Capital: Ongker
Population: Humans, Goblins, half-elves
Exports: Wheat and other grain, horses
Languages: Molth
Places of Note: Thissal Plains, Muli, White Crest Mountain
Current Ruler: Yekhe Khagan Kitbo
Main Religion: White Stag

The Thissial Plains stretch throughout the eastern part of northern Anglarthea, it is on these plains that the Molthin Horse Lords have carved out a kingdom for themselves. Molthin shares a border with Endheal, Alagash, and Ruounia though are very pose very little threat as far as these other nations are concerned.

Molthin is ruled by a Khagan, and his principalities are ruled by several Khans. These nomadic people travel through the planes hunting the great herds of buffalo that live there, creating a great many things with the leather they acquire. It’s said that some of the finest leather armor can be purchased in Muli, the largest and only real port in the kingdom on Molthin.

Molthinins, are renowned for their horsemanship, and archery. It is said that a mounted Molthinin with a bow can hold off Quargian dog soldiers for a week without worrying about being engaged.

The people or Molthin are ones with nature and many druids are the spiritual advisers for the clans. It is said that to offend a clan druid is to bring the wrath of the whole Molthin empire down on you.

The plains are spotted with outposts, and walls that hint of a time that this area was much more populated then it currently is.

The region is safe, aside from the goblins that raid down from White Crest Mountain.

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