The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 14

They have a cave Troll



Did not appear in this episode

Shattered Island Party

Failure to explore: Be grudgingly search the ruins of a temple. -Dallamar

Silent: Say nothing since your player was on his honeymoon. – Inessa Swiftblade

Forced Labor: Become pressed into working by use of a suggestion spell. – Kazim

For the mother land pt2: Continue to speak like a Russian. – Moleid al’Kal

Like a rock: Confuse a Golem and Animated Statue. – Hooch

Bonus XP

Kazim – Taking the vines = 2000
Hooch – Checking out the spider eggs = 1500

New Items:
Party 2 (On Shattered Islands) – 2 rubies, 1 piece of onyx, 1 sapphire, a +1 Flaming Great Scimitar, 4 spider eggs (500 gp each), vines.

Total Gold:
3200gp (based off of value of gear found.

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 13th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

On the Shattered Islands
As dawn breaks on the Shattered Islands, the secure shelter that Dalamar has created withers away and the party begins discussing their next move. Having discovered the cave entrance, Moleid suggests orders his captives into the cave with Hooch in the lead.

In the entrance of the cave Dalamar takes note of the way the 8 foot high ceiling seems to have been carved almost smooth, as if someone carved this out using primitive tools and then it was burrowed out and smoothed down.

The party ventures deeper into the cave when they reach a four way intersection that has suffered a cave-in to the northern most section. As they investigate Kazim is aware of a slight rumbling, and attempts to shout a warning to Hooch, but is too late as an ankheg erupts from the ground, slashing at the dwarf with it’s mandibles. Shocked, Hooch takes the full brunt of the blow, and retaliates wounding the creature, as Inessa and Kazim rush to his aid. The warriors path carries them into the center of the intersection just as another ankheg bursts out of the ground and grips Kazim in its mandibles, pinning the pirate helplessly to the ground.The fight is over rather quickly as the on of the ankhegs retreats underground, and the other pinning Kazim is slain.

The party continues to investigate the cave noticing a greenish goo covering the floor to the west of their current position, and the spell of fresh air coming from the north passed the blocked hall, the trail of greenish goo also seems to trail off down the eastern tunnel. Traveling along the western tunnel the party discovers nests covered with the green goo. Dalamar is able to puzzle out that the nests are those of a harpoon spider, and the goo is it’s blood. The wizard relays this to the rest of the party, though it does not make them any more cautious in their delve further into the cave.

With the dwarf in the lead, the party makes their way slowly down the eastern tunnel of the cave, where the ceiling seems to get higher, and the walls seem to be much smoother. Dalamar and Kazim both notice that there is a rumbling that seems to be moving along with them, they bring this to the attention of the rest of the group but their concerns go unheeded as the peg-legged dwarf leads the group into a room where he has spotted something that looks like a pile of odds and ends with a rather large sword in the center.

Inessa and Molied Stand guard outside of the room as Dalamar, Kazim and Hooch inspect the pile. Kazim claims a Great Scimitar that Dalamar is able to see an evocation pulsating from the blade, which he realizes is a flaming enchantment. The wizard also scoops up some gems before checking on the baby on his back that everyone (including the DM) forgot about. The prince seems to be sleeping soundly and satisfied Dal and the others turn to leave the outcropping, just as a large, powerfully built creature looking something like
a cross between a great ape and a beetle, bursts out of the ground (The DM must ask forgivness, as he realized about halfway through writing this that most of this session involves things bursting out of the ground). Dalamar instantly reconized the creature as a bewildering beast, and shouts a warning to the group just as the creatures two big compound eyes settle on Dalamar Kazim and Hooch and flash suddenly, causing the three men to become confused.

Molied and Inessa react instantly, lashing out with spell and steal as their three companions deal with their confusion (which was totally botched) In short Hooch attacks Dalamar, who becomes unconfused, Dalamar, attacks Kazim who becomes unconfused, and Kazim attacks Hooch. Then they all gang up on the beast and manage only to get slightly mangled.

The party finally gets the message and moves more cautiously through the rest of the cave where they encounter the corpse of a harpoon spider. The aberration looks to be torn apart as if something were to have grabbed it and just ripped, and Dalamar notes that there are not many creatures that act as a natural predator of these spiders. AS he inspects the corpse the wizard notices that there is enough venom to coat a weapon and mentions this to the group…however before anyone can act, Hooch begins to cover his mace in it.

