The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 20 - 21

In which Trolls are killed and people nearly die



An Abuse of Nature: Forget you are a Druid and let your party members murder you animal allies Bro Tolaf

Blood Bath: Realize that troll blood has healing properties and take it to the extreme Twiddles

Now the eye-patch is real: Nearly die and get the first real wound of the game. Sylas Blackheart

Knocking boots: Reconcile with your lover after a near death experience. Inessa Swiftblade

Hopelessly Lost: Become confused and wonder around a cave system alone and frogotten Segitho Ochocinco

Tactical advantage missed Scout the whole cave system but don’t use it to you advantage. -Dallamar

Banker: Successfully open a bank account, following you directions to the letter Pei Mei

Total XP Earned 21700 = 3100 each meaning you are all still level 8

Bonus XP
Pie Mei – 500 (For fighting all the trolls on his own)
Bro – 200 For thinking on his feet and casting an obscuring mist

New Items:
Flaming Greatsword, magic dampening cuffs (spells are 2 caster level lower when the cuffs are worn)

Total Gold:
Party 1 -10200gp
Pie Mei – A 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.

Items that can potentially save the world: 2

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 17th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

After resting, from their last encounter the party begins to follow tracks to a large hill in a thickly forested area in known as Falcon’s Hollow. As the Group approaches Bro takes on the form of a bird and scouts the area. The keen druid catches sight of two forest trolls hidden in the thick brush. Before the warning can be issued, the trolls open fire with their long bows. The arrows wiz through the air, narrowly missing Sylas, and Inessa who return fire in quick succession. Dallamar, realizing that he’s in the open falls back to cover unleashing two scorching rays that burn into the trolls. Twiddles, charging forward in an unchecked rage rushes to a tree, intending to knock it over on to the trolls. The large barbarian stops short, though as he reaches the tree under the belief that he will not be able to fell it. I reality, the tree is nearly dead, but due to the poor creatures low intelligence, he believes this to be a sturdy oak. Bro, still in bird form lands atop the tree and begins to hurl lightening down onto the trolls. After a few furious minutes of combat, the trolls are bested and the party continues on into a cave.


The shadowy illumination of the cave coupled with the constant drips from stalagmites creates an eire mood as the party enters. Moving silently, Segitho, Inessa and Sylas scout ahead, and catch site of a very large cave troll. Sylas attempts to flank the creature in order to levy a sneak attack but trips over an outcropped rock drawing the attention of the creature. As battle ensues, another troll, this one of Crystalline, comes rushing from another chamber, holding smoking pots, which he begins to hurl at the adventurers. Twiddles dispatches both of the creatures but not before Bro, back to human form summons, three cheetahs to assist the party, (one of which dies instantly. The party explores the main areas of the cave where Syals happens on another cave troll, sleeping in a small chamber. The elf sneaks up on the troll and manages to deliver a deathstroke, killing the beast in a matter of seconds. At the same time Twiddles, Bro and Segitho discover an area that looks to be a smithy set up in the cave, iron ignot seems to be bubbling away in pots and crude weapons are stacked against the wall. there is also a sink hole in the room, no bigger, the massive barbarian, wanting to investigate the hole, grabs one of Bros remaining two cheetah by the tail and drops it down the hole, the creature, dies on impact. Bro unmoved, suggests that they put rocks around the hole to see if anything comes out. Dallamar, and Inessa discover a secret door leading further into the cave and begin to explore it.

Twiddles attempting to enter the door realizes that he is far too large, to enter the the area, dejected he convinces Bro to summon a bat to help explore another sinkhole that they discover. Bro, druid extraordinary, summons a dire bat, directing it to go down the sinkhole, the bat obediently obeys the command, only to become stuck in the hole because of it’s size. Bro dejected, follows Segitho and the rest of the party through the secret door with his cheetah leaving his dire bat stuck in the hole, with Twiddle.

