Eastern Capital: Haven
Population: humans, half-elves, elves & Dwarves, halflings
Exports: Coal, soliders
Languages: Common, Elf, Halfling
Places of Note: Coalfell, Yarol, Damerel
Current Ruler: The Alagash Family (King Estray, Queen Talais, and their son Adoven)
Main Religion: Taime, Maladara, Thordrin

The eastern duchy of the kingdom and defender of the southern border, Haven is known for it’s fighting men. Because of the constant border clashes with Quarg and the raids from Molthin, the men of Haven have been hardened into the warriors that the kingdom needs. The nobility of the Stratus view the duchy as adventures territory in do to the thick forest and mountainous terrain that is home to many creatures.

To it’s south the fortress of Yarol stands watch over the border lands, this keep was specifically build with the intention of repelling invaders and though it’s not a grand as construction found deeper in the realm, it handles it’s duty with an unwavering resolve.

Despite it’s remoteness, the duchy as three ports, and though not the biggest, Damerel, is the busiest. as it acts as it houses the Golthian Trades main head quarters. The trade in this area stays alive thanks in part to a great relationship with the Quargian city of Jubi.

Haven’s principality of Coalfell is the kingdoms foremost producer of coal, which heats many of the forges in Grasmere and Verse. Many of the dwarves living here seem to be transplanted from the thaig Grin Torum, which was abandon years ago, after digging to deeply and reaching the Land Below. There are those that fear that this may happen in Coalfell, as sightings of odd creatures around the area have increased, right along with production.

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