The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 16

In which the party destroys an enemy camp



Diplomatic Cooking. Try to defuse a situation by offering to cook for your enemy -Pei Mei

The Beginning of the End. Start your last session by nearly dying. -Cronkoor Shortbrew

Improvised Weapon: Use an enemy’s limbs as a weapon. – Twiddles

Demon Bane: Successfully kill two demons in a row with no assistance. – Sylas Blackheart

Master of Disguise: Successfully infiltrate the enemy camp and there some useful information. – Hyam Strogal

Shattered Island Party

Did not appear in this episode

Total XP Earned 12,920

Bonus XP
Hyam – 300
Sylas – 100

New Items:
Various maps and documents, a bag of holding containing hide armor and a bad ass axe

Total Gold:
Party 1 -9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.
Party 2 – 3200gp (based off of value of gear found.)

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 13th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

(See Session 12 for what happened before this)

Poised for battle, Cronkoor raises his axe to strike at the orc sentry., but before he can lash out Cain grabs him and pulls him back, allowing Pie Mei to step forward. The strange man pulls his wok out of his pack along with one of the legs from the spider they party murdered in the gnome village, and begins trying to communicate with the orc. “Ah, our mistake, we seem to be wost. Ah how you wike I cook you some dewicious spider weg and you wet us go?”

The orc looks at the man quizzically, clearly not understanding his accent of the words he is saying. during this time other orc have come over to investigate. and begin to surround the group. The monk, realizing they are out numbered, turns and runs back into the woods trying to drag Cain with him, which causes the swordsman to lose his grip on the seething dwarf who bounds at the first orc he sees cutting it cleanly in two, and moving on to the next one. Cain sighs and unsheathes his elven made long sword and follows suite. from the relative safety of the woods, Pie Mei, focuses his energy and lets out a deafening shout knocking several orc off their feet, before unleashing a flying kick to a Urk-hai engaging the dwarf.

* * * * *

On the other side of the camp Ferka, Sylas and Hyam continue to scan the camp as the nonsense to the north of them unfolds. The three adventurers notice that the camp is divided in three with the Orc and Uruk Hai separated from the Quargian soldiers. In the center of the camp stands a large archway that looks like a gate of some sort with two drow tied in front of it in addition to an obscenely large half-orc bound on the other of the arch his back to the party they are surrounded by four men with sickles. Sylas is also able to make out three figures standing by the gate, a red robed figure standing by the gate with the figure you saw in the mine and a third robed man varying a staff with a skull head on it, that looks to be a subordinate. They also notice a large red and white tent that they make out as a command tent. Not for the first time Sylas curses not knowing where Dallamar is, and strangely Hyam echos the same thought.

Ferka notes to both Sylas and Hyam that the half-orc and drow seem to be feeding the gate with their energies, and look to be in pain, she believes they are all to be some sort of sacrifice and need to be rescued.

At the gate the massive half-orc stands, baking under the sun, though he can’t understand what the three robed figures are saying he can clearly see the man carrying the skull staff is a subordinate and listening very carefully to the two robed figures. The subordinate turns to the archway begins to speak, in Quargian, as he speaks a portal begins to open very slowly, the the faint lines of energy being pulled from the bodies of the captives intensify and flow quickly into the a portal that is beginning to materialize.

Sylas devises and plan and carefully sneaks behind the command tent slitting a hole large enough for him to peer through. When he is satisfied the tent is empty he opens up the hole and enters. He quickly does a survey of the room and notches an arrow, taking aim at the what he assumes to be the general, who is meeting with his troops outside his tent. In the meanwhile Hyam, decides to take a chance and using magic, alters his appearance to that of a Quargian, and enters the camp. An Urk-hai notices him coming in from the woods, and begins to give him a hard time until another Quargian solider steps in.

“You will leave the soldiers of the Empire alone savage, come brother, let us be gone of this swine.” The solider guides Hyam further into the camp, “Where are you coming from friend, are you not aware that there are rumors of an attack being planned on the camp?”

