The World Of Kaplcia

Is made up of four continents, Anglarthea, Amerlynn, Erova, and Pelasius. Each with their unique history and stories untold.


Our Adventure takes place on the continent of Anglarthea, in the Kingdom on the northern half on the continent.

The Chronicles of Anglarthea:
Episode 1 – The Legend of the Sages Stone

It is a period of turmoil in the Kingdom. Border clashes with the Empire of Quarg have intensified in the last months along with rumors of a larger military strike.

Members of the Kingdoms network of spies have uncovered information about suspected demon attacks along the border.

Worried by this news the leaders of the Kingdom and the The Council of 7 devise a plan and ask for the corporation of the other races of Anglarthea.

In the courtyard of Last Haven a group of 7 people from different walks of life assemble, with an unknown agenda, but perhaps with the power to stop a war.

Their Story is about to begin

The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

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