Eastern Capital: Ralious
Population: humans, half-elves, elves, halflings
Exports: Fish, Hasish
Languages: Common, Elf, Halfling
Places of Note: Dorn, and Orrinshire
Current Ruler: Landon Alaghas, and the Lords of the city
Main Religion: Taime, Koreana

Established as a trading post long ago, due to it’s natural deep water harbor, this western duchy became one of the largest trading ports in all of Alagash, attracting all manner of creatures from all walks of life and causing the initially tiny settlement’s population had quadrupled in size in one year.

Seeing the need for a major shipping port, King Tyrin Alagash (Estray and Landon’s great great grandfather) commissioned the construction of the city which is how Ralious is known today. Originally ruled by a conclave of merchants speaking through one public figure, the city thrived, until the Garret Alaghas’s death and the start of the Gat Revolts. After Garret’s Treaty was signed the need for an Alagash’s presents in the area became apparent, so it fell to the youngest in the line of succession to oversee the running’s of the kingdoms western most city. Currently the conclave’s representive reportsto the king’s Brother Landon Alagash. Rumors circulate Landon suggesting that he spends much of his days whoring and drinking with little regard to how the city is run.

The duchy of Ralious has two major cities under it’s protection, Dorn and Orrinshire. Dorn is the headquarters of The Order of Her Grace, in addition to a mission of The Holy Order of the Father, the city has become divided in their spiritual beliefs, and this has led to conformations between factions. It is here that the paladins from Esty travel to launch their Crusades into Quarg.

Orrinshire is another matter, the city is one of the last remaining along the border between Gatalen and Alagash, and this was only luck as it is written that Ivan Thrasis was born here which spared it the savagery of war. It is ironic that a city not touched by war would make it much of their daily lives, Orrinshire protects the kingdoms borders with a ferocity that is typically seen on the Quargian border, if so much as a sword is drawn around any of the patrols from the city, they are given only one opportunity to sheath their weapon or defend themselves. The swordsmen in Orrinshire are some of the best in the north, and typically receive their training in Esty at the Ebrona School of Combat

Though at peace, the border is full of constant reminders of the Gat Revolt as old citys and ruined forts dot the landscape.

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