Hyam Strogal

Brother of Lecky Strogal, and Famous halfling bard.


The group met Hyam at the Stone Hammer after Darm Brassballs thought the halfling could get the group back to Stratus.


Hyam is a famous halfling bard, and brother of the president of the teamsters union Lecky Strogal. He’s a devote follower of Alus which is rare for his race.

Hyam has a deep love for his brother and once he realized that the party was going back to Stratus, he insisted that he come along to see that his brother was safe.

Hyam’s was the lead lute and piccolo player in a band known as Thunder Glove, who had a string of successful albums before breaking up, do to the lead singer Glore’s (a half orc) addiction to Opum which lead to his death. Hyam solo career had made him a best selling artist right behind Doyle Billin (whom Hyam blames for the death of Glore, since it was Doyl that introduced the half-orc to Opum)

Thunder Glove’s most famous song was – I was a adolescent troll brasher & Anarchy is the way to be, both of which appear on Hyam’s first solo album, available on Griffen Records.

Hyam has toured with the likes of Jim Darkmagic, and Rusty Mcguff a kobold who plays a saxophone he stole from a rust monster.


Treasuers Hidden – With Thunder Glove
Lightening Rider – With Thunder Glove
Seasons on the Abysmal Plane – With Thunder Glove
PowerAttack – With Thunder Glove
Teeth of the Hydra – With Thunder Glove

Dragon Burns – Solo
Constitution Save – Solo
Docks – Solo

Hyam Strogal

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