Inessa Swiftblade

Ex-lover of Sylas Blackheart


she caught wind of a rumor of a young quargian royal who lusts after women. she intended to use her charms and the exotic beauty of her elf heritage to allow her to rob him only problem is this quargian didn’t fall for it and after a stint in jail for her and the three other PC crew members (since all the others split in port) she was approached by an agent of the Kal’dim regime who offered her freedom in exchange for the retrieval of something from the shattered islands.

knowing that magic has the chance to fail on the islands the quargians brought her there and stranded her with the two crew members with a map. Her instructions where to travel to the location on the map and find the item they are looking for. She has 1 week to do this, and is she does not she will and her crew will meet swift retribution.


Inessa Swiftblade

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