Kelack's Journal

Journal of Kelack the Black


Discovered by Dallamar in the ruins on Kelack’s Manor on The Shattered Islands


Girithon 8th, 45 A.E.

That arrogant bastard Plyor, I though as beings of power we were above such petty things. I admit that Shanel is a beautiful creature, which means I should not deprive myself of experiencing that beauty. It is not as if I forced myself on her, quite the contrary. Plyor should realize that it rare for a woman such as Shanel to be as "expressive” as she is. Perhaps that is the cause for these unpleasantries, Plyor is jealous. Curious.

Girithon 12th, 45 A.E.

Amazingly during a meeting with Earal, we had both made strives on the spell. We can now contain lesser demons in a circle that will drain their energy. I think I’ll call it “Kelack’s Hallowed Circle or Demonic Pain”…Earal says that I am awful at naming spells, and suggested “Demons Crushing Grasp”, in any case here are the particulars of the spell, so as they are not forgotten.
Kelack’s Hallowed Circle or Demonic Pain (Working title)
Range: Close (10 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target: One Outsider/level, no two of which can be more than 10 ft. apart
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will half
Spell Resistance: None
Point at demon, picture is writhing in the pain of a holy light, spin wrist from right to left ending with palm facing the demon (you likely don’t need all this flourish, but it’s impressive)

Girithon 18th, 45 A.E.

Plyor sent me a threat today. I’m beginning to think that I might need to teach him a lesson, but as I have said I will attempt to be civil to him. Shanel has been spending many evenings here, and it is starting to interfere with my work, she should find her way back to the dorms, and leave me in peace

Narwain 2nd, 46 A.E.

Shanel has left, and good riddance the woman however physically exciting was a bore in all other respects. This of course has sent Plyor over the edge, and he has now openly challenged me, like some chivalrous knight from the mainland, how barbaric.

Gwirith 22nd, 46 A.E.

I am saddened to say that Plyor is now dead. It is not as if he did not deserve death, the man had been most disagreeable, especially after finding out Shenal was with child. I am custom to rages, but never in my many years have I felt compelled to destroy a man’s home and wage war on him. I do not regret defending myself – just that an outcome could not have been reached that saved my friend.

Lothorn 25th, 48 A.E.

Earal informed me that because of the destruction that our battle caused and the vale (reminds me I must look into this vale), the Academy would be moving, to the newly founded Thalious. I will miss the elf being this close, as he has been a good friend, but a head master must go where his school is.

Urui 10th, 48 A.E.

It would appear the Shenal has died, and I have not been able to find any information about her child and if it survived. I will say that while I have been absorbed with my work, specifically the make-up of the vale, I had wished to have spent some more time with her.

Gwaeron 27th, 49 A.E.

The vale has had me perplexed for some time. The effect it has on magic is seemingly random in nature, but in all cases I have notices four potential outcomes of casting a spell: It will work flawlessly, fail, have a random effect, or work at a diminished power. Using this information I have been able to create a device that I believe should allow me to cast spells uninterrupted, I suspect that this will allow me to study the vale some more. I have also noted that there are many odd creatures around. I have invited Earal to investigate them with me.

Lothorn 16th, 49 A.E.

I now keep the device I created on my person at all times not since the encounter the Spriggan. The device which I have called the Power Sphere, (I should let Earal know I am getting better at naming thing). Earal’s visit last month has me convinced that we have weakened the fabric between the “real world” for lack of a better term and the Feiger. I have also begun working on a way to surround the manor using the same spell that I used to create the Power Sphere.

Lothorn 28th, 49 A.E.

The Feiger is an interesting place; I have made several trips into it with the help of a korred I befriended. Thanks to this friendship I have been able to craft a spell using the knowledge I gained in the Feiger. Again I should write this down as to not forget.
Feiger Blast
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./3 levels)
Effect: Stream
Duration: 1 round/ 3 levels
Saving Throw: Reflex negates
Spell Resistance: Yes
Your hand emanates a stream of green energy that reduces the mobility of any target it touches. A target that fails its Reflex save may only take a partial action each turn for the duration of the spell and suffers 1d3 hit points of damage every round for the duration of the spell.

Narwain 25th, 51 A.E.

Demons, it is becoming clear to me that Thalious is not a place where much is known about demons. This is most disturbing; as I feel that we are destine to repeat the past if we do not learn from our mistakes. I have spoken with Earal at length about this and we have decided that I will be given an assistant from the academy to help with the research. The goal is to create a device based off of the one used to close a the portal in Dundathal many years ago.

Ninui 4th, 51 A.E.

It seems that word of my taking on students has reached the ears of many young hopefuls as several youngsters have shown up here today. It saddens me that I will only be able to take on one, and even then it is highly unlikely that they will be able to…keep focused as long as is required. I plan to put them through some exerciser tomorrow in an attempt to cull the herd.

