The Chronicles of Anglarthea - The Legend of the Sages Stone

Session 20 - 21
In which Trolls are killed and people nearly die



An Abuse of Nature: Forget you are a Druid and let your party members murder you animal allies Bro Tolaf

Blood Bath: Realize that troll blood has healing properties and take it to the extreme Twiddles

Now the eye-patch is real: Nearly die and get the first real wound of the game. Sylas Blackheart

Knocking boots: Reconcile with your lover after a near death experience. Inessa Swiftblade

Hopelessly Lost: Become confused and wonder around a cave system alone and frogotten Segitho Ochocinco

Tactical advantage missed Scout the whole cave system but don’t use it to you advantage. -Dallamar

Banker: Successfully open a bank account, following you directions to the letter Pei Mei

Total XP Earned 21700 = 3100 each meaning you are all still level 8

Bonus XP
Pie Mei – 500 (For fighting all the trolls on his own)
Bro – 200 For thinking on his feet and casting an obscuring mist

New Items:
Flaming Greatsword, magic dampening cuffs (spells are 2 caster level lower when the cuffs are worn)

Total Gold:
Party 1 -10200gp
Pie Mei – A 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.

Items that can potentially save the world: 2

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 17th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

After resting, from their last encounter the party begins to follow tracks to a large hill in a thickly forested area in known as Falcon’s Hollow. As the Group approaches Bro takes on the form of a bird and scouts the area. The keen druid catches sight of two forest trolls hidden in the thick brush. Before the warning can be issued, the trolls open fire with their long bows. The arrows wiz through the air, narrowly missing Sylas, and Inessa who return fire in quick succession. Dallamar, realizing that he’s in the open falls back to cover unleashing two scorching rays that burn into the trolls. Twiddles, charging forward in an unchecked rage rushes to a tree, intending to knock it over on to the trolls. The large barbarian stops short, though as he reaches the tree under the belief that he will not be able to fell it. I reality, the tree is nearly dead, but due to the poor creatures low intelligence, he believes this to be a sturdy oak. Bro, still in bird form lands atop the tree and begins to hurl lightening down onto the trolls. After a few furious minutes of combat, the trolls are bested and the party continues on into a cave.


The shadowy illumination of the cave coupled with the constant drips from stalagmites creates an eire mood as the party enters. Moving silently, Segitho, Inessa and Sylas scout ahead, and catch site of a very large cave troll. Sylas attempts to flank the creature in order to levy a sneak attack but trips over an outcropped rock drawing the attention of the creature. As battle ensues, another troll, this one of Crystalline, comes rushing from another chamber, holding smoking pots, which he begins to hurl at the adventurers. Twiddles dispatches both of the creatures but not before Bro, back to human form summons, three cheetahs to assist the party, (one of which dies instantly. The party explores the main areas of the cave where Syals happens on another cave troll, sleeping in a small chamber. The elf sneaks up on the troll and manages to deliver a deathstroke, killing the beast in a matter of seconds. At the same time Twiddles, Bro and Segitho discover an area that looks to be a smithy set up in the cave, iron ignot seems to be bubbling away in pots and crude weapons are stacked against the wall. there is also a sink hole in the room, no bigger, the massive barbarian, wanting to investigate the hole, grabs one of Bros remaining two cheetah by the tail and drops it down the hole, the creature, dies on impact. Bro unmoved, suggests that they put rocks around the hole to see if anything comes out. Dallamar, and Inessa discover a secret door leading further into the cave and begin to explore it.

Twiddles attempting to enter the door realizes that he is far too large, to enter the the area, dejected he convinces Bro to summon a bat to help explore another sinkhole that they discover. Bro, druid extraordinary, summons a dire bat, directing it to go down the sinkhole, the bat obediently obeys the command, only to become stuck in the hole because of it’s size. Bro dejected, follows Segitho and the rest of the party through the secret door with his cheetah leaving his dire bat stuck in the hole, with Twiddle.

The party transverses a hall and come to a natural staircase which climbs up about 100ft above which is hang tattered ropes and threads. they do not obscure vision, but the party realizes that it will impede moment. In light of that Dal opts to clear them out by lobbing a lightening bolt up the stairs, this draws the attention of the forest troll sentries at the top of the stairs who begin to fire arrows down at the party, all of whom are behind cover. Seeking a tactical advantage, Dal uses a floating eye spell (that’s name escapes me) and is able to scout the remaining parts of the cavern, learning that there are somewhere around ten additional trolls including their leader. Bro thinking quickly throws up a wind wall which allows Pie Mei, to charge up the stairs. Using his ability to deflect arrows, the small monk engages the trolls allowing Sylas and Inessa to move forward. Dallamar, holds back observing, waiting for the right time to send a ball of flame sailing into the room. Seeing this as a tactical disadvantage, Segitho makes his way back to the nearest sink-hole with intentions of exploring the areas below.

Twiddles, pouting because he can not get to the group, has a brief flash of joy when Segitho regions him, the two quickly come up with a plan and the large creature lowers the rogue into the sink hole and waits. As Segitho explores the tunnel system below Twiddles hears and scream challenging him, and turns to face two trolls that have just come in the entrance of the cave. The barbarian rushes towards the trolls leaving Segitho very much alone and almost forgotten.

Meanwhile, Sylas and Inessa quickly learn that the charging method doesn’t work in their favor and Sylas is catches two arrows one in his chest and one in his shoulder, the last of which drop him to his knees unable to continue his charge. Inessa screams out for help and Bro rushes forward and stabilizes the servery injured rogue. Pie Mei delivers strike after strike on the trolls as they begin closing around him. From a hall to the right of the groups the monk is engaging a large troll in full plate brandishing a flaming greatsword enters the room flanked by three guards. The troll looks at Pie Mei and roars, knowing when he is out matched the monk lands a quick kick against a charging a troll and uses the power of the charge, coupled with his fantastic acrobatic skills to launch into a tumblesault through the air and suavely land out of harms way further down the stairs next to Sylas he quickly focus his energy and begins to heal the elf who is still pinned down under a hail of arrows. Bro throws up some obscuring mist in order to help his allies avoid detection while everyone bu Dal attempts to move Sylas of the stairs. Still unable to launch his fireball, and rather pouty, Dal ops to incapacitate the trolls. Atop the natural stone landing, black tendrils burst from the ground grappling the trolls, who fight to break free. The plate clad troll is the first to remove himself from the spell and begins to menacingly walk down the stairs, into the mist. Sylas still badly injured makes a billiant move and while Pie Mei distracts the hulking creature, the rogue works his way around it’s back and begins to climb up it’s body. The elf clings to a flask of greenish bubbling liquid, and as he reaches the trolls shoulders he brings the flask around attempting to crush if against the creatures skull. Through a sheer stroke of luck the rouge manages to accomplish this feat, the creature, with acid burning through his face begins to flail around, and feeling the weight of the elf on it’s back the creature throws his body backwards pinning Sylas between his bulk and the stone stairs. Sylas is nearly crushed to death due to the unexpected movement of the troll, but manages to move his head just out of the way and with his free arm, he begins to stab franticaly at the trolls exposed face. Pie Mei leaps on the creatures chest and begins to pummel it with a rising fury, Inessa joins in the stabbing as Bro retreats down the stairs to find Twiddles to help.

