A dwarven thaig in the eastern half of the kingdom Gruby is the the military strength of the dwarves. The esteemed general Cronkoor Shortbrew hails from this thaig.

Because of their proximity to the goblins of the north Gruby dwarves see more often then their western counterparts.

The proud warriors of Gruby will be the first to tell you that they are among the oldest thaig in Anglarthea, this means little considering that Hammerhore is just as old.

Where Hammerhore dwarves are smiths first and brewers second, Gruby dwarves have taken the art of brewing to the next level. This is thanks in part to a dwarf by the name of Ivan the Drunkard, who single handedly pushed the dwarven craft of brewing beyond it’s limitations and start mass producing spirits. He is often cheered to before drinking

Gruby is unique as it is one of the last places that one can mine mithirl in Anglarthea, however they do export all over the kingdom.

There is no love loss between Hammerhore and Gruby, as any dwarf will tell you.

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