Cerveth 1st, 51 A.E.

One would assume that if you open the portal your student would know enough to not stand in front of the damned thing, his wounds are not serious but I suspect that he will not be here much longer.

Hithui 25th, 60 A.E.

I have said in earlier entries that I cannot understand how these students are even able to rise out of bed let alone walk and breathe at the same time. They are useless at following directions, and only interested in adventure. Speaking of which, I ran into a group of adventures today, who had heard rumors of a Yuan-ti temple on the islands. If this is so I might be able to find some information about this now extinct species. I must prepare.

Ninui 28th, 61 A.E.

This adventuring party makes for excellent traveling companions; Ahira Bandylegs their leader was more than willing to have another wizard along. It seems that the rumors of a Yuan-ti temple are true, as the adventures look for treasure, the other wizards Lotana and her ever present bodyguard Barak accompanied me to what appears to be a library, where I was able to find information about the final days of the Yuan-ti during a battle with demons. This has greatly hastened my research. We camped at the temple and at Ahira’s request I checked many of the trinkets they found, one of which was a hooded cobra statue which I believe to be a dead god of the Yuan-ti, I sensed magic a great magic in it and suggested that it be left behind, the dwarf however wished to keep it. The next day as we traveled back to my manor I could feel the power in the statue weaken, thus I assume that the further away from the temple the less powerful. The group and I parted ways, but not before Lotana and I compared some notes about a summoning spell she has been developing.

Norui 9th, 65 A.E.

I have remained in contact with Lotana, who as I understand it is now a mother, thanks to bodyguard Barak. I must remember to wish her and little Hina well. Earal, is thinking about stepping down as headmaster, which I believe is a good idea, the elf needs a break and I need the company.

Ivanneth 11th, 68 A.E.

Earal has been here since his stepping down four months ago. He seems much more relaxed, and I intend to take him to the Yuan-ti temple so he to can marvel at the lost civilization.

Ivanneth 13th, 68 A.E.

Earal will likely be alright, thankfully I was able to teleport us to Endheal, and the elven healers saw to his wounds. I spoke with the lore masters and we have arranges a larger party to search the ruins of the temple. The bites do not look that bad, but I have never seen a serpent of that size, act so aggressively.

Ivanneth 20th, 68 A.E.

The exploration led by lore master Finn, a group of elven warriors to and myself, uncovered some startling information at the temple. The most odd of which was the vast underground tunnels, that went on for miles. Finn and I both thought it best that the temple be sealed. I used a spell that I am particularly proud of.
Dispelling Seal
Range: Touch
Effect: Seal
Target: One gate or portal
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
This spell is a variation of Gate Seal. I’ve away hated that a chime of opening could dispel a gate seal. So a Dispelling Seal doesn’t have that loophole in it. The seal is permanent, no questions. Well permanent until the caster chooses to dispel it but don’t tell Finn, he’s rather stuffy compared to Earal.

Girithon 28th, 68 A.E.

On this eve of a new year, I have finally found a potentially assistant. He is young, just having started the off shoot of the Academy on the southern part of the continent, and will need another few years before I am able to send for him. I must remember to keep my eye on this Alsandro character.

Ninui 25th, 83 A.E.

Earal, Lotana, and I have all come together to work to recreate the legendary Sages Stone. We have managed to create a portal that remains open for only moments before closing, but we can clearly see the dark realm through it. My new assistant Alsandro starts next month. I have prepared his room, and am looking forward to having an assistant that comes so highly recommended form Airsiam Brightflame.

Cerveth 15th, 83 A.E.

Alsandro has been here for nearly five months, and I am impressed beyond believe at how he follows directions. I intend to have him work with me to summon a demon before the end of the year.

Hithui 7th, 83 A.E.

Alsandro and myself have made great strides in finding information about demons. We have actually been able to find a succubus that seemed willing to communicate with me. She is a wealth of information and pleasing to look at..she reminded me of someone. Alsandro, is devouring my books and I believe that he is almost ready. I must speak with Earal and Lotana to finalize plans.

Narwain 1th, 84 A.E.

The time has arrived; Alsandro and I are going to travel into the demon realm. Earal and Lotana have worked out the particulars and we have gained enough control over the succubus that she is a willing helping up in our endeavor. The plan is to stay in the dark realm for three years, with month long stints back in this plane. I will be compiling my notes into a book that may be used to train people in how to fight these demons should the need ever arises.

Narwain 7th, 84 A.E.

Time passes differently in the two realms it seems, where Alsandro and I have only been gone six days on out plane, we feel as if we have been in the dark realm for a month. This should make learning faster. Earal seems to be getting ill, I wonder if his injury is acting up.

Urui 19th, 106 A.E.

Alsandro and I have almost completed the codex. It seems that Earal has become concerned with Alsandro’s interaction with the succubus. The creature has been very helpful to us and I see no reason that she would betray us at this point, and have told the elf the same thing. However he may have a point, the boy asked me about the temple recently.

