The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 15

In which there are meetings and overpowered encounters



Did not appear in this episode

Shattered Island Party

Don’t tase me Bro: Get his with a lightening bolt, and make a friend. Segitho Ochocinco

Plain As Day. Ignore ancient information about how to enter a building. -Dallamar

The surgeon Remove a party members body part after causing them to but it in acid. – Inessa Swiftblade

Skeleton muncher Let your rod eat a skeleton – Kazim

Tactical advantage: Suggest to the party that using a trap to kill monsters may be the best course of action. – Moleid al’Kal

The Walking wounded. Loose an extremity do to poor judgment. – Hooch

Total XP Earned 7,300

Bonus XP
Segitho – Pick up the shattered remains of a mosaic snake = 1000
Hooch – Thinking outside the box and bull rushing a skeleton into the area of the fire trap = 1000

New Items:
Party 2 (On Shattered Islands) – 2x Dwarven Blasting sticks, 1 Scroll of Mass Cure Serious Wounds, 3 Cure Light Wound Potions, Rod of the River Serpent, Robes of Powerlessness, 1 severed finger.

Total Gold:
3200gp (based off of value of gear found.)

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 13th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

After making their way through the Gargoyle infested area above the party lead by Molied, follows a winding staircase thirty five feet down, ending up in a circular room, with 10 doors, each of which has serpent carved into it. Unbeknownst to the party as they were fighting gargoyles a elf slipped down the stairs a head of them and proceeded to hide in the shadows, observing them.

Dallamar happens to notice carved into the the ground in front of the western most door words in a particular tongue. After studying it he realizes it says, “She is great, she is salvation, she is Maeles. Only the penitent may enter”

After various attempts to discover a locking mechanism on the door the party gives into the cliche and kneels, which causes the door to open. As they enter Segitho hangs back in the shadows, monitoring the group.

In the next room the party encounters another door that is held shut with a magical means. While Hooch in a display of acrobatics balances on his peg-leg and attempts to kick the door only to fail, Dallamar detects a magical aura resenting from three Orphidic statues holding stone scimitars, in addition to one on a pillar in the center of the room Inessa notices a trail of acid smelling slime leading from a tunnel to the north and under the locked door. interested to see what the tail is, she convinces Hooch to stick his finger into it. The dwarf doesn’t even bother to question the request and dips his right finger into the slime, his skin instantly starts to bubble and burn. Thinking quickly Inessa takes here dagger and severs the dwarf’s finger, which falls away and melts into the acid.

Segitho still watching from the shadows begins to question if following this group is really the best idea, and decides to make his presents known, by casting Dancing lights on Inessa and Hooch. This raises an alarm in the party , but it only lasts a second as the begin a conversation about exploring the northern tunnel. Segitho who has become fed up with the antics of the group, decides to attempt to kneel in front of the other doors and see what happens. Each time the rogue kneels, the door behind the party opens and shuts, as he kneels the third time, the stairs that the party came down retract back into the daylight above. These actions get the party’s attention, and Dallamar and Inessa go to investigate, as they step into the entrance room Dal notices Segitho, and judging him by his gear, assumes he is a Black Hand Assassin, and acts accordingly by drawing his galive and shooting fourth a lightening bolt. The Segitho reacting a split second after the wizard lets a bolt fly, impaling the wizard in the wrist causing him to drop his weapon but taking too the full brunt of the attack.

The rogue puts his hands up in a gesture of surrender, a pleads that Dal not tase him anymore. with Inessa’s bow leveled on him, Segitho explains why he is here.

Dallamar convinces the ex-assassin to come along with the group, with the promise of taking him to the council to help cure his curse. Molied reconizing Segitho’s accent approaches him and explains that he is a welcome addition, since he has grown weary of traveling with the north landers and welcomes the company of a refined man such as someone from Kohla.

Inessa and Segitho explore the northern tunnel, and discover a fourth stone scimitar what looks partly eroded by the acid the it sits in. Dal realizing that to open the door you need to put the swords in in pedestal congers an unseen servant and has it retrieve the sword. Following Dal’s hunch all the swords are inserted into the pedistal and the door opens magically leading to a large chamber, it’s floor covered with bones.

