Capital: Ecor
Population: humans
Exports: Wool, Butter, Metals
Languages: Gat, Common, Es, Quargin
Places of Note: The Red Marches Trewald, Welzen
Current Ruler: A council of 13 houses lead by House Bergt.
Main Religion: The Church of Silent Secrets (Koreana)

Originally an outlying province of Alagash founded somewhere between 46AE and 50AE and sprawling over the land known as Ducont. When Alagash entered a war with Quarg in 150AE Gatalen made their play for independence. Ivan Thrasis led a revolt against Garret Alagash baron of Ecor, the capital of Gatalen. Garret was killed, and his head sent to Stratus with a scroll declaring the region’s independence. With their forces spread thin the war council of Stratus reached a decision that after Quarg was dealt with they would turn their attention to Gatalen.

In 160AE after 10 years of war with Quarg, Stratus lost all hope in regaining Gatalen and granted their independence. Having gained notoriety for him self Ivan formed House Thrasis became the ruler of Gatalen. His reign was short lived however thanks to an assassin’s blade. This through the fledgling country into a massive civil war lasting 25 years which resulted in the formation of Ducont. The Civil war raged until at last the House of Bergt seized power. It is rumored that House Bergt managed to wrestle power in thanks to and infernal pact, and that is how they have maintained their rule even since. Despite these allegations and rumors, Gatalen has become one of the most powerful nations in Anglartha. Its Imperial Navy controls the entrance to the Bitter Sea, and its traders reach across the lands of the known world to bring back exotic items and rarities.

Gatalen is mainly made up of humans, they discourage half breeds and had lead a cleansing in 396AE where most of the half breeds were forcible removed from the region or pushed to the southern tip. Alagash and Ducont welcomed all refugees and politically sanctioned Galaten which eventually lead to an all out war. After the treaty of The Shimmering River, a section of Gatalen The Red Marches was made available to other races.

In recent years relations between Gatalen and their neighbors has been peaceful.

The naval power of Gatalen is out of Bleche, controlled by House Schlizen, and House Glunfure. It is here that Grand Admiral Jobst Oser resides with the rest of the Gat fleet.

Wenzel sits on the shores of The Crystal Lake between Ducont and Gatalen, it is here that some of the finest beers in the world are produced and shipped down river to Terewald Bleche and Ecor for export. This city also has a strong trade agreement with Eres the capital of Ducont.

Through it’s bloody history Gatalen’s lands are dotted with abandon or decrepit castles, In addition to Kalgon Thaig which has become home to several denizens of the Under Lands.

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