The barbarian having cleaved through the trolls, stands about his final opponent, it’s body nearly cleaved in two. The creature begs speaking very broken common. The only words of which uneducated barbarian can understand are, “Lady, paid, Hrauck” Twiddles smiles down at the creature, and striking like a crocodile rips the creatures throat out with his teeth drinking the dead troll’s blood. Instantly Twiddles wounds begin to close. He then picks up the body, and rips in in half, covering himself with the crimson fluid, from the creature. This sparks a type of blood lust in Twiddles, and he charges out of the area where he lowered Segitho towards the sound of combat. practically breaking through the secret door that he was too large to enter before. His rage propels him through solid stone, nearly running over Bro as he rushes to join the fray.

In the darkness of the tunnel below, Segitho begins to think everyone has forgotten about him, that is until a tentacle whips out cracking him in the face. The master thief feels his mind become dim and bright colors flash before his eyes. Unable to see what attacked him and rather happily confused, the rouge begins to walk in a circle in the darkness. His attacker skitters away deeper into the cave monitoring the noise from the above caverns.

Dallamar, wizard extraordinary stood stone still brooding over this stupid mist that the druid has just summoned. He also watched the druid run away a few seconds ago without even having the common decenty to dispell the mist. Dal rolled his eyes, and yelled to no one in particular, “That’s fucking it!” with a wave of his arms, white light sprang from his fingers striking the mist and causing it to vanish. In his next breath h huge fireball rocked up the stairs, and exploded on the landing destroying every troll but the leader. Feeling very smug, the wizard turned to sit on the stairs, only to just barely dodge the crazed half-orc barbarian, racing up the stairs.

A shout issued from behind Pie Mei, and looking over his shoulder, he noticed a hulking bloody mass charging up the stairs. Using his cat like reflexes, the monk leaped off the downed troll and flipped over the charging mass of Twiddles. He landed in enough time to see hi party member grab the prone troll and throw it against the stair way wall. Pie Mei, grabbed Sylas’s leg and begin pulling him down the stairs to safety.

The plate clad troll’s eyes were able to focus just as a large axe crashed through it’s skull.

As his rage dies down, Twiddles slumps to the ground. The party regroups and explores the rest of the cave. The discover a catch of items the were seized from the caravan, one that sticks out are a hollow dwarven made metal device the length of a human for arm.
Dallamar is able to tell this is a type of magical dampening unit, you can use it to stop people from casting spells for a 1d8 days as long as they are wearing this.

There is also a note inside.

_"Hina, I hope this finds you well, it took a while to complete but as you know fine craftsman ship takes time. I hope you will be able to use these to control the creature before it can break free of the confinds in the temple. Please let me know the effectiveness of these, Gleck will want to know."

Sincearly Harvok Grimaxe_

As the party makes preparations to return to town, Twiddles picks up the trolls great sword, and examines it, he looks around, shrugs and slips it on to his back. Pie Mei, begins filling up vials with troll blood, claiming to be able to sell them, to any round eye sucker. The party begins to head out to the entrance of the cave when Bro asks, where Segitho is. Twiddles points to the sink hole. The party looks at him and Inessa and Pie Mei lower themselves down and find the thief still wandering in a circle. After helping him back to surface, they make their way back to South Gasmere.

Once in town, the party splits, the majority heading to the INN while Twiddles makes a quick stop at the smith. As he enters Gorgu stops him, “Lad, I don’t care how big you are, you’re not coming in here like that, into the lake with you.”
Twiddles smiles and obliges, after which he joins the smith in conversation.

Back in the Inn Inessa helps Sylas up stairs, to a room, while the other members of the party sit and get some food and drinks. Dal looks at Pie Mei, “How did you get back so quickly, and did you have an issue opening the account?”

“Well, you see…what happened was….” the Monk proceeds to spin a yarn that one would have to see to believe, full of racism, misunderstandings and over all unbelievableness.

Dallamar looks at the little man with a dumbfounded expression, “So you mean you gambled all our money away?”

The monk nods “Something like that but it not bad, Pie Mei, make money with new hot sauce” he shows Dal the bottle of trolls blood and winks. He hops off his seat and begins to attempt to sell the “delicacy” to the bartender.

Dal looks at Bro and Segitho, “Don’t move” The wizard runs up the stairs to the to the residance of the rooms and bangs on Sylas’s door, “Get you gods dammed pants on that weird little man lost all our money”

Dal, Sylas and Inessa rejoin the rest of the party just as Twiddles walks in. They decide that heading to The northern part of town across the lake is their next move, based on the information that Twiddles discovered from the troll and Gorgu.

Right before they leave, Pie Mei returns to the table with a bag of coin, “I’m thinking of calling sauce Trollracha”

Session 19
In which there is a reunion



Making Friends: Start Fighting along side someone randomly Bro Tolaf

Using bodies as weapons: Throw an enemy at another one Twiddles

The Scorned Ex: Have an unpleasent meeting with you ex-lover Inessa Swiftblade & Sylas Blackheart

Sneaky Stabs: Coupe d’grace an enemy using a sneak attack Segitho Ochocinco

The Fire Returns Burn the shit out of your enemies. -Dallamar

Flurry of nothing: Do nothing to help your group but think you did Pei Mei

Ramming Speed. Charge you enemy and knock them back with giving you ally an attack of opertunity. – Hooch

Healing Songs: Take your support role seriously Hyam Strogal

Total XP Earned 4800

Bonus XP
Twiddles (I forget how much but it was added)
Sylas (same as above)

New Items:
Trade goods and shipping document. Flame Retardant ring

Total Gold:
Party 1 -9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.
Party 2 – 3200gp (based off of value of gear found.)

