Capital: Stratus
Population: humans, half-elves, elves, halflings, dwarf
Exports: Coal, Beer, Weapons, Onxy
Languages: Common, Gat, Quargian, Molthin
Places of Note: Haven Ralious
Current Ruler: The Alagash Family (King Estray, Queen Talais, and their son Adoven)
Main Religion: Alus, Maladara, Thordrin

The Kingdom of Alagash divided into three sections, Stratus, Haven and Ralious which rule the western, central, and eastern parts of the kingdom.

Alagash is the second largest kingdom in northern Anglarthea. The terrain is mountainous and hilly due to the various off shoots of the Vankardi Mountainswhich create a natural border to Alagash’s north. Bordered to the west by the vast kingdom of Gatalen, the east by Molthin, and south by the Quargian Empire many cities in Alagash have become trade hubs, especially those residing along The Spice Road, an overland trade route running from the heart of Quarg, to the western country of Esya. Though relations are good with their neighbors for the most part (if you disregard the border skirmishes) Alagash maintains a standing army based in Stratus, and Haven, along with heavily garrisoned forts along each border.

The Kingdoms runs on a hierarchical societies, each based on ties of allegiance between powerful lords and their immediate followers. Beneath the king were are the two Dukes Ardgant and Alagash, the freemen, form the next level of society, holding land in their own right, controlling businesses in the towns or working land belonging to the dukes.

The Alagash Family has ruled the kingdom since it’s founding, it is said that when a Alagash no longer sits on the throne, there will not long be a throne. The King and Queens child Adoven is the 18th generation of the Alagash family.

There exists and council to the king in addition to The Council of 7 advising him of all happenings in the kingdom and abroad. Additionally the king as sanctioned his nephew on his wife’s side to form a spy network in the kingdom.

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