Ronsog The Red

The one true ruler of the dwarves


The party encounters the spirit of Ronsog the Red in the mines of Hammerhore, when he posses Dallamar Frostbane.


The great Dwarven King Ronsog the Red (Named for his shockingly bright red hair), is responsiable for the unification of the dwarves, in addition to driving the orc from The Vankardi Mountain. The great dwarven king united the dwarves who had been nomadic people after the fall of Dundathal, and raised a great kingdom. Ronsog ruled for about 300 years putting him at roughly 600 when he died, which is much led many to believe that he was blessed by Thordrin.

Ronsog had a hammer and axe, the earlier of which, was believed to be the Mattock of Thordrin, and bestowed to his son on his death bed. The first Heir of Ronsog did not take his fathers throne caring not for the life of a king and instead set out for unknown lands. With no heir the dwarves began to war with themselves and eventually broke off into independent kingdoms. There are rumors that Ronsog’s line survived, in thanks to a bastard child. It’s rumored that all dwarves the have red hair have some connection to Ronsog.

Ronsog The Red

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