Items that can potentially save the world: 2

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 16th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

The Wolverines, after having spent the night in South Gasmere, are informed by Twiddles that the Mayor Gorgu Stonesplitter, has requested that they look into the disappearance of shipments of goods headed to Ralious. He suggests that they speak to Rertu Flazka or Salvatori Nasta as both were investigated the raid sites.

The party decides to meet with Rertu in her shop on the edge of town. The air inside of the shop is heavy with the smell of herbs. A small old woman with greasy white hair stands behind the counter with her back to the door. She appears very engaged in her work, and not to notice that you have entered the shop. The shop itself occupies a single room with a door leading to what can be assumed is the sleeping quarters. To the right of the counter a large panther sleeps with it’s head on it’s paws, it also seems indifferent to the party’s entrance.

Rertu is rather short tempered with the party and becomes increasingly aggravated as Pie Mei begins to destroy her shop. Her panther Graw, comes to his mistresses aid and pins the destructive monk to the ground, as the druid issues a warning to the party that they should leave the shop post haste as as not to witness her wrath. The party in their ever to tactful manner agrees, in exchange for a Flaming Retardant Ring. The old druid gives them the ring and as they leave yells out to them the directions to the barge site that she investigated.

The party makes their way along the river and following Rertu’s direction and eventually come to a site that looks as if there are some evidence of destroyed ship pieces. As the group scouts the area Sylas notices a cabin, in the distance, that bares a familiar construction. The elf bacomes very excited that steps into the water, to cross towards the cabin, as his boot hits the still surface of the shore, a large Scrag explodes out of the shallows swinging at the surprised elf. The aquatic troll is joined by two more that instantly engage the party.

From a tree a hawk watches the battle, unbeknownst to the party.

The sounds of combat reach in inside of the cabin and Hooch sticks his head out the window, growling like a dog as he notices the Scrags. The peg-legged dwarf bursts out of the cabin and joins the fray, hacking his way to Twiddles side. Twiddles, who is engaged is assisting Pie Mei with one of the three creatures manages to cut it down while Hooch distracts it, but loses grip of his axe in the process. The half orc giant is undeterred and picking up the body of the just slain Scrag hurls it at it’s fast approaching brethren.

Meanwhile Sylas faces off against his won opponent, narrowly dodging attack after attack, the elf is on the retreat, as a lightening bolt strikes the creature from behind him, knocking the Scrag backwards. The elf turns to see a hawk gliding down from a tree, just before it reaches the ground, it transforms into a man, who continues running straight forward hurling another lightening bolt at the Scrag.

Dallamar and Inessa race out of the house and Dal, seeing Sylas launches a scorching ray of fire at the Scrag that had just been struck by lightening. Inessa proceeds to climb onto the roof of the cabin and loose bolts at the remaining two creatures.

Twiddles looking frantically for his axe just barely dodges a swipe from the Scrag he is fighting. The half giant orc, becomes enraged and swinging his mighty fist punches the troll so hard that the creature falls backwards, just as a dark figure appears out of the fog and lands a coup de grace on the Scrag. Segitho nods to Twiddles and points his sword to the hilt of the large creatures axe.

The man from who the lightening bolts came from and Dallamar easily finish off the final Scrag with a combined effort of fire and electricity.

After the battle, Sylas yells to his friend and they both embrace. Dallamar invites everyone into his cabin, including the unknown man who assisted the party. Twiddles declines the invite and trudges off into the woods a few yards away.

Introductions are made, apparently the hawk man is a druid by the name of Bro Tolaf, who is under instructions to check out the issues in this area by Niserie Willowshaper, as he explains this, Sylas notices Inessa for the first time and in one smooth motion, draws a dagger and spins behind his ex-lover placing the icy cold blade on her throat. Molibe, quick tries to defuse the situation as Ferka notices, that Dallamar has the prince strapped to his chest.

The royal baby is covered with ash and filth, and doesn’t look to have been feed in a few days. Ferka, insists on returning to Stratus with the baby, and Cain offers to come with her.

As they depart, the party begins to weigh their course of action, and decide on sending Pie Mei, Molibe and Hooch back to South Gasmere with strict instructions to Pie Mei to open a bank account for the party, so they can claim their Steelanvil shares. While they three of them head back, the remaining group decides to continue looking for the missing goods.

Session 18



Did not appear in this episode

Shattered Island Party

Antivenom: Piss off some snakes. Segitho Ochocinco

Fire Retardant Ignore 80% or fire damage taken. -Dallamar

A man left behind Haul ass out of a situation your party member just died in. – Inessa Swiftblade

The final sleep Sacrifice yourself to cover you allies secape – Kazim

Spacial awareness. nearly impale your friend with an ancient piece of machinery. – Hooch

Total XP Earned 5000

Bonus XP
Inessa -910

New Items:
Scroll of Veil CL6, Scroll of Heal CL8. TOME OF CLEAR THOUGHT +1. Bashing Warhammer. STAFF OF REVELATIONS-, a Book

Total Gold:
Party 1 -9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.
Party 2 – 3200gp (based off of value of gear found.)

Items that can potentially save the world: 2

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 14th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

After a short rest the group continues on more cautiously through the Serpantfolk temple. Exiting through a secret door that Inessa discovered the party finds themselves in walking on an upward slope into a cavern, which branches off a few feet from the door. Dalamar and Inessa make the decision that they will check out the western corridor and Segitho unbeknownst to the rest of the group wanders down the east corridor.

The rogue notices a gradual decline on the floor which has become slick, unable to keep his balance, he looses his footing and slides into a pit. He quickly realizes that he is surrounded by iron cobras. As he fights to get back up the decline, his foot hits something. Looking down, the rogue realizes that he’s found a sword, which he snatches up, but not before a snake bites his exposed hand. Segitho manages to pull himself up before the poison begins to effect him. The wounded rogue stumbles back towards the main group.

