no love loss between Hammerhore and Gruby, as any dwarf will tell you.

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