The party transverses a hall and come to a natural staircase which climbs up about 100ft above which is hang tattered ropes and threads. they do not obscure vision, but the party realizes that it will impede moment. In light of that Dal opts to clear them out by lobbing a lightening bolt up the stairs, this draws the attention of the forest troll sentries at the top of the stairs who begin to fire arrows down at the party, all of whom are behind cover. Seeking a tactical advantage, Dal uses a floating eye spell (that’s name escapes me) and is able to scout the remaining parts of the cavern, learning that there are somewhere around ten additional trolls including their leader. Bro thinking quickly throws up a wind wall which allows Pie Mei, to charge up the stairs. Using his ability to deflect arrows, the small monk engages the trolls allowing Sylas and Inessa to move forward. Dallamar, holds back observing, waiting for the right time to send a ball of flame sailing into the room. Seeing this as a tactical disadvantage, Segitho makes his way back to the nearest sink-hole with intentions of exploring the areas below.

Twiddles, pouting because he can not get to the group, has a brief flash of joy when Segitho regions him, the two quickly come up with a plan and the large creature lowers the rogue into the sink hole and waits. As Segitho explores the tunnel system below Twiddles hears and scream challenging him, and turns to face two trolls that have just come in the entrance of the cave. The barbarian rushes towards the trolls leaving Segitho very much alone and almost forgotten.

Meanwhile, Sylas and Inessa quickly learn that the charging method doesn’t work in their favor and Sylas is catches two arrows one in his chest and one in his shoulder, the last of which drop him to his knees unable to continue his charge. Inessa screams out for help and Bro rushes forward and stabilizes the servery injured rogue. Pie Mei delivers strike after strike on the trolls as they begin closing around him. From a hall to the right of the groups the monk is engaging a large troll in full plate brandishing a flaming greatsword enters the room flanked by three guards. The troll looks at Pie Mei and roars, knowing when he is out matched the monk lands a quick kick against a charging a troll and uses the power of the charge, coupled with his fantastic acrobatic skills to launch into a tumblesault through the air and suavely land out of harms way further down the stairs next to Sylas he quickly focus his energy and begins to heal the elf who is still pinned down under a hail of arrows. Bro throws up some obscuring mist in order to help his allies avoid detection while everyone bu Dal attempts to move Sylas of the stairs. Still unable to launch his fireball, and rather pouty, Dal ops to incapacitate the trolls. Atop the natural stone landing, black tendrils burst from the ground grappling the trolls, who fight to break free. The plate clad troll is the first to remove himself from the spell and begins to menacingly walk down the stairs, into the mist. Sylas still badly injured makes a billiant move and while Pie Mei distracts the hulking creature, the rogue works his way around it’s back and begins to climb up it’s body. The elf clings to a flask of greenish bubbling liquid, and as he reaches the trolls shoulders he brings the flask around attempting to crush if against the creatures skull. Through a sheer stroke of luck the rouge manages to accomplish this feat, the creature, with acid burning through his face begins to flail around, and feeling the weight of the elf on it’s back the creature throws his body backwards pinning Sylas between his bulk and the stone stairs. Sylas is nearly crushed to death due to the unexpected movement of the troll, but manages to move his head just out of the way and with his free arm, he begins to stab franticaly at the trolls exposed face. Pie Mei leaps on the creatures chest and begins to pummel it with a rising fury, Inessa joins in the stabbing as Bro retreats down the stairs to find Twiddles to help.

The barbarian having cleaved through the trolls, stands about his final opponent, it’s body nearly cleaved in two. The creature begs speaking very broken common. The only words of which uneducated barbarian can understand are, “Lady, paid, Hrauck” Twiddles smiles down at the creature, and striking like a crocodile rips the creatures throat out with his teeth drinking the dead troll’s blood. Instantly Twiddles wounds begin to close. He then picks up the body, and rips in in half, covering himself with the crimson fluid, from the creature. This sparks a type of blood lust in Twiddles, and he charges out of the area where he lowered Segitho towards the sound of combat. practically breaking through the secret door that he was too large to enter before. His rage propels him through solid stone, nearly running over Bro as he rushes to join the fray.

