The Syndicate


Run by Dorin Lightfingers, this organization is widespread and deadly. The organization began initially as a sort of union of thieves, offering protection and a profit cut for all thieves that united under Dorin, and as the years went on and the Syndicate grew, they started to control most if not all of the illegal happenings in the city cities of the kingdom and Quarg. It’s said that the nobility in stratus actually has given Dorin a title in return for information that only he and his network of thieves can obtain.

The Syndicate deals in a great many things, but the transportation and distribution of Qugarian hallucinogens called Opem. These are not illegal in Quarg, but trade in the kingdom is outlawed. However there is a huge market for the stuff, so much so that the syndicate is rumored to transport over 2500 lbs per month.

In truth the Syndicate is a bit of a front for the kingdom’s spy network. Since all illegal activity is encouraged to transact through the Syndicate, Kris Morowfal saw the advantage of having someone on the inside. He constructed a plan that would place Dorin at the top of the Syndicate, allowing the brothers to gather intelligence on Quarg, without actually looking like it.

The Syndicate

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