Capital: The Holy City of Etovi
Population: Humans, Gnolls, Halflings, Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, half-elves
Exports: Precious stones, Steel, Iron, craft goods
Languages: Gat, Common, Esy, Gnoll
Places of Note: Port Boiza, Pezo, Pese the flooded island.
Current Ruler: Igino Totalli the 1st
Main Religion: Paim

The country of Esya rests on the western shores of Anglartha, bordered on the east by the Great Grey Ridge. This isolated location has kept Esya out of conflicts between the other countries, in addition to offering a save haven for those displaced from Gatalen during The Great Cleansing.

Esya is a religious society, and while all religions are accepted, it is the Church of the True Father that dominates the Esya’s city centers, in massive exquisitely carved churches and temples. Lead by Pope Vitale the 4th the City of Etovi, the church has it’s hand in many of the government dealings, including sponsoring it’s own order of paladins The Holy Order of the Father and leading crusades into Quarg, to retake the legendary Hallowed City of Evradhound

“All things come to Esya” is a common saying, and one look at Port Boiza will give merit to the statement. This bustling port is receives shipments from as close as Jal, to as far flung as Rala making it the center of commerce for the nation.

Traders taking the overland rout of The Spice Road will pass through the border city of Pezo. What started as a walled garrison carved into the stone of the Great Grey Ridge, has grown into a small city. Under the watchful eye of Knight Marshal Argo and Duchess Debora Colao, Pezo has some of the safest streets in northern Anglarthea, thought that’s not to say there are no crimes. Trade taxes are extremely high and and more often then not one must buy their way through the city, in order to sell their goods to the rest of Esya.

Esya has had several internal struggles and is dotted with various ruins of castles, forts, the most interesting however it the Flooded City of Pese. originally part of the mainland, a hurricane flooded the coast and separated this city. Attempts to rescue the inhabitants have turned up and empty city, but ships passing the area claim to still see lights from the shore, there have even been cases of ships being found on the beach abandon their cargo intact. The Church and government have declared this a cursed island and stationed a troop of paladins there to protect the main land from what ever evil might be dwelling in the sunken city.

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