The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 13

Demon, and Snake Zombies



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Shattered Island Party

More Power: Unsuccessfully dispell a spell. -Dallamar

Bondage: Try to save you male counterparts by participating in bondage. – Inessa Swiftblade

The Architect: Surprise everyone with you knowledge of ancient construction. – Kazim

For the mother land: Suck it up and become a Russian. – Moleid al’Kal

Growl: Have most of you lines be a guttural growl. – Hooch

New Items:
Party 2 (On Shattered Islands) – Rod of Petrify Demon, a Mysterious Amulet, x3 Cure Light Wounds, x2 Cure Moderate Wounds, x1 Cure Serious Wounds Mass, x1 Chain Lightning, x2 Guidance

Total Gold:

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 12th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

On the Shattered Islands
Sitting on top of his friends ex-lover with a royal baby strapped to his chest, Dallamar ponders the events in his life that have brought him to this exact moment. Above a gruff voice yells down after Inessa, who replies with a simple, “Get off of me wizard.”

Molied, Kazim and Hooch make their way down the shaft the opened and find their companions and themselves in what seems to be a laboratory. Dallamar, senses that the vale in this area is all but nonexistent. As the group looks about the room they notice a writing desk against the wall many papers cover the desk, they additionally notice what looks like several demons dissected and preserved on the walls and on a center table, which is also covered with various notes in a hand writing similar to the scraps of letters that Dallamar discovered upstairs. In the corner of the room sits a chest with a demonic skull carved into it. The last object in the room is a statue of a Vrock stands menacingly across from the stairs. Molied begins to look at the table, and turns to Dallamar, “Mr. Fancy Pants Baby Man, will you be being so kind as to look if this table is dangerous?”

Dallamar casts detect magic and as the last word of the spell leaves his lips the whole room lights up with a collection of various schools of magic, nearly blinding the wizard. Hooch during this time has made his way over to the vrock and is growling at the statue. Kazim begins paging through the notes on the table though he is unable to make heads or tails of what they say. Meanwhile, Inessa takes a closer look at the treasure chest, with a skull carved into it, she notices that there are chains and secured with a padlock, and she begins to study them.

On the other side of the room Dallamar and Molied examine the writing desk for any magical traps, and Molied explains why they are there, “It seems to me wizard that you are not wanting to be here. If you were to help me find what we are seeking, I would be willing to give you passage back to the great empire of Quarg, I’m sure a wizard of your skill could easily find a place in the royal navy or working in the palace no?” We are looking for a book, I can not tell you more than that, when we find the book we will know. So, “he waves his hand over the writing desk, “what are these?”

Dallmar inspects the table, seeing many scrolls and diagrams with graphic descriptions of demon anatomy. He explains this to Moleid who begins to read through them himself. Dallmar’s eyes finally having adjusted to the intense magical auras in the room begins to be able to pick out points of light brighter than the rest of the room, one of which being on the center table. Making his way to the table he notices an amulet the aura is unlike anything he has ever seen, and the wizard managed to slip it into his pocket before anyone notices. Just then Inessa calls him over to the chest. “Wizard, can you tell me if this is safe to open?”

At this time Kazim is no inspecting the statue of the vrock and notices a two foot crystal rod jammed into the base of the statue. taking a closer look at it the pirate can tell that it would be nearly impossible to see unless you were looking directly at at the correct angle sine it is so finely crafted.

Dalamar looks at the chest noticing that the chains and padlock are magically enhances, so he dispels them then casts knock on the chest. The top of the chest bursts open and a beautiful woman almost completely naked slowly rise to her feet. “Thank you for letting me out of that stuffy old chest. You’re rather handsome aren’t you,“ she says looking at Dalamar who stands with his jaw gaping, “You came here to rescue me didn’t you”.

All the men in the room with the exception of Molied seem drawn to the woman in the chest, (or drawn to her chest) Inessa on the other hand tries to regain Dal’s attention by shamelessly flirting with him, which has no effect causing her to try a desperate plan.

