The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 17

In which good byes are said



Comfort food. Offer to cook for a grieving ally -Pei Mei

The long Good Bye. Bid your friends a tearful good bye. -Cronkoor Shortbrew

How to win Friends and Influence people. Intimidate a local, who in-turn upgrades you weapon – Twiddles

Dog Brother. Use you connection with the Gnolls to gather info. – Sylas Blackheart

Screaming Lute Solo. Burst into song so your group can easily get informtion. – Hyam Strogal

Shattered Island Party

Did not appear in this episode

Total XP Earned NULL

Bonus XP

New Items:
Flaming Burst Vorpal Axe, A metallic bird.

Total Gold:
Party 1 -9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.
Party 2 – 3200gp (based off of value of gear found.)

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 14th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

As the smoke clears from the portal, Ruk turns to Fenys, “Take them back to the council chambers, I will finish here.”

Fenys nods and motions for the party to surround her and join hands, she closes her eyes and air begins to swirl around the warriors, and an instant later they are standing in the council chambers, the walls are scored with burn marks and bits of blood and entrails litter the floor. Fenys leads the group to a room with beds, “Rest, there is much to speak of, I will send someone to get you.”

The party slowly dozes off, while the sound of battle dies off in the distance.

h1. Act 2

Twiddles is the first to rise, and notice that Ferka is looking out the window of the council towers at the smoke burning from over the city walls. The Barbarian notices that the female elf clutches a peace of paper in her hands, and that she seems to have been crying.

The big creature speaks in heavy slow tones, “Is that news from the front?”
Ferka startles and rubs her eyes with the back of her hand, “There are a great deal of things that have happened. It seems that Endheal was attacked as well as Stratus, the War Leader of our clan, my mother’s companion, has lost his life defending our realm. I desire to travel to Endheal to see him laid to rest, but I have a duty to preform, please let us not keep anyone waiting on my behalf. We must rouse the others, we are to meet with both Ruk Stonebender the acting head of the Council of 7, Kris Morrowfal, and Duke Ardgant. Thank you for inquiring to my well being though, it is much appreciated."

As the rest of the party begins to wake up, Pie Mei, also notices that Ferka has been crying. The strange little man jumps to his feet and yells, “I make you stir fry elf lady, that cheer you up.” and dashes out of the room. The monk runs straight into, a female mage, knocking her to the ground. After regaining her composure, the tall dark skined woman addresses the group in a thick accent distinct of Lumene decent, “Ah I see you are awake. I am Shrish, I have been sent by Master Ruk to fetch the Heroes of Alagash, he awaits you in the scrying room please follow me.”

Shrish leads the party into a circular room towards the back of the of the upper chambers of the tower. As she pushes open the door the air is filled with the sound of raised voices. It’s clear for the looks from the looks of it that this room has undergone a recent conversion into something of a war room in addition the serving it’s intended purpose. The familiar figure of Ruk Stonebender, stands puzzling over a brass dish suspended in midair about waist high. While Kris Morrowfal, Dorin Lightfingers, Percy Ardgant, Jorha Dal’Karth, and two dwarves argue at the table. The party over hear bits on the conversation.
The gruff voice of Ivan Steelanvil, can be heard very plainly, “Untill th’ thaigs ur united we cannae hope tae aid ye.”
“What do you mean?! You’re lands are in danger as well, you barrel chested fool!” Morrowfal, punctuates his statement by slamming his fist on the table.

Shrish clears her throat, causing the group of me to turn to look at her, “May I present to you the Heroes of Alagash.”

As the Lumenrian finishes, Sylas quickly adds, “We actually prefer the Wolverines.”

Morrowfal looks at them and sighs, “Gods, give me strength. This was not one of your best ideas Dorin.”

The master thief smiles, “They’re alive aren’t they?”

Ruk peers up from the scrying dish, noticing the party for the first time. Now that they are able to get a better look at him the party notices that the wizard looks as if he has aged considerable since their last encounter. In spite of this he smiles warmly,“Welcome, my friends, I am pleased you are all in one piece.” The large wizard steps away from the dish, and motions to the table “Please join us, we all have much to speak of. Mistress Brightstar my condolences to your mother and you for your loss, Belegon was a mighty warrior and a friend of the kingdom.”

Sylas, jaw drops, and well as other members of the party, as they all realize that they have been traveling with the heir to the elven throne, daughter of Queen Lanlyell Brightstar.

Ferka nods “Thank you master wizard. It lifts my spirits to hear such kind words.”

As the party takes their seats around the table, they notice a plethra of communications from all over the kingdom, in addition to Endheal, Hammerhore and Gruby. Dal’Karth also has several papers with Quargian writing on them in front of him and those that are able to read the language can see that they are reports of troop movements along the borders.