The party reaches another forked path and Hooch scouts ahead discovering a large "Sasquatch looking thing a large cavern to their north, after venturing back to the rest of the group Hooch hears a slight bubbling from the eastern part of the fork. Following it, the salty dwarf discovers a shallow pool giving off a dull green hue. Dalamar joins him and discovers is it s healing pool, which allows the whole party to recover from their ordeal with the Bewildering Beast.

Hooch starts to try to collect the spring water in his ale mug but the water turns into vapor as the metal touches it. Dalamar is unsure why this happens but has a suspicion that it would be too easy for them just to carry the water with them.

Kazim, meanwhile takes notice that this is the only place that vegetation seems to be growing in the cave. Following the creeper vines he realizes that they are gaining nutrients from the spring and decides to pick them in hopes that they will keep some of the springs properties.

The party makes their way into the “Sasquatch like thing’s” area and Dalamar notes that is is a cave troll. seeking cover behind some rocks the party successfully avoids detection. However instead of leaving, they decide that the only good cave troll is a dead cave troll and after casting haste the party engages the creature. Hooch lands two surprise attacks, which enrage the troll, who smashes Hooch with his great club. Dalamar sends searing hot electricity jutting out of his hands as Inessa and Kazim both land blows. The troll staggers as Molied leaps from his hiding place and stabs the troll in the head killing it instantly.

After the troll drops to the ground, the party searches the area but all they come across is nest of spiders four eggs that Hooch appraises for 500 each on the black market, and tucks them away in his sack. to sell after this the party gets out.

The group makes their way along the only path they have not yet traveled and reach the end of the cave with sunlight streaming into the mouth of the exit, just as the glow that Dalamar cast on his fades. Stepping out into the light, the party realizes that they are standing on temple ruins in the belly of a valley. The temple it’s self is in a design similar to a stepped temple with a bridge lined with 25ft high columns topped with stone winged creatures and 15 foot above the ground, leading to a pool of water with a dais in the center nestled between two giant stone snakes (DM Note – This is a pretty god damned impressive ruin!)

On entering the area Hooch and Kazim decide to walk up to the stone snake which proves to be a near fatal mistake as the hooded stone viper uncurls and hits both men who have decided to investigate it.. Dalamar quickly realizes that this is a stone golem and prepares to tell both of it’s victims that it will negate damage form all non bludgeoning objects, however the wizard is unable to get his words out as he is knocked to the ground by a gargoyle. The animated creature begins to gore him, but is hit by a arrow from Inessa and then it’s head is severed by Moleid. Engaged with the golem Kazim and Hooch fight desperately trying to disable the creature, just as another gargoyle swoops down at them. but misses widely. Dalamar having had enough blasts the gargoyle with a scorching ray and sends another streaming towards the golem. Inessa and Molied finish off the last gargoyle as Hooch and Kazim land the killing blows on the golem.

Taking a moment to actually look around, and for Kazim and Hooch to eat some of the creeper vines the earlier took from the healing pool, Dalamar notices the odd construction of the ruins they are standing on, he can tell that all of the other members of the party are feeling rather uneasy. Using his knowledge Dalamar makes an assumption that the ruins might have looked like this before falling into dilapidation.

Molied who has become more and more frustrated with the whole lack of information on the journal which he seeks, notices a chest, on the ground 15ft below them in addition to two more the the south of their position. Casting suggestion on Kazim he, Inessa and the reluctant swords man make their way to the to chests in the south, and Dalamar with some prodding from everyone levitates down the 15ft to check the other chest. Each chest contains four serpent figurines, cast in silver with emerald eyes. As the party regroups they hear the sound of stone parting and on the northern most area of the temple, a pedestal appears with 12 slots carved into the shape of snakes. Molied takes the snake statues and pushes them into place, under the protest of Kazim who is convinced he can get 800gp back home for them. As the figurines lock into place, there is a audible clicking and suddenly from the dais, a staircase begins to form, leading down into the temple.

Molied excitedly states, in his oddly thick Russian accent, “We descend”


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