As naked woman strokes Dal’s chin while drawing him closer to the chest, Inessa leaps at the woman but falls into the chest, and the unseen chains that were binding the woman release her and wrap themselves around the elf. Free of her bonds, the woman flys up the stairs and out of the lab knocking into Kazim who stumbles back into the crystal rod knocking it from the base of the statue. as the rod falls to the ground that stone vrock animates and screeches loudly, looking around the room the creature begins to dance. The party looks at the creature, all except Inessa who simply grumbles from inside the chest, “Let me out of here”.

Kazim trying a diplomatic approach walks up to the vrock and ask why it’s dancing, the creature answers the pirate in abysmal which stings the party’s ears. Hoock attempts to growl at the beast which accomplishes nothing. Dal frees Inessa, and moves to the other side of the table in the center of the room putting distance between himself and the creature, and the Quargian commander studies the creature from across the room. Inessa gets out of the chest and asses the situation notching an arrow just in case. The vrock keeps dancing as Hooch tried to stare it down, and Kazim starts his own dance mimicking the vrock, Dalamar still under the infulence of his detect magic spell, notices a point of light lying on the base of the statue with a beam generating from it, that he begins to focus on. Inessa raises an eyebrow when she hears Molied yell and and sees the warrior race forward “You fools he is doing a dance of ruin, we must fight, for our lives.”

The party springs into action but not before the vrock finishes his dance and lightening erupts from his body. The lightning ignites the some chemicals that are on the lab table and a fire begins to quickly spread. The warriors attack and take the vrock down rather quickly, and escape the burning lab with the rod and a book Dalamar grabbed from the table. Inessa leads the group from the house as the fire spreads and once that are safely Dalamar and the party open a book that turns out to be a type of atlas for the island. Looking on the map they assume that they are on the largest island, and several structures marked, such as a village, the old Magic Academy, and a Temple. Judging by the scale on the map and Molied’s suggesting they go to the closest location first the party heads to the temple marker on the map. During that time Dalamar studies the rod and is able to determine that it is an item that will petrify a demon as long as the item it continuously trained on the creature. Never having seen anything like it before he starts to wonder what else they might find on the island.

In a little over 4 hours the party comes to where the temple is marked on the map, unfortunately they just see ruins and a very curious fountain in the center. Kazim looks around the area and announces, “This seems to be very much Orphidic construction with the exception of that fountain which if I recall by the elaborate stonework is elven in design.”

The whole party looks at him, and he shrugs, “I read a lot”

Inessa looks around and says “Do you guys find it strange that you don’t hear anything? no animals nothing?”

Hooch shrugs at this and approaches the fountain with Dalamar cautiously. The two eventually decide that the crowned prince needs a bath, and Dal begins to wash the prince who sprouts a beard. The Wizard looks at the dwarf who smiles and says “Ima gonna drink me the water. Hehe, I’ve always wanted to do this.”

He takes a sip and his wounds heal a little, and Dal follows suit. Hoock excitedly plunges his head in and drinks deeply, Dal on the other hand cups the water to his mouth, dripping a little on the ground. As the water hits the ground it begins to rumble, however only Inessa notices, and she moves behind a wall for cover motioning for Kazim to do the same. Hooch comes up for air and shakes his head like a shaggy dog, showering the ground with water. As the last droplets hit the ground several decayed hands shoot out of the ground followed by scaly bodies.

Inessa recognizes them as Orphidics, but as they have not been seen in years she assumes that these must be zombies. Molied launches a wave a scarabs which rip through most of the zombies allowing Kazim and Dalamar to rip through the rest of them. As the last zombie falls Dalamar finally notices that the fountain is a very elaborate illusion and trie to dispell it, it almost works, but an image of an old man laughing appears in his head and the spell remains. Inessa in the mean time stalks around the area and notices something concealed by trees, which looks like a tunnel entrance. Dalamar sets up a shelter and the group agrees to spend the night before exploring the cave.


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