The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 12

In which nothing happens, but everything goes down


Backing vocals: Provide lyrics to a world renowned minstrel’s song. -Pei Mei

Dwarf Beats Everything: Kill more enemy combatants then the whole of your party and the Kingdom army combined. . -Cronkoor Shortbrew

The Reluctant Nanny: Successfully stop an 8 month old crown prince from crying. -Dallamar

Wolverines!: Name the party. – Sylas Blackheart

Divine presence: Be a member of a holy order and happen to be in the same area as the party. – Kotex the Red

Small but strong: Kill a creature one size ranking higher then you, in one shot. – Hyam Strogal

Walk first search later: Trigger a trap by not being a real rouge. – Inessa Swiftblade

Strong but Silent type Don’t say a word. – Kazim

Accent switch Start talking like a russian part of the way through you adventure. – Moleid al’Kal

Are you there be part of the party but don’t appear. – Hooch

New Items:
Party 1 (In Stratus) – N/A
Party 2 (On Shattered Islands) – Mamma’s Croissant recipe, and a bunch of papers.

Total Gold:
Party 1 -9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.
Party 2 -None

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 12th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

Outisde Stratus
As the last Uruk-Hai falls to Cronkoors axe, the dwarf lets out a loud sigh and sits on a rock. All along the side of the road lay the remains of the Uruk and goblin patrols, that they had encountered earlier. The post battle rituals of the party had become like second nature to all the traveling companions, Sylas and Cain began searching bodies and cleaning their weapons, while Pie Mei dropped to the ground lost in meditation, and Hyam, their newest member, blew a song on his flute, absently mindedly.
“Dae ye think ye can heal me lassie, or should shall I just sit here on me arse thinking about the meaning of life?” he asks in the general direction of Ferka.
The elven cleric makes her way over to the battle weary dwarf and touches his shoulder, causing a white light to surround the dwarf, and some of his wounds to close. Ferka removes her hand short of closing all the dwarves wounds, “I must reserve my magic general, if we are to enter into a battle, we may need it more than we know.”

Sylas continued searching the bodies, only half hearing the dwarf shouting to the cleric, he was absorbed in what the Uruk-hai were wearing, Quargian colors. Not that this was a rare thing, the Quargians used Uruk and other such creatures to fill their ranks constantly, he was just surprised to have run into them this far north. Satisfied that his inspection was at an end, Sylas addressed the rest of the party, “We should likely get a move on to Stratus, there…”

The elf’s words are cut short as a party of Gnolls emerge from the bushes. The dog like creatures smoothly moved from the underbrush, holding up their weapons, in an non threatening way, as the largest stepped forward and barked something in their high pitched cackle of a language. Pie Mei, immediately leaped to his feet and responded in a high pitched laugh mimicking the gnoll’s own language, prompting questioning looks from both the party and the canines. “I suppose, you’re looking for a fight? Well ‘en, step up, I’m ready for ye.”

Largest gnoll held up his paws in defense, and began speaking in a growling version of the common tongue, “He-Elf, fight well, we come to keep our lands free.” The gnoll offers his hand to Sylas, “You head south to fight? Pack travels north. Army block our passage, Pack looking for other way. He-Elf not fight pack, Pack not fight He-elf.”

Sylas in his typical suspicious fashion quickly assess the gnoll and deciding that the creature seems to be on the up and up shakes his hand, The gnoll smiles if you accept his large razor sharp teeth making him look very menacing: “Pack leader like He-Elf, give token of friendship with Pack of north” The Gnoll gives hands Sylas a bone necklace and the small group of gnolls fade back into the woods.

The elf calls after them asking about their willingness to fight, and from the lack of response he gathers that they are not into the whole fighting thing. Sylas examines the necklace which seems to be constructed of bone that still has bits of meat attached to it, the elf scans the tree lines quickly making sure the gnolls are gone and hands the necklace to Pie Mei. The monk gladly takes the item, “I been looking for stock bones, this make good soup, we eat well.”

The group decides to hurry along to Stratus, hearing sounds of combat as the approach in the distance.