Hyam, answers in perfect Quargish, surprising even himself, “I was relieving myself. Why must we deal with these filthy savages,” the halfling indicates the orc side of the camp, “Even this close they make my skin crawl, look at them fighting among them selves.”

* * * * *

A group of Urk-hai and orc body parts explode from the area around Cronkoor, as Pie Mei, ducks below the dwarves axe swing and lashes out with his nunchaku of striking delivering a fatal blow to an Urk-hai, before being tripped by the commander who, attempts to hamstring the Dwarf, but misses. Cain fights his way back to Cronkoor and the monk who seem to be taking the brunt of the attacks from the orc. Outwardly, this looks like the Orc and Urk-hai are fight between themselves, something that is common place in the camp.

* * * * *

The Quargian escorting Hyam shakes his head in agreement, “I can not understand why we are not done with the sacking of the castle. Many of the men speak in hushed tones the the robes men working on that arch, have something to do with Comander Tal’Nagarth’s stalling. He moves the catapults back so they would just be out of range, and is just indiscriminately firing into the city. I believe that the robed figures are waiting for something to happen and when it does Hui Tal’Nagarth will have access to what’s through the portal. After which we shall slay the filth and take the city.”

As they continue through the camp the cross close to the commander who is taking tea on a carpet watching the happenings around the portal. He seems surprised to see two of his troops coming from the Orc side of the camp, and standing he calls them over.

“Who is you commanding office, I must understand why they would let you over to that side of the camp, when it is strictly forbidd…”

Before he is able to finish his thought the general’s neck sprouts and arrow that looks like it was fired from the tent. In the same instance an explosion rocks the ground and the two robed men standing before the portal look to each other. The man in the red robes vanishes and the other, who Sylas recognized from the mines under Hammerhore, waves his hands in the direction of the commanders tent, vanishing as he finishes the gesture.

Hyam, attempting to use the chaos to his advantage yells, “The Orc filth have killed the commander, to arms.”

The halfling is surprised when none of the Quargian soldiers react, and even more so when an arrow whizzes by his head, behind him he here’s Slyas yell, “The jig is up take cover.”

Hyam quickly dives into the commanders tent just as the man carrying the skull staff, rains down fist sized balls of hail onto the area surrounding the tent.

The half-orc turns on one of his captors and head-butts them managing to break free of the connection to the portal but not before seeing what lies on the other side of the portal.


Ferka steps out from the treeline and sending up a silent prayer to Maladara sends searing holy energy out of her hands which devastates the four of the closest Urk-hai. before engaging the remaining one in combat.

From inside the tent Hyam and Sylas notice the hail starting to rip holes into the canvas, “Hyam, grab what you can, anything that looks important.” Sylas yells as he grabs a bag of holding containing a rather spectacular greataxe. Both he and the halfling prepare for the onslaught of hail, and the tent gives way.

* * * * *

The battle on the orc side of the camp rages on as the Urk-hai commander and Cronkoor trade blow for blow, the dwarf seemingly out-classed by his larger opponent, but relishing the thrill of the battle. Pie Mei quickly focuses his ki and releases a flurry of blows at the Urk-hai commander, trying to distract him from Cronkoor. The evil creature takes the bait and trips Pie Mei, much to the minks shock, however he is able to quickly overcome this attack and simply springs back to his feet and deliver a kick to the Urk-hai’s face allowing Cronkoor to sever the creatures head. Cain manages to parry of an attack from the one of the orc the have surrounded him, using his vantage slides his long sword through the creatures chest, killing it and turns to face another attacker.

* * * * *

AS the tent is about to fall away, the sky cracks with lightning and two wizards are standing close to the portals, instantly energy streaks from their hands blasting their captors to dust, and the form of Ruk Stonebender and a female mage emerge from the smoke of their dramatic entrance. The mage opening standing at the portal looks hesitantly at the wizards, before noding to the captors of the drow who pull their knives back. Ruk quickly waves his hand, and the storm of hail covering the commanders tent vanishes, as he deflects an arrow targeted at him. He quickly looks at the half-orc snaps his fingers and the bonds around the giant creature break free. The camp is completely caught off guard and the female wizard start lobbing spells into enemy combatants.