In the darkness of the tunnel below, Segitho begins to think everyone has forgotten about him, that is until a tentacle whips out cracking him in the face. The master thief feels his mind become dim and bright colors flash before his eyes. Unable to see what attacked him and rather happily confused, the rouge begins to walk in a circle in the darkness. His attacker skitters away deeper into the cave monitoring the noise from the above caverns.

Dallamar, wizard extraordinary stood stone still brooding over this stupid mist that the druid has just summoned. He also watched the druid run away a few seconds ago without even having the common decenty to dispell the mist. Dal rolled his eyes, and yelled to no one in particular, “That’s fucking it!” with a wave of his arms, white light sprang from his fingers striking the mist and causing it to vanish. In his next breath h huge fireball rocked up the stairs, and exploded on the landing destroying every troll but the leader. Feeling very smug, the wizard turned to sit on the stairs, only to just barely dodge the crazed half-orc barbarian, racing up the stairs.

A shout issued from behind Pie Mei, and looking over his shoulder, he noticed a hulking bloody mass charging up the stairs. Using his cat like reflexes, the monk leaped off the downed troll and flipped over the charging mass of Twiddles. He landed in enough time to see hi party member grab the prone troll and throw it against the stair way wall. Pie Mei, grabbed Sylas’s leg and begin pulling him down the stairs to safety.

The plate clad troll’s eyes were able to focus just as a large axe crashed through it’s skull.

As his rage dies down, Twiddles slumps to the ground. The party regroups and explores the rest of the cave. The discover a catch of items the were seized from the caravan, one that sticks out are a hollow dwarven made metal device the length of a human for arm.
Dallamar is able to tell this is a type of magical dampening unit, you can use it to stop people from casting spells for a 1d8 days as long as they are wearing this.

There is also a note inside.

_"Hina, I hope this finds you well, it took a while to complete but as you know fine craftsman ship takes time. I hope you will be able to use these to control the creature before it can break free of the confinds in the temple. Please let me know the effectiveness of these, Gleck will want to know."

Sincearly Harvok Grimaxe_

As the party makes preparations to return to town, Twiddles picks up the trolls great sword, and examines it, he looks around, shrugs and slips it on to his back. Pie Mei, begins filling up vials with troll blood, claiming to be able to sell them, to any round eye sucker. The party begins to head out to the entrance of the cave when Bro asks, where Segitho is. Twiddles points to the sink hole. The party looks at him and Inessa and Pie Mei lower themselves down and find the thief still wandering in a circle. After helping him back to surface, they make their way back to South Gasmere.

Once in town, the party splits, the majority heading to the INN while Twiddles makes a quick stop at the smith. As he enters Gorgu stops him, “Lad, I don’t care how big you are, you’re not coming in here like that, into the lake with you.”
Twiddles smiles and obliges, after which he joins the smith in conversation.

Back in the Inn Inessa helps Sylas up stairs, to a room, while the other members of the party sit and get some food and drinks. Dal looks at Pie Mei, “How did you get back so quickly, and did you have an issue opening the account?”

“Well, you see…what happened was….” the Monk proceeds to spin a yarn that one would have to see to believe, full of racism, misunderstandings and over all unbelievableness.

Dallamar looks at the little man with a dumbfounded expression, “So you mean you gambled all our money away?”

The monk nods “Something like that but it not bad, Pie Mei, make money with new hot sauce” he shows Dal the bottle of trolls blood and winks. He hops off his seat and begins to attempt to sell the “delicacy” to the bartender.

Dal looks at Bro and Segitho, “Don’t move” The wizard runs up the stairs to the to the residance of the rooms and bangs on Sylas’s door, “Get you gods dammed pants on that weird little man lost all our money”

Dal, Sylas and Inessa rejoin the rest of the party just as Twiddles walks in. They decide that heading to The northern part of town across the lake is their next move, based on the information that Twiddles discovered from the troll and Gorgu.

Right before they leave, Pie Mei returns to the table with a bag of coin, “I’m thinking of calling sauce Trollracha”


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