On the The Shattered Islands
Crying fills the air as Dallamar begins to come to. The crown prince Adoven is still secured in in the baby bjorn™ that the wizard fashioned out of tapestry in the castle. Having only been conscious for a few minutes, Dal decides that he has had enough of the crying prince and attempts to cast sleep on the infant, the spell fails instantly and the wizard suddenly realized where his is, somewhere on the Shattered Islands. He initially believes that he is in the ruins on the old Magic Academy, until he remembers the incantation that Isset gave to him to activate that portal in Stratus. He quickly takes note of the items in the room he is currently standing in, and notices a piece of paper clutch tightly in a hand in the debris of the portal that was destroyed. The wizard retrieves the paper noticing that it is a recipe for croissants, and he tucks it away for safekeeping, as he begins to explore the ruins.

On the other side of the same building 4 figures approach, the a crack in the wall, with a female elf leading them. The elf looks at the wall that has collapsed on itself and then to a Quargian wearing the livery of royal court, “You know if you told us what we were looking for you, we would have a better chance of finding it.”
“You have been told all you need to know my pointy-eared pirate, you will find the item we are looking for and for your services you and your ship will be spared.” the Quargian folds his arms, “Now can we enter this accursed place or not?”
A peg legged dwarf and Quargian, snicker, as the elf rolls her eyes and nods, waving the group in.

The exits the woods and sees a massive battle going on in front of them on the fields of Stratus, catapults lie in flames, body litter the blood soaked ground. Directly in front of the group a skirmish rages, between a kingdom soldiers and some uargians. The captain of the kingdom looks to be fighting a losing battle, and his troops are being beaten back by the encroaching enemy forces forces. Gazing across the battlefield it becomes apparent the Quargians are concentrating more on catapulting the city while waves of Orc and Uruk-hai, throw themselves at the defenders. It seems that where the party exited a weekly defended position which is why the kingdom attacked it, but while gazing out on the destruction, the party suddenly hears a shouts of alarm as two arrows plink off Cronkoor’s armor. The group quickly mobilizes and begins fighting the Quargians.

Cain and Cronkoor both charge forward the bigger man giving the dwarf wide birth as he swings his axe in a full circle around him cleaving clean through three of the troops. Cain and Pie Mei dispatch another 2 while Sylas peppers their numbers with arrows. The Quargian forces retreat more scared of the maniac dwarf, who before combat ends kills another 2 of their constituents.

With the enemy troops frightened off the commander of the kingdom forces turns to the party, “Thanks be to the gods you have arrived…who are you exactly?”

The party stops and Sylas turns to face them,"Yeah I’ve been meaning to ask you all about that, Typically adventuring groups have a name, so we should have one, I vote Wolverines. After a very minor debate is which Hyam suggested that they be know as Damages Inc. but realized that there might be a legal battle with a much more famous incorporated company. The name became solid when Cronkoor hefted his axe over head and yelled, “Wolveriens!”

Sylas turned to the commander, “We’re the wolverines, perhaps you have heard of us?”

The commander looks at the elf, “What are you NAMES?”

Cronkoor looks back at the commander, “The Wolverines, did you not just hear us come up with it?”
“Yeah we lit·er·al·ly came up with it in front of you, like it just happened.” Sylas addes.

The commander rubs his forehead with a blood stained hand, “Lets try this again, what are you given names?”

Cronkoor looks surprised, “You don’t know who I am?” turning back to the newly dubbed Wolverines, “He doesn’t know who I am.”

Sylas finally gets what’s being asked an responds, “OH I’m Sylas Blackheart, world famous pirate, perhaps you’ve heard of me, and these are the Wolverines.”

The Commanded narrows his eyes and looks at the elf who smiles smugly, "Is that so…Lieutenant Munts, take this group to the Field Marshall, on the wall, tell him that we’re going to hold position to keep the sandy bastards from getting the catapult up and running again.”