As the bonds fall away, Ruk yells to the party, “It would be extremely helpful if you all would join the fight. Free the drow before they’re life force fades completely. Then help cover Fenys and myself while we destroy this.”

Free from his bonds, the half-orc grabs the nearest guard and rips him in half. His eyes glaze over red and he continues to pummel targets working his way to the mage with the skull staff.

Sylas dives out of the back of the tent and Hyam claps his hands together sending a shock-wave through the tent entrance and immobilizing several of the soldiers, and killing others.

Ferka is fighting a losing battle against the Urk-hai she has engaged and the bloody elf, uses every ounce of strength she has to raise her shield against her attacker, only to have it knocked away. The the Urk-hai raises his sword for the killing blow, a quill sprouts from his neck and he falls dead. Ferka looks in the direction that the shot came from to see Sylas, who gives her a sly smile and a nod before running off to pick off attackers going after Ruk. Ferka focuses her energy and a healing light washes over her, closing her wounds and allowing her to race towards, Cronkoor Cain and Pie Mei.

The half-orc finally in range of the mage, grabs him by the throat and begins punching him repeatedly, he ignores all the others attacking him as his exposed back becomes riddled with gashes from the zealots around the portal. He is even unaware when the first drow captive dies, allowing the portal to open enough for a demon to step through the gate. A shapely female humanoid with dark hair, dark eyes, and a pair of small black horns just above her eyes. Step out of the portal stretching her small, black, leathery wings that protrude from her shoulders. She looks about the battlefield and instantly tried to dominate the half-orc, but fails.

The other drown falls to a zealot’s blade just before a fireball burns him to ash, as the body of the drow falls to the dirt, another demon steps through the portal, this one is is a This hairless grey creature reminiscent of a lion with a tentacular tail and dozens more thick tentacles quiver and twitch where its mane should be. Soon after a muscular, violet demon walking upon elephantine feet covered in large, razor-sharp horns steps through the portal.

Sylas bursts from the treeline, firing an obsidian tipped arrow through the air. The projectile flies true and lodges into the violet demon’s chest, as the creature reaches up to pull the arrow from it’s body, lightening crackles out from the arrow and covers the demon in what looks like a net. the demon struggles for a second and then it and the arrow turn to ash. The elf smiles and notches another arrow of slaying.

Ruk manages to shrink the portal down so nothing as large as the last two demons can make it through. The wizard continues to work on closing it completely as Fenys removes the enchantments protecting the archway and begins to bombard it with spells, in an effort to destroy it.

The half-orc having had his fill of punching grabs his foe around the head and squeezes. The mage’s skull shatters and the half-orc, rips off one of the dead man’s arms to use as a weapon, turning on the remaining zealot.

Hyam notices the mayhem in the orc section of camp and see’s Cronkoor Cain and Pie Mei, bloodies and bruised. He clears his mind and throw his hands forward unleashing a cloud of soot and ash that obscures the vision of the remaining orc. He then hefts his repeating crossbow and begins picking off soldiers, as they flee the camp.

Sylas runs towards the portal, and comes face to face with the lion-like demon. he remembers seeing one similar to it in the Hammerhore mines before the egg was reclaimed, and without hesitation he lets his arrow fly. Unfortunately the elf’s shot goes wide and the creature is on him, clawing and biting at him. Sylas grabs his last arrow and fires at point blank range. This time as soon as the arrow touches the creature, it explodes.

Cronkoor Pie Mei and Cain finish the remaining orc, then race down to help the rest of the party. Ferka joins them healing their wounds as they go. They arrive in time to see the half-orc smash a solider and zealot together and throw their lifeless bodies into the remaining demon kicking it back through the portal.

The group begins to mop up the rest of the camp while Ruk and Fenys continue to dismal the the portal.


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