Western Capital: Stratus
Population: humans, half-elves, elves, Dwarves, halflings
Exports: Weapons, jewarly, Beer
Languages: Common, Elf, Halfling, Gat, Dwarven
Ruler: The Alagash Family (King Estray, Queen Talais, and their son Adoven
Outlying provinces: Onslet, Thalious, Grasmere
Religions: The Temple of Taime, The Loving Hang of Nadal, Alus

The western ruling seat of the Kingdom of Alagash, Stratus is a massive shipping hub trading goods from many cities in Kohla Gatalen Esya and even the settlements of the Southern Expanse. Because of this traffic Stratus has also become a nest for pirates, and where the port of Dorn is less guarded, the spoils are far from what can be gotten from Stratus.

Built on a motte against the bay, sits Light’s Keep, a magnificent structure, and the main seat of power in the kingdom. It is from here King Estray Alagash, governs the country, though Haven is largely able to act independently. Rules and decrees made here in the kings court are enforced by the two duchies Ralious and Haven

The Council of 7 also make their home in Stratus acting in an advisory role to the king in all magical dealings. Rumors have been circulating that the council is nervous about the creation of a Magic academy in Gatalen, in addition to news out of Lumene a recent outbreak of imps in Sidan

To the north of Stratus is the great Gleaming Lake, with the twin towns of Garsmere on either bank. These villages account for much of the metal work in the area, since they are in close proximity to the Thaig of Grudy, and many dwarves have settled there. Further north still at resting peacefully on the shores of the Crescent lake is the magic academy Thailous or the The Magical City of Thailous as it has com to be known

To Stratus’s west is the Goblin Wood, a dense forest that hosts a small nation of goblins, who raid the farm land and town of Onslet. Estray has sent soldiers to fortify the village and patrol the farms in the area. Though with the recent border clashes with Quarg the protection has been redeployed, making the need to travel the region armed.

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