The Lieutenant leads the newly dubbed Wolverines through the battlefield back to the castle wall and gives three shrill blasts on a whistle he wears around his neck once you reach the wall. Pie Mei leans over to Cronkoor, “That rape whistle.” The dwarf snickers. A woman in armor appears in a poof of smoke and looks at the party and the lieutenant: “Lieutenant Munts, what’s the news?”

Munts quickly explains the situation, “..and the captain suggested that they be brought before the field Marshall.”

The woman nods, and motions for the party to gather around her, seconds later they poof up onto the wall of stratus. The woman leads the group across the palisades when suddenly light flashes as boulder collides with an unseen wall over the town, light flashes

The woman with you yells as fist sized chunks of rocks rain down, one striking Munts killing him instantly.

Sylas drops to his keens and yells into the heavens. “MUNTZ!!!”

No one is impresses.

The woman ignores this and continues towards the center of the wall over the main gate. As the party gets closer to the gate they see a familiar face shouting commands, a sandy haired young man in armor, a sword at his side and followed closely by a tall man encased in armor. Percy notices the party and hurries over clasping Cronkoors shoulder looks: “It’s good to have you back, here’s the situation —”

Before he can finish a boulder rockets into the wall knocking spraying fist sized chunks of rocks.

The boy commander continues, “They arrived a day ago, the Uruk hai, lead the first assault on the walls while the Quargians began pummeling us with rocks. The council, held off erecting the shield around the city hoping that you would be back, until that damned Balor blasted through the northern gates and into the castle courtyard. The troops report that the council has the creature under control but Hina and Sya are growing weak powering the shield for the city. I met with Lore Master Finious, the few elves that are here are acting as artillery for us on the walls until the reinforcements from Thailous. Thankfully Kotex from The Order of Her Grace arrived.” The boy turns to the paladin, “Though I do wish they had sent more of you.”

Kotex stands silent looking out over the field.

Percy shakes his head, “What’s odd is they seem to be buying time, waiting for something to happen.”

Another rock hits the magical barrier.

“I’ve been looking over their attack plan with my generals and can’t make heads or tails of their strategy. The scouts have been able to make out the construction of an archway in the center of the Quargian camp, and we’re not 100% sure of it’s function.” Sylas leans over to Cain, “But it’s to summon shit.”

Another blast from the catapults rock the wall spraying stones everywhere,“And in case you couldn’t tell,” The boy commander turns and yells “we are doing a piss poor job of dealing with these catapults. General Shortbrew, you’re much more seasoned than I am, so the command it now yours. Aram,” he motions to the woman who escorted you, “and I have a group of soldiers that are ready for your command. I’ll work to advise you.”

Sylas takes a look over the wall and onto the field, “You know those catapults are ship catapults right? They should be pretty easy to flame.”
As these words leave the rogue’s mouth a regal looking elf turns to face him, “Does you simple mind not think we have already ascertained that information? Do you not see the ruins of three smouldering husks of those war machines on the field of combat? Perhaps the loss of you one eye has affected your whole perception.”

“Hey, hey, I was just trying to help.” Sylas replys with his hands up in defence.

“So general what’s your plan”

On the The Shattered Islands
AS he wanders the rooms Dallamar sees that this was indeed a home at one time, this is especially apparent when he stumbles into the former writing room. Scattered about the floor are various letters from people named Lotana and Eral, all starting off with dear friend. Dallamar scoops them up a hand full to read through later and continues on the crown prince wailing echoing throughout the ruins.

At the next juncture Dallamar, having become fed up with the constant crying opens his food pack and gives the baby a biscuit, which seems to stop the crying, relieved Dallamar enters what he preceives to be a bedroom and sees a paper on the table, that looks like it would yeild some information if her were to make a rubbing of it. Hepockets this too and heads to the only place he has not explored, the great room. Just before he enters he has a brief skirmish with an animated candelabra, which he easily defeats.
The sound of crying reach the ears of Inessa Swiftblade as she and her party finish searching the what seems to be a large dining room.
Kazim, do you hear that?” asks the elf
The dark skinned pirate nods and points in the direction of a hall
Inessa nods and takes the lead, cautiously walking into the hallway in single eyeing the ceiling for traps.
“Elf woman, why do you look up.” asks the groups Quargin handler?
“Well captain Moleid, I’m just as interested in dying as I am of working with you, but atleast I can avoid the earlier by keeping a keen eye ope….”

