Necklace of Death's Tongue

A thin silver necklace, With a an orb full of blood set under a skull


By placing their hand on the body of a dead creature, the wearer of the necklace can communicate with the dead. IF the area is rich with spirits, the wearer can potentially speak with the spirits also.


At the start of the Third Age (according to the Endheal calendar) A great many artifacts were created by students attending the Magic Academy at Thailous. These artifacts would often end up lost with the when they left the Academy for the life of advneture.

Ruk Stonebender has made a living crafting knock offs of these items. The Necklace of Death’s Tongue is one of Stonebender’s more popular items, as it allows the user to speak with dead relatives. However there are limitations to Ruk’s version of the necklace, the first being that the body needs to be present, and secondly that the blood under the skull if the same as the blood of the dead creature you are trying to speak to.

Necklace of Death's Tongue

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