The western opens into a large cavern, and Inesssa notices a chest standing in the middle of it. Carefully she makes her way over to it and checks for traps. Dalamar joins her with Kazim. They all reach the conclusion that the object is not trapped but just to be on the safe side they kick it open. As the chest hits the ground, black shapes drop from the ceiling and on top of the three adventurers. A battle with a nest of dark mantels is quickly concluded, and the party gains several pieces of equipment (see above). Inessa volunteers to scout ahead to avoid any more ambushes. Sneaking along the wall she happens upon a sleeping giant viper which she easily dispatches in it’s sleep.

The party follows the path only remaining path, which takes then to a staircase leading down. On investigation, Inessa and Segitho are able to realize that the staircase is crumbling and tell everyone to be careful on the decent. This does little to help the party as everyone with the exception of Kazim and Dalamar fall off the stairs.

The group finds themselves in the lower part of the cave system which has taken on the features of a temple once again. The party proceeds carefully down a long corridor only setting off one trap in the process, and reach an unlocked door, the first which they have found in this temple.

On entering the door it slams shut behind them and no one is able to find a way to open it. The group finds a second sealed door, which seems to be magically controlled and after an investigation, they find an mechanical release that opens to a room with a large pool in the center. Making their way to the far side of the room and through a door Dalamar sees a skeleton clutching a book that radiates powerful magic.

As the wizard picks the book up the room is filled with a sudden rush of air from seemingly nowhere. When the wind dies down, a ghostly creature that appears to be little more than a dark shape with two flickering pinpoints of light where its eyes should be floats in the air. It looks at the wizard.

“Why are you here? What business do you have with my book?”

Dalamar looks to Moliebe, “He wanted it”

The shadowy creature swells momentary, “then you are working for him, he shall not have it, die.”

There is a blinding flash of light, that fades to revile three demons surrounding the ghost like creature. The creature it’s self begins to develop features, and takes on the resemblance of an older man, in black robes, with flowing silvery white hair.

The party realizes that they are far out matched and try to flee. as they start their retreat a magiacl portal opens. Seeing this as their best means of escape the group makes for the portal. Kazim opts to hold off the attackers to give the group enough time to get through the portal. Dalamar stands at the portal, supporting Kazim with his spells until the only two party members left are the pirate and himself. As Kazim turns to run to the portal, a demon leaps on him and begins to rend him. Dalamar helpless to assist offers a silent apology and jumps through he portal, sealing it behind him. The surviving party members find them selves in a swampy area. Beaten and exhausted Dalamar erects a magical shelter, and the party tends to their wounds.

Session 17
In which good byes are said



Comfort food. Offer to cook for a grieving ally -Pei Mei

The long Good Bye. Bid your friends a tearful good bye. -Cronkoor Shortbrew

How to win Friends and Influence people. Intimidate a local, who in-turn upgrades you weapon – Twiddles

Dog Brother. Use you connection with the Gnolls to gather info. – Sylas Blackheart

Screaming Lute Solo. Burst into song so your group can easily get informtion. – Hyam Strogal

Shattered Island Party

Did not appear in this episode

Total XP Earned NULL

Bonus XP

New Items:
Flaming Burst Vorpal Axe, A metallic bird.

Total Gold:
Party 1 -9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.
Party 2 – 3200gp (based off of value of gear found.)

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 14th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

As the smoke clears from the portal, Ruk turns to Fenys, “Take them back to the council chambers, I will finish here.”

Fenys nods and motions for the party to surround her and join hands, she closes her eyes and air begins to swirl around the warriors, and an instant later they are standing in the council chambers, the walls are scored with burn marks and bits of blood and entrails litter the floor. Fenys leads the group to a room with beds, “Rest, there is much to speak of, I will send someone to get you.”

The party slowly dozes off, while the sound of battle dies off in the distance.

h1. Act 2

Twiddles is the first to rise, and notice that Ferka is looking out the window of the council towers at the smoke burning from over the city walls. The Barbarian notices that the female elf clutches a peace of paper in her hands, and that she seems to have been crying.

The big creature speaks in heavy slow tones, “Is that news from the front?”
Ferka startles and rubs her eyes with the back of her hand, “There are a great deal of things that have happened. It seems that Endheal was attacked as well as Stratus, the War Leader of our clan, my mother’s companion, has lost his life defending our realm. I desire to travel to Endheal to see him laid to rest, but I have a duty to preform, please let us not keep anyone waiting on my behalf. We must rouse the others, we are to meet with both Ruk Stonebender the acting head of the Council of 7, Kris Morrowfal, and Duke Ardgant. Thank you for inquiring to my well being though, it is much appreciated."

As the rest of the party begins to wake up, Pie Mei, also notices that Ferka has been crying. The strange little man jumps to his feet and yells, “I make you stir fry elf lady, that cheer you up.” and dashes out of the room. The monk runs straight into, a female mage, knocking her to the ground. After regaining her composure, the tall dark skined woman addresses the group in a thick accent distinct of Lumene decent, “Ah I see you are awake. I am Shrish, I have been sent by Master Ruk to fetch the Heroes of Alagash, he awaits you in the scrying room please follow me.”

Shrish leads the party into a circular room towards the back of the of the upper chambers of the tower. As she pushes open the door the air is filled with the sound of raised voices. It’s clear for the looks from the looks of it that this room has undergone a recent conversion into something of a war room in addition the serving it’s intended purpose. The familiar figure of Ruk Stonebender, stands puzzling over a brass dish suspended in midair about waist high. While Kris Morrowfal, Dorin Lightfingers, Percy Ardgant, Jorha Dal’Karth, and two dwarves argue at the table. The party over hear bits on the conversation.
The gruff voice of Ivan Steelanvil, can be heard very plainly, “Untill th’ thaigs ur united we cannae hope tae aid ye.”
“What do you mean?! You’re lands are in danger as well, you barrel chested fool!” Morrowfal, punctuates his statement by slamming his fist on the table.

Shrish clears her throat, causing the group of me to turn to look at her, “May I present to you the Heroes of Alagash.”

As the Lumenrian finishes, Sylas quickly adds, “We actually prefer the Wolverines.”

Morrowfal looks at them and sighs, “Gods, give me strength. This was not one of your best ideas Dorin.”

The master thief smiles, “They’re alive aren’t they?”