The party speculates on the design and Kazim, deduces that is was a receiving hall at some sort. Dallamar marvels as the soot and ash covering the walls, realizing that there must have been some sort of ferocious battle in this room. At the far end of the room another door sits locked by magical means. Dal manages to detect a necromantic aura resonating from the center of the room as well as a abjreation and envocation coming from the door. Dal sends his unseen servant to investigate the door. As the creature touches the door, Segitho hears a blast of fire from the other side. He explains that the door is likely trapped and they should figure out a way of opening it without triggering the flames.

The party notices that the trail of slime leads south into a tunnel, Inessa and Segitho follow it and discover that the trail ends at a partly dissolved body, of an adventurer, there is no sign of what the party assumes to be a gelatinous cube save slime covering the walls. After an investigation, the group believes that a blast of some sort resonated from the body and destroyed the cube. This theory is confirmed when the corpse’s pack is discovered to contain two dwarven blasting sticks, along with a scroll, three potions and a rod, that Dallamar identifys as The Rod of The River Serpent. Dal hands the rod to Kazim, and explains what it does.

On the way out of the, Inessa steps a little to colse to the center of the room. suddenly skeletons Orphidic in nature rise up from the ground and attack the party. The battle seems to be going poorly as the only two party members with blunt weapons are Hooch and Kazim. One of the skeletons attacks Segitho and Dallamar, while the second engages Kazim. Molieb Inessa and Hooch fight the remaining to. The Quargin realizes quickly that these skeletons are giving the group a problem and yells for the party to try and get them to the door so Dallamar can open it with a spell. Segitho draws his attacked closet to the door, as Dallamar lobs a scorching ray of light at it. Kazim does the same drawing his opponent closer to the door as well. Hooch in a desprate attempt to help bull rushes his opponent and slams it into the stone door from across the room. As the skeleton hits the door Dal, casts his spell and the doors swing outward as white hot flames surge from the threshold consuming all but one skeleton and Hooch and Segitho, who both suffer burns. The remaining party engages the last skeleton, and Kazim manages to deliver a blow with such force that the serpent head of his rod opens up and consumes the creature and begins to crush it. Kazim, unable to get his magical weapon to release it’s prey, ops to drag it along behind him.

The party drinks the last of the water from the cave, and continue on reaching a T shaped intersection. After fighting with a constrictor, they decide to head south which brings them to a room with a mosaic of a snake inlaied into the floor. The party sends Hooch ahead but the second the dwarf steps into the room the doors begin to close. Segitho moving quickly manages to thrust his sword into the door, keeping it from shutting completely, and he begins trying to pull it open. Inessa runs over to assist and summons energies from deep with in, which help her to pull the door off the hinges.

Inside the room Hooch notices that the floor has turned to liquid under foot and also that there is a door to the east that is padlocked. As the door comes off the hinges Inessa and Segitho walk in and begin to check the door and lock for traps. They fail to notice the tiles on the floor begin to shift and a tile serpent rise out of the liquid, the creature lunges at the pirates and rogue. The ceramic snake is clearly outclassed by the adventurers, and a magic missile strikes the killing blow, blasting tiles all over the room. Segitho picks up the tiles and puts them into his bag as Inessa finishes picking the lock. the door opens to a hallway with a room containing a pool a the far end.

The two rogues scan the hall and discover that the whole hall is rigged with arrow traps, pressure are set up every five feet. Inessa attempts to gracefully dance through the plates but trips and falls prone as an arrow flies over her head, however the trap does not reset giving Segitho the idea of placing tiles on the plates. This method is interrupted by Dallamar who simply casts a flying disk and ushers the party on to it.

In the room on the far end of the hallway, the party recognizes the water in the pool to be the same as the healing pool that they came across in the tunnel leading into the valley where they discovered the entrance to the the building they are currently in. Dallamar also notices a man in fine wizard robes who seems to be very well preserved slumped over in the corner of the room. Dal gets very excited about the robes but that fades as he discovers they are cursed. Molieb calls for a rest and the party feeling that this area is relatively safe. breaks, to discuses the next steps.


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