The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 9

In which the party splits..again


Fashion Statement: Make a fashion statement with a newly acquired ring. -Pei Mei

Submissive: Be dominated by a sccubus, and not in a fun way. -Cronkoor Shortbrew

This is just like high school: Make the most logical suggestion for going down the mine shaft, only to have it be ignored. -Dallamar

You treasure or your magical swords: Save you magical swords from a rust monster by throwing away a potentially high valued item. – Sylas Blackheart

New Items:
Ring of Force Sheild, Ring Of Ram

Total Gold: 8000gp

Items that can potentially save the world: 0

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 9th-10th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

As the fireball the Dallamar tossed into the hapless band of critters, burns out leaving nothing but charred wood and burned grimlock and spider bodies, the party surveys the room.

A set of tracks head north in the mine, but have passage along that route has been blocked by what looks to be a rock slide. Another set of tracks lead south east and given that the party has yet to explore that area of a mine they head in that direction. Along the way the party spots the crystal gem stones that Hammerhore is famous for. Our group of adventurers attempt to get Cronkoor to mine the crystals so they can be sold later, the dwarf looks at his friends and sheepishly says, “I don’t have any mining skills”. The party is flabbergasted but eventually gets over the fact that the dwarf can’t mine and continue on.

Due to the recent discovery of traps in the mine, Sylas becomes paranoid and begins checking for traps every 5 feet, and manages not to discover anything but hear a the sounds of combat as the approach another hall. Sylas suggests that the party wait in the hall, while he scouts ahead. As the elf turns the corner he sees a duergar and drow engaging three grimlock. The grimlock notice Sylas and combat begins. Cronkoos tears into the room and quickly whirlwinds the drow and grimlock, the Greataxe of Ronsog’s slices through the creatuers stomachs, with such speed and ferosiety that there is trail a pink mist as the dwarf completes his rotation. AS the two creatuers fall the the ground Ferka enters the room and is saddened to see a fellow elf slain. Dallamar, who is hanging close to Cain and Pie Mei enters the room and lets fly three magic missles that slay one grimlock, thanks to a well placed Ki-Shout, that shakes the remaining duergar and grimlock allowing the dwarf and Sylas to make quick work of them. After the combat Sylas inspects the drow’s body which at this point is unrecognizable. Dallamar asks, “Was that the drow we let go before?” and everyone shruggs.

Sylas makes no indication of finding anything on the dorw’s body and contuines to explore. He sees that the tracks that the party had been following lead north and are blocked off by another suspiciously placed rock-slide, that looks as if some being of a higher power placed it there to foil adventurers. The elf also notices another room, that he peaks is head into to again search of traps. Sylas calls to Cronkoor to join him in case he’s jumped, and Dallamar hears Ronsog chuckle in his head, “Looks like they found them selves the gem cache.”
Dall yells into the room after the two explaining that they are walking into a gem cache, at which point Sylas asks, “What’s a gem cache?”
This comment opens up the elf for ridicule by the rest of the party. Once the jabbing is done, Dallamar gets to work detecting magic in the room and discovers in a pile of odds and ends there is a slight blue aura radiating. Sylas check the pile of rubble for traps (finding nothing again) and retrieves a Orphidic-statue of a hooded viper and puts it in his pack.

At this point Sylas notices a secret door. After inspecting it for traps, Sylas sees that the party will only be able to traverse the hallway single file Cronkoor and Sylas take the lead with Pie Mei Ferka Dall and Cain following. As the dwarf and elf enter the room, they see one of the creatures that attacked them in Last Haven along with a succubus that Cronkoor recognizes as "The bitch that stole my egg]]. Sylas suggests that they both attempt move around her but Cronkoor, opts for his normal tactical approach, and charges into combat. Before the dwarf can reach his targets the Succubus launches a fireball at the dwarf, which hits everyone in the area including those in the hall. The void stalker glows brightly and suddenly there is a second void stalker standing by the succubus.

Sylas, yells out to the sky, “that’s the coolest ability ever.” to which a voice in his head, “I know right” The dwarf who is now no longer on fire reaches the succubus and raises his axe to strike, when he suddenly feels that he no longer has control of his body, the winged demon smiles at the dwarf and points to Pie Mei who has just walked through the door. Cronkoor turns and races to the monk who greats him, “Herro friend.”

Cronkoor slashes down on the monk with his greataxe. causing Pie Mei more pain the he expected but on an emotional level, more then physical. The monk decides to stun the dwarf, and releases his stunning fists, knocking Cronkoor out. During the fray Sylas manages to work his way around the Succubus unseen, and begins to contemplate how to attack her.

As events occurred in Sylas’s head
I reached up to grab an arrow and and my hand touched an arrow with different feathers
taking it out I realized that it was one of the arrows of slaying he had picked up all those days ago. I thought to myself, “This should be useful,” and knocked and drew the bow.

What actually happened
Sylas began to knock an arrow, when a voice says, don’t you have some arrows of slaying? Sylas says a loud, “Do I? Hold on let me check.” The elf spins his quiver around and sees arrows with different fetching, “I suppose I suppose I do. You wouldn’t to know what the happen to be tuned to do you?” The voice in Sylas’s head says, “Pretty sure you can kill demons with them.”
Sylas looks at the arrow that we was initially going to shoot, and the arrow of slaying and throws the common arrow into his quiver, knocks the arrow of slaying and lets it fly.

The arrow rips through the succubus’ neck killing it instantly. Sylas pats himself on the back for a job well done.