Ruk peers up from the scrying dish, noticing the party for the first time. Now that they are able to get a better look at him the party notices that the wizard looks as if he has aged considerable since their last encounter. In spite of this he smiles warmly,“Welcome, my friends, I am pleased you are all in one piece.” The large wizard steps away from the dish, and motions to the table “Please join us, we all have much to speak of. Mistress Brightstar my condolences to your mother and you for your loss, Belegon was a mighty warrior and a friend of the kingdom.”

Sylas, jaw drops, and well as other members of the party, as they all realize that they have been traveling with the heir to the elven throne, daughter of Queen Lanlyell Brightstar.

Ferka nods “Thank you master wizard. It lifts my spirits to hear such kind words.”

As the party takes their seats around the table, they notice a plethra of communications from all over the kingdom, in addition to Endheal, Hammerhore and Gruby. Dal’Karth also has several papers with Quargian writing on them in front of him and those that are able to read the language can see that they are reports of troop movements along the borders.

Percy smiles and pushes a tankard over to the dwarf. “Jolly good show on the battlefield general, that whole bit about letting yourself get caught was absolutely brilliant.”

Morrowfal stifles a laugh, “I’m sure that was a well thought out tactic, regardless of the methods however the “wolverines” have saved the kingdom for the time being, you’ve become something of heroes. Not bad for a bunch of condemned men and a drunken dwarf.”

In an exasperated tone Jorha asks, “Jorha Dal’Karth would like to move forward with this meeting as there are a great many things to do now that the king and queen are dead and the prince missing.”

Ruk sighs, “We needn’t be rude Chancellor, perhaps we should bring our friends up to speed with the events that have gone on. In their absence.”

The men around the table nod and Kris begins, “ As Chancellor Dal’Karth has mentioned, the royal family is either dead or missing. It seemed that during the councils skirmish with the Balor, agents of the enemy were able to infiltrate the castle and murder the king and queen. The prince’s body has not been found so we assume that he was taken. As you can expect, this does not bode well for Alagash. To keep the people’s faith strong, Percival has been named protector of the realm for the time being and has taken the throne until we can confirm the prince’s death. We felt this was the best course of action as it was the young duke that was able to defend the city, and he has become something of a hero in the eyes of the people. The issue of Duke Landon, is something we’ll have to deal with, but with enemy forces still strong around the country our concern is the of the safety of the kingdom, and we cannot afford to have a drunk in command in a time of war. Ruk?”

Ruk nods, “I’m sure you have noticed that Hina has not joined us. I have the misfortune to inform you that he fell in the defense of the city. Before we were able to put the force shield up a Balor and several other demons attacked the castle. Hina expelled his life force to protect Sya. This allowing Frostbane to hold the shield, killing both the Balor and Hina instantly. Sya having to maintain the shield himself has been unconscious since, and the high cleric of Koreana seems unable to wake him. We are also unable to find Isset Starseer, who was detailed to the royal family at the time of attack. I have taken control of the council until we can elect a new head, which will be after Sya recovers. Now I would like to know what you found in Hammerhore in addition to the whereabouts of young Frostbane, as i have not been able to scry him since you arrived in Hammerhore.”

The party explains to Ruk, in extensive details what happened.

“Interesting," Ruk places a hand on his chin" Perhaps he and Issett may be together then as it is likely he would have tried to return to the council chambers.”

Kris shakes his head, “Ruk do you think what that wizard was doing in the mine was related to the stone?”

Ruk nods, “It is likely, perhaps they are ahead of us in their research.”

Kris, “I suppose we’ll just have to rely on the rest of the rangers to see if they can turn up anything that we havn’t heard yet. Now, even though you really didn’t complete the task laid before you, you did save the city and have earned these.” Kris hands the party their pardons. “However you have seen the might of the Quargian empire and their ability to call the Orc to their aid. We need heroes, and you are what we have, I beg that you continue your search of information on the stone, Ruk perhaps there is something.”

The large wizard stands up and begins to pace, “Judging by what you have said occurred in Hammerhore, the enemy must be closer to creating a stone then we thought. Hina mentioned he spoke to you about it, before he passed, is that true? No, not surprising, though kind and thoughtful his mind was slipping I suppose that if was only a matter of time before Koreana opened her doors to him, though I wish it had been peacefully. The stone as I’m sure you know is a tool that was created to control portals between our plane of existence and that of the demons, feiger, and celestial creatures. It is rumored that this device was used by the great Bolo Flamecaller the last of the dwarven wizards. You might try seeking out information on Bolo in our libraries. They are not the as extensive here but in Thailous you should be able to find some information in addition to Endheal. If you find information on the stone, or the creation of a stone, contact me using this.” Ruk hands the party a small sliver ball.

The wizard runs his fingers over it and the ball cracks open revealing a steel bird, “This was Hina’s project, it is designed to carry messages directly back to the council, the old man modeled it after his familiar.” a slight tone of sadness it present in Ruk’s voice.

Jorha looks at the party, “Johra is thinking you might need to travel into the belly of Quarg, if that is the case may Jorha recommend that you seek out an in known as the Fat Sultan, it is here you will be able to meet with agents of the kingdom working in Quarg. If and when you arrive you will be sought out by our agents, Johra is recommending you keep a low profile until that time. Johra, also has heard of a great library that was lost to the sands during the age of darkness, Jorha would also search for information about that as well.”

Kris stands, “Now if you’ll excuse us, Dorin gather those reports we need to start with a plan to ease Landon. Percy, and Dal’Karth please we need to brief you on the happens around the city.” The group with their men leave.

Ruk looks at the party, “I am worried about young Frostbane, I do not believe him dead but am perplexed as to where his location may be. An investigation of the castle turned up a cavern underneath with a the remains of a destroyed portal. I think it should be assumed that Dallamar has made his way through this portal, however I am unsure where it goes and will need to puzzle out if he is still even on this plane. Oh before I forget, I believe I owe you payment for your help, Shrish.” The big wizard motions for the his companion and Shrish hands him six bags of gold.

Ruk continues “I would recommend that you find your way to Endheal by way of Thailious, that way you can take advantage of both libraries. Oh and Master Shortbrew, these gentlemen are here to see you..”

Ivan Steelanvil rises from his seat and extends his hand, “Tough days ahead laddie, we’ve got much road to travel and through Orc country none the less. Word is you are responsible for this?”