The elves words are interrupted by an ominous click and suddenly the statues spring to life, lashing out at the unsuspecting adventurers.

The Quargian Captain laughs as he rolls out of the way narrowly missing a stone sword., “You must be out of practice little elf.”

Kazim and Hooch, quickly dispatch two of the statues, while Moleid destroys the other two. As combat ends, the Quargian looks at the elf, “Perhaps you should look down also.”

Issett shrugs and the group continues into the great room.

As the pirates enter the room they see a figure staring a stone fireplace, one that Isset recognizes instantly as he ex-lovers friend Dallamar. The Rogue motions for everyone to stay back and sneaks behind Dal putting her blade against his throar, “Hello Dal.”

Dallamar who upon entering the room was drawn to the fire place answers coldly, “Hello bitch,”

Issett smiles, “What are you doing here wizard?”

Dallamar explains everything that has transpired, leaving out key bits of details, but making sure to mention to the know pirates that in the baby bjorn™ strapped to his chest is the crown prince of the kingdoms.

When Dallamar reaches the part about the demons, Captain Moleid steps forward, “The Quargian army would not throw their lot in with demons, you will watch your tongue!”

In his outrage Molied doesn’t notice a depression on the floor that that me steps on causing the fireplace to open and sent the party and Dallamar sliding down.


“So it’s decided?” Percy asked as the scout rolled up their maps, “You’ll assault the camp while we lead a force to hold the northernmost catapult? A sound plan General, a sound plan.”

Percy leads Aram, the Wolverines and several troops down stairs into a small hall: “General, it would do me well if you lead the charge with me, I think it may bolster the men’s resolve. Very good general, solider, if you would.” A soldier steps forward, and presses a button on the wall. The wall shutters and slowly moves to the side creating a path out to the battlefields.

Percy anxiously looks at Cronkoor, “Battle?”

The dwarf nods and yells, “BATTLE!” and the troops rush forward towards a group of Quargians guarding the northern most catapult.

The Quargians are caught by surprise and engage the young lords troops. Arma sends a ball of fire screaming into the catapult burning down several quargian troops punching a hole in their lines for the Wolverines to make to the woods.

The young lord smile, clearly proud of his tactical planning yelling after the party, “We’ll make sure you are not followed go.”

In the woods, Sylas takes the lead and begins making his way through the thick underbrush, and once confirming the path is clear he singles for the others to join him. Cronkoor for some reason the gods can only speculate about drops to his stomach and begins to commando crawl across the rocky ground, creating a sound not unlike nails on a chalkboard.

THis horribly loud sound reaches the ears of an Orc patrol which confronts the party, and nearly kills Sylas, before the dwarf, Cain and Pie Mei, thoroughly kill the group of twelve agressors.

“We need to keep him quiet.” Sylas says pointing to the Dwarf, “Ferka, do you have anything that could help?

The cleric thinks for a moment and then casts silence on the dwarf. Cronkoor, amused by the spell begins to clang his two axes together, inside the confines of the spell. Sylas nods approvingly and the group splits, Pie Mei Cain and Cronkoor take the western path while Sylas Ferka and Hyam, take the eastern.

Along the eastern path Sylas and company run into three Orc patrolling. Wanting to surprise them Ferka casts blind, and Hyam sings a lullaby, which affect two of the creatures, and sends the other one running out of fear. The elf rogue nods and finishes the two orc. Just then the clattering of axes returns to the air and then abruptly stop.

Along the western path Cronkoor and his group happen into the Orcish side of the camp, also happening upon a Uruk-hai century who screams to alert the camp. Unfortunately for the uruk he is in the zone the silence spell and his calls are not heard. Unfortunately for Cronkoor, the spell wears off as he still bangs his axes together. Their location know the three warriors prepare for battle.


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