Capital: Nyty
Population: humans, halflings, dwarves, gnolls
Exports: Precious Metals, Pottery, Livestock.
Languages: Desa, Common, Quargin, Khol
Places of Note: Arak, Etak City of the Dead, Sety
Current Ruler: Ahoter III
Main Religion: Desaqq Pantheon (Same gods, depicted differently)

Often speculated as the birthplace of humanity, the country now know as Desaqq, is a historically known for the region to first formalize government, under the the Pharaohs.

Desaqqians view on time holds that the universe worked in cycles (much like the elves), and the Pharaoh on earth worked to ensure the stability of those cycles. They also perceived themselves as a specially selected by the gods to, to witness the great changes of the world, and many of them chose to stay on Birgodfer during the banishing of the old.

Before its unification, Desaqq, was a land dotted with autonomous villages. Eventually rulers established a national administration and appointed royal governors. The buildings of the central government were typically open-air temples constructed of wood or sandstone.

Eventually, the first Pharaoh took control of the fledgling government, sighting divine right that he was the son of the gods and therefor destine to rule. The Pharaoh used his limited concepts of magic, to further claim his right. and after calling forth a storm (due to a bet between Falech and Alus) his claim was uncontested.

The Pharaoh united the autonomous villages and transformed them into city states known as nomes and the country saw a rapid growth as a nation spanning from present day Nyty to Rala, and into much of the current Quargian empire.

The Pharaohs of Desaqqians are worshiped as a living god, believing that he ensured the annual flooding of the Rivers that was necessary for life to thrive in much of the region. There have been three dynasties, of thirty eight pharaohs. Though a great deal of these pharaohs strive to continue making Desaqq great, many were corrupted by their power and likely felt the taint of Laenacus, of one of the lesser gods that secretly served the Mad God. One particular pharaoh, Amasis IX was rumored to have been a very powerful necromancer in life and brought ruin to the cities of Desaqq during the Age of Growth. Queen Iret wife of Kapty VII was rumored to have trafficked with demons during the Age of Darkness, which was a directly resulted in Etak, becoming a dead city. Ever since Kapt VII’s rule all other rulers have been rumored to have some demonic blood in their veins.

The Age of Darkness was not kind to the land of Desaqq, and the desert landscape swallowed many cities such as the old capital Arak, that hadn’t been destroyed by the war between Laenacus’s armies. In the current age, the city of Nyty stands as the capital of the nation, on the Great Salt Sea, and is one of the countries few ports. Sety is the only city in the country with access to the ocean by way of the Dracoian Sea which spills out into the waters of the Trygin Ocean.

The dwarven population of Desaqq is surprisingly large due in part to the thaig of Gol Durham, which before the Age of Darkness was a massive mining operation but has since been abandon, (and rumored to have been claimed by creatures from Morionun) as many of the southern thaigs after the death of Ronsog The Red.

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