Cronkoor looks indignant and begins to protest

Darm interrupts, “God’s damn you boy, I was having a drink when all of a sudden I find meself and this one standing in the great mead hall of Lord Thordrin! He sez that we must seek out the catalyst for the return of the ruler of the dwarves and shows us your image. Well I nearly shit meself, I had just seen you a day before I gave you the line about the army.”

Ivan continues, “Seems The Great Smith, would see the three of us to travel to Thir Farhum, and aide the Orccleaver clan in helping to legitimize Ronsog’s heir. I believe that we all have something that ties to one another now” as Ivan says this he removes his gauntlet and on the top of his right hand it the symbol of Thordrin. Darm does the same and reveals the same holy image.

Cronkoor slides off his gauntlet and smiles showing a bare hand, until Cain taps him on the shoulder and points to his right hand. The dwarf sighs and removes the right gauntlet and there in a brilliant glowing blue is the image of a hammer and mattock crossed over an anvil.

Darm chuckles, “Like it or not lad, the Gods have plans for us. Say you godbyes, we’ll be outside.”

“It’s been a great pleasure fighting by your side dwarf, if you ever find your way to Nardath, stop by the Shining Star Inn, drinks are on me.” Cain warmly hugs the general.

“Master shortbrew it has been both a chore and pleasure traveling with you. Never have I met a dwarf that relishes in the stereotypes of his people but oddly, never have I met such a pure soul. Though you may be rough on the exterior, your heart is large enough for the whole realm, and you hold your friends close. You acted as my protector general, but you were always my friend. The Brightstar family is in you debt, and you will always be welcome in Endheal.” Ferka bends down and kisses Cronkoor on the head while shedding a single tear

Sylas gives Cronkoor a knowing nod, as Pie Mei, holds back tears, Twiddles and Hyam stand unmoved having not known the dwarf for that long.

As the dwarf exits, the party reflects on the loss of a friend as the plan their trail to Endheal.

“So you’ll be accompanying us Twiddles is that safe to assume?” Sylas asks as he begins to stow his gear.
The large creature nods, hefting his axe, “For a little while anyway”

As the party finishes preparing Shrish, walks into the chamber they has been sleeping in,“Ruk has informed me to teleport you as close as I can get to Thailous, I must admit that I have never been there, though I have been to South Gasmere hundreds of times. Thailous is only ten days by foot from there.”

Hyam sighs, “I wish teleporting were more convenient”

The group joins hands and instantly vanish and re-materialize at the gates of South Gasmere.

The party materializes a little outside of South Gasmere as dusk is settling across the land, the female mage looks at the group and explains, “I would seek out a place to stay for the evening. South Gasmere is smaller then it’s northern counter part and there is only one in, call the Traders Reprise, you should be able to find low cost lodging there, and resupply before you head out to Thalious.”

Bidding the group good bye, Shrish steps back and vanishes leaving only a slight mist swirling behind her.

With no other apparent option, the party heads to the Farmer’s Reprise.

*South Gasmere*

Arriving at the gates of the town, makes their way through with no challenge from the sleepy eyed guard. Though the as Twiddles passes the guard starts briefly, clearly in shock of the creatures sizes and features.

Navigating through the streets dotted with warehouses, the party eventually arrives at the central hub of the city and locate the Farmer’s Reprise very easily. Pushing the door open they enter the smokey inn.

The air inside is heavy with the smell of tobacco, and fresh cooked meat pies, Cain, Pei Mei, and Ferka make their way to an open table as Hyam begins to chat up the locals. Twiddles takes a seat at the bar which strains under his weight. The bar tender eyes him with a mixture of fear and curiosity, “What can I get you friend?”
The large creature points to the cask of ale behind the walnut bar, causing the bartender to shudder as he attempts to roll it over to the giant.

Sylas in the meanwhile takes notice of a man sitting at the bar and begins to strike up a conversation. The old man happy for someone to speak to begins to relay the problems that have been plaguing the town.

“Well my good elf,” The old man says as he sips his beer, “You and you friends are in the city at a tumultuous time. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the our town, but the great Gasmere Lake separates the northern and southern half of the city. The northerners trade with the dwarves and make a great deal of weapons and armor that we, the southerners ship out. Basically the manufacturing is done to the north and the shipping is done here. The teamster Lecky Strogal, had a rather lucrative operation up here until his untimely murder by raiders. Neither here nore there though, in the last few weeks all out going caravans have been being attacked by an unknown force. Those adventuers at that table there, have been employed by the family of the caravan drivers to investigate what happened to their kin.” He gestures to the front corner of the tavern. Seated around the wooden table talking quietly among themselves sit two humans, a dwarf and a gnoll. “I don’t necessarily believe them to be doing a good job, but I’m just a farmer what do I know from tracking?”

Thanking him for the information Sylas pays for his drink (and five others), and makes his way over to the other adventures. Placing the tankards on the table the rogue cheerily greats the group, “Hail and well met, Sylas Blackheart, wishes you well,” and take a swig of his ale.

A heavy armored cleric nods at the pirate, “Hail elf I am Faylow Guise, and these are my friends, the cleric Elesta Tinderspark, Dyson McTyge the dwarven warrior hailing from the thaig Thir Farhum and the great Gnoll ranger Clip Greatfang. what brings you to these parts?”
The elf shrugged, “Oh we’re just passing through from Stratus. Seems the locals are having troubles here, have you heard any news about it?”
From inbetween bites of his meal Dyson grumbles,“Nothing that I’d be willing to share with the likes of you. Tis our business lad and ours alone.”
Sylas bows in a sarcastic flourish that goes unoticed by the dwarf, “I only ask so we can avoid the dangers on our way to Thailous, we have business there with the head master.”

It’s a that point that the gnoll who has been silent notices a bone necklace hanging out of Sylas’s shirt, “You are a pack brother elf?”
Sylas looks confused for a moment, “Whatever do you mean my furry friend?”
Clip steps up from his seat, and walks over to the elf, he points to the necklace,“You wear a trinket of the Alpha of the Silvercoats, a pack of my brothers and sisters from the south, this is a great honor to have been bestowed, as it signifies you are a pack brother. How did you come across this?”
Sylas relays the story of meeting the gnolls, and on finishing the gnolls gives a friendly smile, though it’s hard to tell, “As a brother of the pack I can let you know we have been tracking creatures to the east in the area known as Falcon’s Hallow. If you steer clear of that area you should be able to avoid any troubles in you travels.”

