Capital: Eres
Ruler: Marquise Louie deCon
Languages: Ducish, Gat, Common, Dwarvish, Orc, Eslic
Major Cities : Verse the city of Indrustry, Chelle, Faise The Western Keep.
Religons: Paim, Her loving Gaze Temple (Maladara), The Church of the Hammer (Thordrin)
Trade goods: Wine, machinery, chefs.

Ducont broke away for Gatalen, and formed it’s own nation. Thanks to a rather hilly terrain and the lack oceans, Ducont has been able to hold Gatalen off from reclaiming it for a better part of it’s existence. It wasn’t until the treaty The Blood Sun was signed that tensions eased with their southern neighbor. This left abandoned forts scattered on the country side

The Ducs, not having to as forcibly protect their borders any longer, took to the creation a masterful cuisine, thanks in part to The Spice Road running straight through their capital. Ducs chiefs are world renowned and work in many countries in addition to Ducont. In Eres there is even a university dedicated to the training of these world renowned cooks.

Marquise Louie deCon as also endorsed the practice of making wine. The grape are abundant thanks to the small valley bordered by Chelle to the Northeast, in a region known as the wine valley.

Ducont also has a growing industry thanks in part to dwarves from Thaig Hammerhore that have settled on the surface. Verse has be come the epicenter know for it’s fine machines, for excavations, mining, and shipping. Recently the engineers of Verse have developed a container that will allow ships to transport more live cargo, without fear of the animals safety.

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