The Order of Her Grace


Based in Dorn, The Order of Her Grace is an organization of holy warriors serving Taime. This organization is spread through out the kingdom as well as Quarg, and members are supposedly favored souls of Taime. Believing themselves to be chosen to protect the people of the world, members of this organization have become known for their unmerciful tracking and disposal of evil, or what they believe to be evil. This zealousness for dispensing judgment has made the members of the Order of Her Grace as feared as what they hunt.

There are many who serve the in the ranks of the Order, and move through the ranks in hopes to eventually reach the elected position of High Lord of Justice, leader of the order.

High Lord Justice – An elected commander of The Order, often thought by his peers to have a divine link to Maladara
Lord Justice – There are 4 lord justices each in charge of a region of the continent. Lord Justices command the Justices
Knight Justice – The senior Knight Errant, often sent to investigate reports of great evil
Knights Errant – Investigators, often sent to root our reports of evil.
Chaplin Squire – All members of the Order start out as Chaplin Squires. These members of the order have been taken in at a young age and raised in the Order. They train as clerics of Maladara, and can be knighted by a Knight Errant.

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The Order of Her Grace

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