The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 18



Did not appear in this episode

Shattered Island Party

Antivenom: Piss off some snakes. Segitho Ochocinco

Fire Retardant Ignore 80% or fire damage taken. -Dallamar

A man left behind Haul ass out of a situation your party member just died in. – Inessa Swiftblade

The final sleep Sacrifice yourself to cover you allies secape – Kazim

Spacial awareness. nearly impale your friend with an ancient piece of machinery. – Hooch

Total XP Earned 5000

Bonus XP
Inessa -910

New Items:
Scroll of Veil CL6, Scroll of Heal CL8. TOME OF CLEAR THOUGHT +1. Bashing Warhammer. STAFF OF REVELATIONS-, a Book

Total Gold:
Party 1 -9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.
Party 2 – 3200gp (based off of value of gear found.)

Items that can potentially save the world: 2

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 14th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

After a short rest the group continues on more cautiously through the Serpantfolk temple. Exiting through a secret door that Inessa discovered the party finds themselves in walking on an upward slope into a cavern, which branches off a few feet from the door. Dalamar and Inessa make the decision that they will check out the western corridor and Segitho unbeknownst to the rest of the group wanders down the east corridor.

The rogue notices a gradual decline on the floor which has become slick, unable to keep his balance, he looses his footing and slides into a pit. He quickly realizes that he is surrounded by iron cobras. As he fights to get back up the decline, his foot hits something. Looking down, the rogue realizes that he’s found a sword, which he snatches up, but not before a snake bites his exposed hand. Segitho manages to pull himself up before the poison begins to effect him. The wounded rogue stumbles back towards the main group.

The western opens into a large cavern, and Inesssa notices a chest standing in the middle of it. Carefully she makes her way over to it and checks for traps. Dalamar joins her with Kazim. They all reach the conclusion that the object is not trapped but just to be on the safe side they kick it open. As the chest hits the ground, black shapes drop from the ceiling and on top of the three adventurers. A battle with a nest of dark mantels is quickly concluded, and the party gains several pieces of equipment (see above). Inessa volunteers to scout ahead to avoid any more ambushes. Sneaking along the wall she happens upon a sleeping giant viper which she easily dispatches in it’s sleep.

The party follows the path only remaining path, which takes then to a staircase leading down. On investigation, Inessa and Segitho are able to realize that the staircase is crumbling and tell everyone to be careful on the decent. This does little to help the party as everyone with the exception of Kazim and Dalamar fall off the stairs.

The group finds themselves in the lower part of the cave system which has taken on the features of a temple once again. The party proceeds carefully down a long corridor only setting off one trap in the process, and reach an unlocked door, the first which they have found in this temple.

On entering the door it slams shut behind them and no one is able to find a way to open it. The group finds a second sealed door, which seems to be magically controlled and after an investigation, they find an mechanical release that opens to a room with a large pool in the center. Making their way to the far side of the room and through a door Dalamar sees a skeleton clutching a book that radiates powerful magic.

As the wizard picks the book up the room is filled with a sudden rush of air from seemingly nowhere. When the wind dies down, a ghostly creature that appears to be little more than a dark shape with two flickering pinpoints of light where its eyes should be floats in the air. It looks at the wizard.

“Why are you here? What business do you have with my book?”

Dalamar looks to Moliebe, “He wanted it”

The shadowy creature swells momentary, “then you are working for him, he shall not have it, die.”

There is a blinding flash of light, that fades to revile three demons surrounding the ghost like creature. The creature it’s self begins to develop features, and takes on the resemblance of an older man, in black robes, with flowing silvery white hair.

The party realizes that they are far out matched and try to flee. as they start their retreat a magiacl portal opens. Seeing this as their best means of escape the group makes for the portal. Kazim opts to hold off the attackers to give the group enough time to get through the portal. Dalamar stands at the portal, supporting Kazim with his spells until the only two party members left are the pirate and himself. As Kazim turns to run to the portal, a demon leaps on him and begins to rend him. Dalamar helpless to assist offers a silent apology and jumps through he portal, sealing it behind him. The surviving party members find them selves in a swampy area. Beaten and exhausted Dalamar erects a magical shelter, and the party tends to their wounds.


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