It is at this time that Dallamar pushes past the monk and dwarf, and launches a fireball at the 2 void stalkers, killing on of the creatures. The second void stalker glows again and splits, again making Sylas marvel at the skill. Cain and Ferka both barrel over the dwarf, and take down the remaining void stalkers with the assistance of Pie Mei.

After combat, Cronkoor and Sylas search the body, and discover the Cronkoor’s dragon’s egg. Dallamar attempts to search the succubus too but can not get past looking at her three breasts.

Pie Mei’s mouth starts to water and he says, very nonchalantly, “That egg make a lot fu-young”

Everyone looks at the strange little man who says, “I hungry”.

The party the decides that it is time to make their way down to the second level of the mine. Dallamar sends an Arcane Eye down two of the shafts, to investigate what’s below. He discovers a sealed room, in addition to another hall leading to a lager room, but the spell burns out before he see more. Suddenly there’s comes a rumbling from the area behind the rock slides blocking the tracks, Ferka and Ronsog both voice their fear that some dangerous is happening.

Dallamar prepares to cast floating disk, so the group can be safely lowered through the shafts, however Sylas suggests that he get lowered down the mine shaft, by Cronkoor. Dallamar objects to this idea but it’s too late, the dwarf, begins to lower the elf down but suddenly the lack of beer in his system begins to catch up and with him and the rope slips, banging Sylas into the wall of the shaft causing an collapse. Dallamar yells down I told you so, and the group heads to another shaft.


Sylas shakes the dust and filth out of his hair and looks around seeing the mine shaft let out into a forked path leading south, south east and west. Sylas checks to see if any of his bones are broken and satisfied they are not, stands up, the elf suddenly becomes aware of a sound reminiscent to galloping, coming up the the south eastern and southern passages, suddenly two rust monsters appear, and Sylas nearly cries when he realizes what they are.

The elf things quickly and pulls the silver Orphidic statue from his pack and waves it in front of the rust monsters, to get their attention; the elf then has a single tear roll down his face before he chucks the statue down the hall. The rust monsters chase the statue down leaving the elf alone. Sylas takes this opportunity to run and comes face to face with a roper, causing him to run back in the other direction to where he started.


Meanwhile, Pie Mei stairs at the mine shaft that the party has arrives at, “Maybe, we ice wall, reinforce good?” Where Cronkoor, Cain and Ferka, Ronsog and the voices in their head all thing this is a splendid idea, Dallamar breaks the flights of fancy with cold hard logic, “I have a flying disk, it’ll get us down, and it won’t collapse the mine, Pie Mei get on the disk and see what’s down there.”

The monk jumps on to the disk and descends into the mine. He calls up to the rest of the party, “Look like I am in big doughnut, there also money on ground.”

Everyone yells down to Pie Mei, “Don’t touch the money”


Sylas continues to sit and ponder his situation, not 100% sure if Alus and Maladarain the hall behind him he hears rust monsters happily munching away on the statue. He estimates that by the next time that the story flashes back to him, they will likely be done and looking for more food. He peers down the hall to the roper that is blocking the path and tries to recall when he’s encountered a roper prior to today.


Not eager to have a repeat of the grimlock attack Session 7 Dallamar insists to be surrounded by party members, Once they all make it to the lower level of the mine. Cronkoor Looks around the room and spots the gold that Pie Mei was talking about, he happens to notice that it is covered in blood. The party decides that touching the gold is indeed a bad idea and the make their way around it and into a hall where Pie Mei takes the lead and discovers dwarven runes and a dragon’s head in the wall.
The monk points the runes out to Cronkoor who translates them, “To quell the flame, One must invite, What young ones fear, About the night.”
As the dwarf finishes the final word, Pie Mei yells, “The mean darkness”
An array of ideas are tossed around and Dallamar, at the urging of Cain casts, casts darkness on the dragon’s head. This causes the mouth of the stone dragon to open and reveal two rings. After an identify spell, Dallamar clains Content Not Found: ring-of-force and Pie Mei takes a the Ring Of Ram which he wears on his toe. The party continues on, and sees….


Realizing that the narrative has returned to his POV Sylas makes him move running at full speed he begins he tucks into a roll right before her reaches the roper, and manages to roll under the creatures identical, and safely out of his reach. The elf high-fives himself, and turns to see the party staring at him. Sylas looks at the group and calmly says, “ther’s a fucking roper back there”

Just then the should party hear the sound of galloping feat, and Sylas says, “Oh, and two rust monsters.”

At this new Cronkoor nearly shits himself as he is now covered from head to toe in random bits of metal. Two rust monsters approach the party, from the north, and Cronkoor runs away. Sylas looses and arrow, and Dallamar fires a scorching ray as Pie Mei punches his way to the death of one of the rust monsters. Cain takes a few unarmed attacks on one of them, but it by passes him and charges the giant metal dwarf, who after had just no come to terms with giving up his throwing axe, which he flings at the rust monster. The axe strikes true, but rusts into nothing as it hits the creature, who barrels into the dwarf, hitting his chain mail. Ferka casts mend on his mail in hopes that it will keep the ancient dwarven kings armor from rusting. and runs away. Sylas Pie Mei and Dall all striks again and the rust monster goes down.

Noticing Dall is low on spells and that Cronkoor is upset that one of his weapons is destroyed, Sylas suggests they take a rest. The set up a shelter in a outcrop by the dragons head and regain their strength.

To Be Continued…..


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