Magic Staff of Anti-magic

An Oxymoronic staff


Destroyed by the corps of an owlbear slain by Cronkoor, in the second level on the Hammerhore mines


A unique staff, the Magic Staff of Anti-magic creates an Anti-Magic field in what ever direction that it is pointed in. Drawing from a magic uses ability for magic the staff is only able to function when held by a mage. The field functions as a standard anti-magic field extending taking various shapes depending on the staff’s angle.

If the staff is held horizontal to the ground with it’s head facing forward the anti-magic field takes the shape of a 10×10 cone in front of the staff’s wielder. This allows them to ready a spell while still being in the effect of the field. However to cast they must either turn the staff away or drop the staff to the ground (this counts as a move action).

If the staff is held vertical to the ground, it’s head facing the sky, a 10×10 anti-magic field surrounds the wielder, making them unable to cast anything in the field (to move the staff it’s a move action)

These staffs are incredibly difficult to make and there are only four (now three) know in existence.

Magic Staff of Anti-magic

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