The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 19

In which there is a reunion



Making Friends: Start Fighting along side someone randomly Bro Tolaf

Using bodies as weapons: Throw an enemy at another one Twiddles

The Scorned Ex: Have an unpleasent meeting with you ex-lover Inessa Swiftblade & Sylas Blackheart

Sneaky Stabs: Coupe d’grace an enemy using a sneak attack Segitho Ochocinco

The Fire Returns Burn the shit out of your enemies. -Dallamar

Flurry of nothing: Do nothing to help your group but think you did Pei Mei

Ramming Speed. Charge you enemy and knock them back with giving you ally an attack of opertunity. – Hooch

Healing Songs: Take your support role seriously Hyam Strogal

Total XP Earned 4800

Bonus XP
Twiddles (I forget how much but it was added)
Sylas (same as above)

New Items:
Trade goods and shipping document. Flame Retardant ring

Total Gold:
Party 1 -9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.
Party 2 – 3200gp (based off of value of gear found.)

Items that can potentially save the world: 2

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 16th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

The Wolverines, after having spent the night in South Gasmere, are informed by Twiddles that the Mayor Gorgu Stonesplitter, has requested that they look into the disappearance of shipments of goods headed to Ralious. He suggests that they speak to Rertu Flazka or Salvatori Nasta as both were investigated the raid sites.

The party decides to meet with Rertu in her shop on the edge of town. The air inside of the shop is heavy with the smell of herbs. A small old woman with greasy white hair stands behind the counter with her back to the door. She appears very engaged in her work, and not to notice that you have entered the shop. The shop itself occupies a single room with a door leading to what can be assumed is the sleeping quarters. To the right of the counter a large panther sleeps with it’s head on it’s paws, it also seems indifferent to the party’s entrance.

Rertu is rather short tempered with the party and becomes increasingly aggravated as Pie Mei begins to destroy her shop. Her panther Graw, comes to his mistresses aid and pins the destructive monk to the ground, as the druid issues a warning to the party that they should leave the shop post haste as as not to witness her wrath. The party in their ever to tactful manner agrees, in exchange for a Flaming Retardant Ring. The old druid gives them the ring and as they leave yells out to them the directions to the barge site that she investigated.

The party makes their way along the river and following Rertu’s direction and eventually come to a site that looks as if there are some evidence of destroyed ship pieces. As the group scouts the area Sylas notices a cabin, in the distance, that bares a familiar construction. The elf bacomes very excited that steps into the water, to cross towards the cabin, as his boot hits the still surface of the shore, a large Scrag explodes out of the shallows swinging at the surprised elf. The aquatic troll is joined by two more that instantly engage the party.

From a tree a hawk watches the battle, unbeknownst to the party.

The sounds of combat reach in inside of the cabin and Hooch sticks his head out the window, growling like a dog as he notices the Scrags. The peg-legged dwarf bursts out of the cabin and joins the fray, hacking his way to Twiddles side. Twiddles, who is engaged is assisting Pie Mei with one of the three creatures manages to cut it down while Hooch distracts it, but loses grip of his axe in the process. The half orc giant is undeterred and picking up the body of the just slain Scrag hurls it at it’s fast approaching brethren.

Meanwhile Sylas faces off against his won opponent, narrowly dodging attack after attack, the elf is on the retreat, as a lightening bolt strikes the creature from behind him, knocking the Scrag backwards. The elf turns to see a hawk gliding down from a tree, just before it reaches the ground, it transforms into a man, who continues running straight forward hurling another lightening bolt at the Scrag.

Dallamar and Inessa race out of the house and Dal, seeing Sylas launches a scorching ray of fire at the Scrag that had just been struck by lightening. Inessa proceeds to climb onto the roof of the cabin and loose bolts at the remaining two creatures.

Twiddles looking frantically for his axe just barely dodges a swipe from the Scrag he is fighting. The half giant orc, becomes enraged and swinging his mighty fist punches the troll so hard that the creature falls backwards, just as a dark figure appears out of the fog and lands a coup de grace on the Scrag. Segitho nods to Twiddles and points his sword to the hilt of the large creatures axe.

The man from who the lightening bolts came from and Dallamar easily finish off the final Scrag with a combined effort of fire and electricity.

After the battle, Sylas yells to his friend and they both embrace. Dallamar invites everyone into his cabin, including the unknown man who assisted the party. Twiddles declines the invite and trudges off into the woods a few yards away.

Introductions are made, apparently the hawk man is a druid by the name of Bro Tolaf, who is under instructions to check out the issues in this area by Niserie Willowshaper, as he explains this, Sylas notices Inessa for the first time and in one smooth motion, draws a dagger and spins behind his ex-lover placing the icy cold blade on her throat. Molibe, quick tries to defuse the situation as Ferka notices, that Dallamar has the prince strapped to his chest.

The royal baby is covered with ash and filth, and doesn’t look to have been feed in a few days. Ferka, insists on returning to Stratus with the baby, and Cain offers to come with her.

As they depart, the party begins to weigh their course of action, and decide on sending Pie Mei, Molibe and Hooch back to South Gasmere with strict instructions to Pie Mei to open a bank account for the party, so they can claim their Steelanvil shares. While they three of them head back, the remaining group decides to continue looking for the missing goods.


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