Percy smiles and pushes a tankard over to the dwarf. “Jolly good show on the battlefield general, that whole bit about letting yourself get caught was absolutely brilliant.”

Morrowfal stifles a laugh, “I’m sure that was a well thought out tactic, regardless of the methods however the “wolverines” have saved the kingdom for the time being, you’ve become something of heroes. Not bad for a bunch of condemned men and a drunken dwarf.”

In an exasperated tone Jorha asks, “Jorha Dal’Karth would like to move forward with this meeting as there are a great many things to do now that the king and queen are dead and the prince missing.”

Ruk sighs, “We needn’t be rude Chancellor, perhaps we should bring our friends up to speed with the events that have gone on. In their absence.”

The men around the table nod and Kris begins, “ As Chancellor Dal’Karth has mentioned, the royal family is either dead or missing. It seemed that during the councils skirmish with the Balor, agents of the enemy were able to infiltrate the castle and murder the king and queen. The prince’s body has not been found so we assume that he was taken. As you can expect, this does not bode well for Alagash. To keep the people’s faith strong, Percival has been named protector of the realm for the time being and has taken the throne until we can confirm the prince’s death. We felt this was the best course of action as it was the young duke that was able to defend the city, and he has become something of a hero in the eyes of the people. The issue of Duke Landon, is something we’ll have to deal with, but with enemy forces still strong around the country our concern is the of the safety of the kingdom, and we cannot afford to have a drunk in command in a time of war. Ruk?”

Ruk nods, “I’m sure you have noticed that Hina has not joined us. I have the misfortune to inform you that he fell in the defense of the city. Before we were able to put the force shield up a Balor and several other demons attacked the castle. Hina expelled his life force to protect Sya. This allowing Frostbane to hold the shield, killing both the Balor and Hina instantly. Sya having to maintain the shield himself has been unconscious since, and the high cleric of Koreana seems unable to wake him. We are also unable to find Isset Starseer, who was detailed to the royal family at the time of attack. I have taken control of the council until we can elect a new head, which will be after Sya recovers. Now I would like to know what you found in Hammerhore in addition to the whereabouts of young Frostbane, as i have not been able to scry him since you arrived in Hammerhore.”

The party explains to Ruk, in extensive details what happened.

“Interesting," Ruk places a hand on his chin" Perhaps he and Issett may be together then as it is likely he would have tried to return to the council chambers.”

Kris shakes his head, “Ruk do you think what that wizard was doing in the mine was related to the stone?”

Ruk nods, “It is likely, perhaps they are ahead of us in their research.”

Kris, “I suppose we’ll just have to rely on the rest of the rangers to see if they can turn up anything that we havn’t heard yet. Now, even though you really didn’t complete the task laid before you, you did save the city and have earned these.” Kris hands the party their pardons. “However you have seen the might of the Quargian empire and their ability to call the Orc to their aid. We need heroes, and you are what we have, I beg that you continue your search of information on the stone, Ruk perhaps there is something.”

The large wizard stands up and begins to pace, “Judging by what you have said occurred in Hammerhore, the enemy must be closer to creating a stone then we thought. Hina mentioned he spoke to you about it, before he passed, is that true? No, not surprising, though kind and thoughtful his mind was slipping I suppose that if was only a matter of time before Koreana opened her doors to him, though I wish it had been peacefully. The stone as I’m sure you know is a tool that was created to control portals between our plane of existence and that of the demons, feiger, and celestial creatures. It is rumored that this device was used by the great Bolo Flamecaller the last of the dwarven wizards. You might try seeking out information on Bolo in our libraries. They are not the as extensive here but in Thailous you should be able to find some information in addition to Endheal. If you find information on the stone, or the creation of a stone, contact me using this.” Ruk hands the party a small sliver ball.

The wizard runs his fingers over it and the ball cracks open revealing a steel bird, “This was Hina’s project, it is designed to carry messages directly back to the council, the old man modeled it after his familiar.” a slight tone of sadness it present in Ruk’s voice.

Jorha looks at the party, “Johra is thinking you might need to travel into the belly of Quarg, if that is the case may Jorha recommend that you seek out an in known as the Fat Sultan, it is here you will be able to meet with agents of the kingdom working in Quarg. If and when you arrive you will be sought out by our agents, Johra is recommending you keep a low profile until that time. Johra, also has heard of a great library that was lost to the sands during the age of darkness, Jorha would also search for information about that as well.”

Kris stands, “Now if you’ll excuse us, Dorin gather those reports we need to start with a plan to ease Landon. Percy, and Dal’Karth please we need to brief you on the happens around the city.” The group with their men leave.

