Ferka Brightstar


Cleric, kinda bordering on Paladin with her total lack of patients towards the party. This elf spends most of her time trying to keep the group on track though it doesn’t seem to be working as well as she’s like it to.

What keeps her from being a full on Paladin is the fact that she uses her good looks to try to get her way.

She is very fond of Cronkoor, and sees below the gruff exterior. She also seems to spend a lot of time with Cain. She detests Sylas’s way of living but as all elves she believes that he will return to Endheal in his own time. She has had little to no interaction with Dallamar aside from the healing that he so often requires. Pei Mei, concerns her, as she is strongly starting the believe that he may be one of the signs of an impending Apocalypse.


No one has made an effort to know Ferka, with the exception of Cain.

Ferka Brightstar

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