Sylas nodding his appreciation heads back to the rest of the group.

At the bar Twiddles sips his cask of ale, when he is approached by a stocky dwarf. The smaller creature’s skin is reddened and it is clear has been working as a smith. Hopping up on his chair he looks at the larger creature. “So lad, are you from, Korock? I’m not use to seeing your kind this far south.”
Twiddles, grumbles and leers at the dwarf.

“I meant no offence, friend, allow me to introduce myself. Name’s Gorgu Stonecelaver, mayor of this here town, and as I said I’m just not used to seeing one as devirse as you in these parts. Additionally I couldn’t help noticing your axe, it’s a fine blade, looks to be Lumene in make, likely used for fighting giants down in those parts. My I have a look?”

The half orc looks at the dwarf, “What would a dwarf want with an axe he can barely lift?”

Stonecleaver chuckled warmly, “My boy despite my title I am a smith, and a lover of fine craftsmanship, I simple wish to see the makers mark on the axe and admire it.”

The large creature raises and eyebrow and unslings his axe gingerly handing it over to the dwarf, waiting for him to struggle under it’s weight. To his surprise, Gorgu easily maneuvers the axe checking it’s balance and examining it for a makers mark.

After some inspection the dwarf smiles, “Ha, just as I though, it was smithed by Havdar Silverbeard. This is a fine old piece you have here, Havdar was one of the last great dwarven smiths who from Lumene. This axe is easily 100 years old if not older, I would be honroed if you would let me work on it a bit for you.”

Twiddles nods, “Where I would appreciate an experts hands on my axe, I have little way of paying you.”

The dwarf smiles, “We’ll talk about payment later, I’m not interested so much in coin, but assistance with a problem having to do with our caravans. If you come with me I’ll explain.”

Twiddles and Gorgu exit the bar and head to the smiths shop, through the night the sound of hammers on metal and grindstones fill the air.

Session 16
In which the party destroys an enemy camp



Diplomatic Cooking. Try to defuse a situation by offering to cook for your enemy -Pei Mei

The Beginning of the End. Start your last session by nearly dying. -Cronkoor Shortbrew

Improvised Weapon: Use an enemy’s limbs as a weapon. – Twiddles

Demon Bane: Successfully kill two demons in a row with no assistance. – Sylas Blackheart

Master of Disguise: Successfully infiltrate the enemy camp and there some useful information. – Hyam Strogal

Shattered Island Party

Did not appear in this episode

Total XP Earned 12,920

Bonus XP
Hyam – 300
Sylas – 100

New Items:
Various maps and documents, a bag of holding containing hide armor and a bad ass axe

Total Gold:
Party 1 -9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.
Party 2 – 3200gp (based off of value of gear found.)

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 13th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

(See Session 12 for what happened before this)

Poised for battle, Cronkoor raises his axe to strike at the orc sentry., but before he can lash out Cain grabs him and pulls him back, allowing Pie Mei to step forward. The strange man pulls his wok out of his pack along with one of the legs from the spider they party murdered in the gnome village, and begins trying to communicate with the orc. “Ah, our mistake, we seem to be wost. Ah how you wike I cook you some dewicious spider weg and you wet us go?”

The orc looks at the man quizzically, clearly not understanding his accent of the words he is saying. during this time other orc have come over to investigate. and begin to surround the group. The monk, realizing they are out numbered, turns and runs back into the woods trying to drag Cain with him, which causes the swordsman to lose his grip on the seething dwarf who bounds at the first orc he sees cutting it cleanly in two, and moving on to the next one. Cain sighs and unsheathes his elven made long sword and follows suite. from the relative safety of the woods, Pie Mei, focuses his energy and lets out a deafening shout knocking several orc off their feet, before unleashing a flying kick to a Urk-hai engaging the dwarf.

* * * * *

On the other side of the camp Ferka, Sylas and Hyam continue to scan the camp as the nonsense to the north of them unfolds. The three adventurers notice that the camp is divided in three with the Orc and Uruk Hai separated from the Quargian soldiers. In the center of the camp stands a large archway that looks like a gate of some sort with two drow tied in front of it in addition to an obscenely large half-orc bound on the other of the arch his back to the party they are surrounded by four men with sickles. Sylas is also able to make out three figures standing by the gate, a red robed figure standing by the gate with the figure you saw in the mine and a third robed man varying a staff with a skull head on it, that looks to be a subordinate. They also notice a large red and white tent that they make out as a command tent. Not for the first time Sylas curses not knowing where Dallamar is, and strangely Hyam echos the same thought.

Ferka notes to both Sylas and Hyam that the half-orc and drow seem to be feeding the gate with their energies, and look to be in pain, she believes they are all to be some sort of sacrifice and need to be rescued.

At the gate the massive half-orc stands, baking under the sun, though he can’t understand what the three robed figures are saying he can clearly see the man carrying the skull staff is a subordinate and listening very carefully to the two robed figures. The subordinate turns to the archway begins to speak, in Quargian, as he speaks a portal begins to open very slowly, the the faint lines of energy being pulled from the bodies of the captives intensify and flow quickly into the a portal that is beginning to materialize.

Sylas devises and plan and carefully sneaks behind the command tent slitting a hole large enough for him to peer through. When he is satisfied the tent is empty he opens up the hole and enters. He quickly does a survey of the room and notches an arrow, taking aim at the what he assumes to be the general, who is meeting with his troops outside his tent. In the meanwhile Hyam, decides to take a chance and using magic, alters his appearance to that of a Quargian, and enters the camp. An Urk-hai notices him coming in from the woods, and begins to give him a hard time until another Quargian solider steps in.

“You will leave the soldiers of the Empire alone savage, come brother, let us be gone of this swine.” The solider guides Hyam further into the camp, “Where are you coming from friend, are you not aware that there are rumors of an attack being planned on the camp?”

Hyam, answers in perfect Quargish, surprising even himself, “I was relieving myself. Why must we deal with these filthy savages,” the halfling indicates the orc side of the camp, “Even this close they make my skin crawl, look at them fighting among them selves.”

