Kris Morowfal

You aren't really sure what he does exactly


Kris is the reason the party is in the situation that they find them selves in. Kris met the party when they arrived in the Stratus, finally explained to them why they were doing after a little over a week of being confused.

”Let me start at the beginning. As I’m sure you have figured out by now there’s a war going on. Quarg and the Kingdom have been clashing on the border for years but now it seems as if it’s come to a head, though I’m surprised by what we’ve uncovered.Sources have informed me that the demons attacked Last Haven in addition to a force of goblins. The fact that Quarg has aligned with goblins is disconcerting, but the presents the higher number of demons, is leading me to believe that there is something more going on. I’ve spoken with the Council of 7, and Hina believes that the the empire may have created a stone that can summon the creatures in mass. You we brought together for your unique skills to in an effort to infiltrate behind enemy lines and find out what was going on. Gavin was supposed to explain this to you once you left Last Haven. General Shortbrew you were left in the dark, by the choice, we assumed if you had known the mission you would have likely killed everyone instead of finding information. Hina of the council of 7 believes that we can repel the demons with an artifact, and since you are unable to perform the original task I had for you, I’d like you to locate the artifact. This will of course grant you pardons, for your various misdeeds, and will net you all a nice bit of coin. What do you say?”

Kris is always in the company of Kethol, Durian]], and Projoil]]

Kris Morowfal

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