Gwaeron 28th, 119 A.E.

Earal has moved back to Endheal now that the succubus has taken up residence in the manor, finding his health fading and blaming the creature and my student. Lotana agrees with Earla and has said as much in a letter. I will speak with Alsandro after out next trip to the realm, as it seems there is a demon war being waged, and the succubus has assured us that we will see a much wider variety of demons then we have already recorded.

Ivanneth 3rd, 150 A.E.

It is regrettable but I have had to kill the succubus. I should have listened to both of my friends, before it was too late. I found the vial creature attempting to dominate Alsandro. Lucky for my young friend, I was able to banish the demonic vixen. Alsandro seems fine, nothing more than shaken.

Narwain 23rd, 155 A.E.

As I have mentioned before my young student still seems distant since the banishing of the succubus. We are visiting the court in Quarg and met with the Emperor and Empress of the Kal’dim Regime, I have asked them if I may have a copy of the Demonic Codex placed in the Great Library of Quarg, and i must confess that I hoped the travel would do him some good. Earal has told me that he and Lotana have a surprise for me when I get back.

Ninui 22nd, 155 A.E.

My friends are wonderful, they have done the impossible, they have developed a device that is what we believe the “Sages Stone” to have been similar to. The device seems to be able to create a two way portal to the Dark Realm, and has the ability to close it indefinitely, which was the initial query. There seem to be other wonderful things that both Earl and Lotana have added to the device and I must remember to list the items needed to create the “Sage’s Stone” (which I suppose we can call this as a nod to the original), but now is the time to celebrate. I do wonder where my young friend Alsandro has gotten off to in this moment of triumph.

Lothorn 28th, 160 A.E.

Alsandro seems to be spending a lot of time in Quarg, He claims that, he has discovered additional information about the Yuan-ti and their connection to the demons, in the jungles to the west of the great desert of Quarg. Earal has explained that there are a group of elves that live there, that faced the Yuan-ti and the demons unlike the elves of Endheal who only fought the demons.

Cerveth 26th, 165 A.E.

I fear Alsandro can be trusted no longer. I happened into his room and took notice of a book of describing how to create a phylactery, in addition to some very barbaric summoning rituals that I refuse to believe he is capable of. What disturbed me most was the infernal writing in the margin of the book, which repeated this phrase over and over, ‘He is darkness, he is power. Joroarcus’ I knew not the name, nor had I heard the phrase. There are also several drawings of alters and hooded cobra statues. I must contact Earal.

Hithui 18th, 170 A.E.

At my advisement Lotana is in hiding, after Earal’s death it seemed Alsandro would be coming for the others that knew the spell that sent us to the Dark Realm. Lotana should be safe in Thalious, with the force of wizards and the Drudic order very close by I cannot see her life being in danger. He destroyed our new "Sages Stone” but not the knowledge of how to make it, which I intend to safe guard, against my life ending which I find a likely.

Ninui 1st, 175 A.E.

I have also finished copying my notes into a second journal that I will leave in the manor so Alsandro believes he has the information he seeks, Of course I have a safe guard in place, as I am an old man, sometimes I forget things, it would be a pity if he only had a partial formula…

Girithon 28th, 177 A.E.

The last two years have been hectic, and constant race to find a safe place, I’ve been hiding out in the old Yuan-ti temple, and have discovered this race knew much about demons, and then I initially thought. I have seen many serpents going deeper into the massively deep tunnels under the temple and am unsure what that means. This will likely be the final entry, as I must face my old student soon, as he has decimated Thalious and killed many including a Lotana I am not the last piece of his bloody puzzle. I have heard tell that there is a group questing to destroy Alsandro. I hope to assist them by leaving information in this journal, and binding my soul it.

Notes on the creation of a Sages Stone

Earal, Lotana and I have elected to have our minds wiped of information the “Sage’s Stone” we created. I have, of-course taken precautions, where I understand that the stone could prove dangerous in the wrong hands I feel that not having a written record of it would be just as dangerous. What follows are the ingredients needed to create a Sage’s Stone.
Sage’s Stone
Dragon, Elf, Dwarf, and Human blood.
a vessel to hold the blood) we used a beholders lens shaped into a bowl as it has the ability to magnify magic.
Several spells must be stored in the vessel, Banish, Dispell, Kelack’s Hallowed Circle of Demonic Pain, and Mass Cure Serious Wounds.
Then a demonic and a pure soul must be bound to the stone. Lotana and Earal used a Gnome close to death as the pure one and we slayed an Astra for the demonic one, but have speculated that if they used lager creatures the stone would be more powerful.
Lastly the stone must be forged in the abyss (or as I speculate a place strong with abyssal energy), Earal and Lotana traveled there with Barak and Ahira Bandylegs apparently.

Kelack's Journal

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