“I do not like the death of any living thing, it upsets the balance, but I can not be more at ease since the passing of this race”
-Syph Oaken

A tyrannical race of serpents, who’d empire spanned most of the know lands, from the age of growth to the middle of the age of darkness the Orphidics are believed to have been created by Laenacus.

Legend has it that the Orphidics grew jealous of their masters new found interest in the failed attempts at life by the first gods. The serpents made war against the demons, but they began to see their cities destroyed, and their people slain. Once Laenacus was sealed the Orphidics sought to win his favor by freeing him. The gods smote many Orphidics, causing the creatures near extinction.

The Race as a whole has not been seen in the world since 800AD. Their ancient sprawling empires are mostly forgotten, and many believe that is is better that way.

The Orphidics inhabited the jungles of the natural world, building temples to Laenacus, and later after their father abandon them an unknown god.

Archaeological teams have uncovered massive temples through out the world with depictions of a strange serpent like being having sacrifices made to it.

The elves and Orphidics are considered to be the earliest civilizations.

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