Capital: Endheal
Population: Elves, Half-Elves, Gnomes, Humans
Exports: Medicinal Herbs.
Languages: Common, Elven, Slyvan
Places of Note: Pernith, Nadarth
Current Ruler: Lanlyell Brightstar

The only true nation of elves on Anglartha, the Iron Wood Forest is home to the Endheal or Light Elves, in their own language. Nestled at the foot the Vankardi mountain range, Endheal is a place of peace and tranquility. It is here that elven culture is exemplified, music, arts, craft and magic are discussed in the Eldran court, a place for all seekers of knoweldge.

In addition to being home to the elves, gnomes also have found a home in Iron Wood. Though the race of Fey are dying , the elves have taken many in so as to assist them in protecting the race.

There are also tow human settlements on the border of Endheal the village of Nardath and the village of Pernith. The humans in these areas were allowed to settle as part of an elven desire to study. Pernith sits right along a river making it an excellent place for logging, the elves have given strict instructions to the loggers who follow them to the letter as not to upset their neighbors. Nadarth on the other hand is a small village that acts as a stoping point for adventuring parties trying to reach and enter Thaig Gin Torum Not surprisingly these two areas have become populated in the majority by half elves.

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