Ruk looks at the party, “I am worried about young Frostbane, I do not believe him dead but am perplexed as to where his location may be. An investigation of the castle turned up a cavern underneath with a the remains of a destroyed portal. I think it should be assumed that Dallamar has made his way through this portal, however I am unsure where it goes and will need to puzzle out if he is still even on this plane. Oh before I forget, I believe I owe you payment for your help, Shrish.” The big wizard motions for the his companion and Shrish hands him six bags of gold.

Ruk continues “I would recommend that you find your way to Endheal by way of Thailious, that way you can take advantage of both libraries. Oh and Master Shortbrew, these gentlemen are here to see you..”

Ivan Steelanvil rises from his seat and extends his hand, “Tough days ahead laddie, we’ve got much road to travel and through Orc country none the less. Word is you are responsible for this?”

Cronkoor looks indignant and begins to protest

Darm interrupts, “God’s damn you boy, I was having a drink when all of a sudden I find meself and this one standing in the great mead hall of Lord Thordrin! He sez that we must seek out the catalyst for the return of the ruler of the dwarves and shows us your image. Well I nearly shit meself, I had just seen you a day before I gave you the line about the army.”

Ivan continues, “Seems The Great Smith, would see the three of us to travel to Thir Farhum, and aide the Orccleaver clan in helping to legitimize Ronsog’s heir. I believe that we all have something that ties to one another now” as Ivan says this he removes his gauntlet and on the top of his right hand it the symbol of Thordrin. Darm does the same and reveals the same holy image.

Cronkoor slides off his gauntlet and smiles showing a bare hand, until Cain taps him on the shoulder and points to his right hand. The dwarf sighs and removes the right gauntlet and there in a brilliant glowing blue is the image of a hammer and mattock crossed over an anvil.

Darm chuckles, “Like it or not lad, the Gods have plans for us. Say you godbyes, we’ll be outside.”

“It’s been a great pleasure fighting by your side dwarf, if you ever find your way to Nardath, stop by the Shining Star Inn, drinks are on me.” Cain warmly hugs the general.

“Master shortbrew it has been both a chore and pleasure traveling with you. Never have I met a dwarf that relishes in the stereotypes of his people but oddly, never have I met such a pure soul. Though you may be rough on the exterior, your heart is large enough for the whole realm, and you hold your friends close. You acted as my protector general, but you were always my friend. The Brightstar family is in you debt, and you will always be welcome in Endheal.” Ferka bends down and kisses Cronkoor on the head while shedding a single tear

Sylas gives Cronkoor a knowing nod, as Pie Mei, holds back tears, Twiddles and Hyam stand unmoved having not known the dwarf for that long.

As the dwarf exits, the party reflects on the loss of a friend as the plan their trail to Endheal.

“So you’ll be accompanying us Twiddles is that safe to assume?” Sylas asks as he begins to stow his gear.
The large creature nods, hefting his axe, “For a little while anyway”

As the party finishes preparing Shrish, walks into the chamber they has been sleeping in,“Ruk has informed me to teleport you as close as I can get to Thailous, I must admit that I have never been there, though I have been to South Gasmere hundreds of times. Thailous is only ten days by foot from there.”

Hyam sighs, “I wish teleporting were more convenient”

The group joins hands and instantly vanish and re-materialize at the gates of South Gasmere.

The party materializes a little outside of South Gasmere as dusk is settling across the land, the female mage looks at the group and explains, “I would seek out a place to stay for the evening. South Gasmere is smaller then it’s northern counter part and there is only one in, call the Traders Reprise, you should be able to find low cost lodging there, and resupply before you head out to Thalious.”

Bidding the group good bye, Shrish steps back and vanishes leaving only a slight mist swirling behind her.

With no other apparent option, the party heads to the Farmer’s Reprise.

*South Gasmere*

Arriving at the gates of the town, makes their way through with no challenge from the sleepy eyed guard. Though the as Twiddles passes the guard starts briefly, clearly in shock of the creatures sizes and features.

Navigating through the streets dotted with warehouses, the party eventually arrives at the central hub of the city and locate the Farmer’s Reprise very easily. Pushing the door open they enter the smokey inn.

The air inside is heavy with the smell of tobacco, and fresh cooked meat pies, Cain, Pei Mei, and Ferka make their way to an open table as Hyam begins to chat up the locals. Twiddles takes a seat at the bar which strains under his weight. The bar tender eyes him with a mixture of fear and curiosity, “What can I get you friend?”
The large creature points to the cask of ale behind the walnut bar, causing the bartender to shudder as he attempts to roll it over to the giant.

