The Council of 7

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The council, it’s basic function is to advise the king, on all aspects of magical happenings. They help the rulers to make decisions involving magic through out the kingdom. They are responsible for outlawing the following magical practices.

Summoning – Deemed illegal due to the fact the inexperienced mages have lost control of their summoned creatures.
Demonology – Deemed illegal due to the danger of possession which has been all too common in the recent years. Summoning a demon (monster) is punishable by death.
Necromancy – Though not completely outlawed just yet, the practice of raising the dead has been looked down on unless the ritual is performed by members of the Order of her Grace and other similar cleric orders.

Wizards have a ruling a council of 7 archmages (Known as the Council of 7), in Stratus, that advise the king on all magical happenings. The leaders of this council are.
Hina Grey – Founder/Male
Sya Frostbane – Fire mage/Male
Aela Brightflame – Mage dealing in illusions/Female
Isset Starseer – A seer/Female
Fenys Joystorm – Female storm mage
Syph Oaken – Androgynous Druid
Ruk Stonebender – Male Mage specializing in Crafting magical goods.

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The Council of 7

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