The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Lothron 24th, 721 A.E.

Years ago ancient loremasters developed a way to track the years based on the position of the sun and moon.
The scholars judged

  • A day was from 1 sunrise to the next
  • a month was complete orbit of the moon around the Kaplacia which on an average is 28 days.
Months of the Year Pronunciation Season
Narwain Nar-Wayne Rhiw
Ninui Nin-u-I Rhiw
Gwaeron g-Wae-ron Echuir
Gwirith G-y-irth Echuir
Lothorn Low-Thorn Echuir
Norui Nor-oo-I Laer
Cerveth Sir-Veth Laer
Urui UrI Laer
Ivanneth Ivan-neth Firith
Narbeleth Nar-Bell-eth Firith
Hithui Hi-thu-I Firith
Girithon GI-rit-thon Rhiw
  • a year which was a collection of 12 lunar cycles, which take roughly 336 days.

They also noted that in the 12 month you would experiences 4 distinct temperature changes, the Loremaster called these Laer, Firith, Rhiw, Echuir which translate in common to Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

Each race took this information developed their calendar system off of it.

Humans (Both the Kingdom and Quarg)
Originally a calendar system was developed based off of the current rulers. For example the current ruler of The Kingdom, King Estray rule started in 1ER and will continue until his death where his son Adoven will take the throne and stare 1AR. This is an ancient way of recording the dates, and have since been replaced with the BF and AF system which records based on the found of the The Kingdom

As Ronsog the Red is held as the one true king of the dwarves, all history is recorded in years before during and after his death. For example Dundathal vanished at 2500BR, Ronsog united the dwarven people and took rule in 0DB and and currently it would be 200AR. They also go by the human calendar, which since they communicate with the humans.

Elven Calendars run from the year of creation (1) and they continue forward. The elves have grouped the years into ages.

  • The Age of Creation – Abbreviated AC
  • The Age of Growth – Abbreviated AG
  • The Age of Darkness – Abbreviated AD
  • The Age of Exploration – Abbreviated AE (Current Year)

Because the Elven calendar is the easiest to understand, it is being gradually adopted by all races.

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