Sylas in the meanwhile takes notice of a man sitting at the bar and begins to strike up a conversation. The old man happy for someone to speak to begins to relay the problems that have been plaguing the town.

“Well my good elf,” The old man says as he sips his beer, “You and you friends are in the city at a tumultuous time. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the our town, but the great Gasmere Lake separates the northern and southern half of the city. The northerners trade with the dwarves and make a great deal of weapons and armor that we, the southerners ship out. Basically the manufacturing is done to the north and the shipping is done here. The teamster Lecky Strogal, had a rather lucrative operation up here until his untimely murder by raiders. Neither here nore there though, in the last few weeks all out going caravans have been being attacked by an unknown force. Those adventuers at that table there, have been employed by the family of the caravan drivers to investigate what happened to their kin.” He gestures to the front corner of the tavern. Seated around the wooden table talking quietly among themselves sit two humans, a dwarf and a gnoll. “I don’t necessarily believe them to be doing a good job, but I’m just a farmer what do I know from tracking?”

Thanking him for the information Sylas pays for his drink (and five others), and makes his way over to the other adventures. Placing the tankards on the table the rogue cheerily greats the group, “Hail and well met, Sylas Blackheart, wishes you well,” and take a swig of his ale.

A heavy armored cleric nods at the pirate, “Hail elf I am Faylow Guise, and these are my friends, the cleric Elesta Tinderspark, Dyson McTyge the dwarven warrior hailing from the thaig Thir Farhum and the great Gnoll ranger Clip Greatfang. what brings you to these parts?”
The elf shrugged, “Oh we’re just passing through from Stratus. Seems the locals are having troubles here, have you heard any news about it?”
From inbetween bites of his meal Dyson grumbles,“Nothing that I’d be willing to share with the likes of you. Tis our business lad and ours alone.”
Sylas bows in a sarcastic flourish that goes unoticed by the dwarf, “I only ask so we can avoid the dangers on our way to Thailous, we have business there with the head master.”

It’s a that point that the gnoll who has been silent notices a bone necklace hanging out of Sylas’s shirt, “You are a pack brother elf?”
Sylas looks confused for a moment, “Whatever do you mean my furry friend?”
Clip steps up from his seat, and walks over to the elf, he points to the necklace,“You wear a trinket of the Alpha of the Silvercoats, a pack of my brothers and sisters from the south, this is a great honor to have been bestowed, as it signifies you are a pack brother. How did you come across this?”
Sylas relays the story of meeting the gnolls, and on finishing the gnolls gives a friendly smile, though it’s hard to tell, “As a brother of the pack I can let you know we have been tracking creatures to the east in the area known as Falcon’s Hallow. If you steer clear of that area you should be able to avoid any troubles in you travels.”

Sylas nodding his appreciation heads back to the rest of the group.

At the bar Twiddles sips his cask of ale, when he is approached by a stocky dwarf. The smaller creature’s skin is reddened and it is clear has been working as a smith. Hopping up on his chair he looks at the larger creature. “So lad, are you from, Korock? I’m not use to seeing your kind this far south.”
Twiddles, grumbles and leers at the dwarf.

“I meant no offence, friend, allow me to introduce myself. Name’s Gorgu Stonecelaver, mayor of this here town, and as I said I’m just not used to seeing one as devirse as you in these parts. Additionally I couldn’t help noticing your axe, it’s a fine blade, looks to be Lumene in make, likely used for fighting giants down in those parts. My I have a look?”

The half orc looks at the dwarf, “What would a dwarf want with an axe he can barely lift?”

Stonecleaver chuckled warmly, “My boy despite my title I am a smith, and a lover of fine craftsmanship, I simple wish to see the makers mark on the axe and admire it.”

The large creature raises and eyebrow and unslings his axe gingerly handing it over to the dwarf, waiting for him to struggle under it’s weight. To his surprise, Gorgu easily maneuvers the axe checking it’s balance and examining it for a makers mark.

After some inspection the dwarf smiles, “Ha, just as I though, it was smithed by Havdar Silverbeard. This is a fine old piece you have here, Havdar was one of the last great dwarven smiths who from Lumene. This axe is easily 100 years old if not older, I would be honroed if you would let me work on it a bit for you.”

Twiddles nods, “Where I would appreciate an experts hands on my axe, I have little way of paying you.”

The dwarf smiles, “We’ll talk about payment later, I’m not interested so much in coin, but assistance with a problem having to do with our caravans. If you come with me I’ll explain.”

Twiddles and Gorgu exit the bar and head to the smiths shop, through the night the sound of hammers on metal and grindstones fill the air.


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