* * * * *

A group of Urk-hai and orc body parts explode from the area around Cronkoor, as Pie Mei, ducks below the dwarves axe swing and lashes out with his nunchaku of striking delivering a fatal blow to an Urk-hai, before being tripped by the commander who, attempts to hamstring the Dwarf, but misses. Cain fights his way back to Cronkoor and the monk who seem to be taking the brunt of the attacks from the orc. Outwardly, this looks like the Orc and Urk-hai are fight between themselves, something that is common place in the camp.

* * * * *

The Quargian escorting Hyam shakes his head in agreement, “I can not understand why we are not done with the sacking of the castle. Many of the men speak in hushed tones the the robes men working on that arch, have something to do with Comander Tal’Nagarth’s stalling. He moves the catapults back so they would just be out of range, and is just indiscriminately firing into the city. I believe that the robed figures are waiting for something to happen and when it does Hui Tal’Nagarth will have access to what’s through the portal. After which we shall slay the filth and take the city.”

As they continue through the camp the cross close to the commander who is taking tea on a carpet watching the happenings around the portal. He seems surprised to see two of his troops coming from the Orc side of the camp, and standing he calls them over.

“Who is you commanding office, I must understand why they would let you over to that side of the camp, when it is strictly forbidd…”

Before he is able to finish his thought the general’s neck sprouts and arrow that looks like it was fired from the tent. In the same instance an explosion rocks the ground and the two robed men standing before the portal look to each other. The man in the red robes vanishes and the other, who Sylas recognized from the mines under Hammerhore, waves his hands in the direction of the commanders tent, vanishing as he finishes the gesture.

Hyam, attempting to use the chaos to his advantage yells, “The Orc filth have killed the commander, to arms.”

The halfling is surprised when none of the Quargian soldiers react, and even more so when an arrow whizzes by his head, behind him he here’s Slyas yell, “The jig is up take cover.”

Hyam quickly dives into the commanders tent just as the man carrying the skull staff, rains down fist sized balls of hail onto the area surrounding the tent.

The half-orc turns on one of his captors and head-butts them managing to break free of the connection to the portal but not before seeing what lies on the other side of the portal.


Ferka steps out from the treeline and sending up a silent prayer to Maladara sends searing holy energy out of her hands which devastates the four of the closest Urk-hai. before engaging the remaining one in combat.

From inside the tent Hyam and Sylas notice the hail starting to rip holes into the canvas, “Hyam, grab what you can, anything that looks important.” Sylas yells as he grabs a bag of holding containing a rather spectacular greataxe. Both he and the halfling prepare for the onslaught of hail, and the tent gives way.

* * * * *

The battle on the orc side of the camp rages on as the Urk-hai commander and Cronkoor trade blow for blow, the dwarf seemingly out-classed by his larger opponent, but relishing the thrill of the battle. Pie Mei quickly focuses his ki and releases a flurry of blows at the Urk-hai commander, trying to distract him from Cronkoor. The evil creature takes the bait and trips Pie Mei, much to the minks shock, however he is able to quickly overcome this attack and simply springs back to his feet and deliver a kick to the Urk-hai’s face allowing Cronkoor to sever the creatures head. Cain manages to parry of an attack from the one of the orc the have surrounded him, using his vantage slides his long sword through the creatures chest, killing it and turns to face another attacker.

* * * * *

AS the tent is about to fall away, the sky cracks with lightning and two wizards are standing close to the portals, instantly energy streaks from their hands blasting their captors to dust, and the form of Ruk Stonebender and a female mage emerge from the smoke of their dramatic entrance. The mage opening standing at the portal looks hesitantly at the wizards, before noding to the captors of the drow who pull their knives back. Ruk quickly waves his hand, and the storm of hail covering the commanders tent vanishes, as he deflects an arrow targeted at him. He quickly looks at the half-orc snaps his fingers and the bonds around the giant creature break free. The camp is completely caught off guard and the female wizard start lobbing spells into enemy combatants.

As the bonds fall away, Ruk yells to the party, “It would be extremely helpful if you all would join the fight. Free the drow before they’re life force fades completely. Then help cover Fenys and myself while we destroy this.”

Free from his bonds, the half-orc grabs the nearest guard and rips him in half. His eyes glaze over red and he continues to pummel targets working his way to the mage with the skull staff.

Sylas dives out of the back of the tent and Hyam claps his hands together sending a shock-wave through the tent entrance and immobilizing several of the soldiers, and killing others.

Ferka is fighting a losing battle against the Urk-hai she has engaged and the bloody elf, uses every ounce of strength she has to raise her shield against her attacker, only to have it knocked away. The the Urk-hai raises his sword for the killing blow, a quill sprouts from his neck and he falls dead. Ferka looks in the direction that the shot came from to see Sylas, who gives her a sly smile and a nod before running off to pick off attackers going after Ruk. Ferka focuses her energy and a healing light washes over her, closing her wounds and allowing her to race towards, Cronkoor Cain and Pie Mei.

The half-orc finally in range of the mage, grabs him by the throat and begins punching him repeatedly, he ignores all the others attacking him as his exposed back becomes riddled with gashes from the zealots around the portal. He is even unaware when the first drow captive dies, allowing the portal to open enough for a demon to step through the gate. A shapely female humanoid with dark hair, dark eyes, and a pair of small black horns just above her eyes. Step out of the portal stretching her small, black, leathery wings that protrude from her shoulders. She looks about the battlefield and instantly tried to dominate the half-orc, but fails.

The other drown falls to a zealot’s blade just before a fireball burns him to ash, as the body of the drow falls to the dirt, another demon steps through the portal, this one is is a This hairless grey creature reminiscent of a lion with a tentacular tail and dozens more thick tentacles quiver and twitch where its mane should be. Soon after a muscular, violet demon walking upon elephantine feet covered in large, razor-sharp horns steps through the portal.

Sylas bursts from the treeline, firing an obsidian tipped arrow through the air. The projectile flies true and lodges into the violet demon’s chest, as the creature reaches up to pull the arrow from it’s body, lightening crackles out from the arrow and covers the demon in what looks like a net. the demon struggles for a second and then it and the arrow turn to ash. The elf smiles and notches another arrow of slaying.

Ruk manages to shrink the portal down so nothing as large as the last two demons can make it through. The wizard continues to work on closing it completely as Fenys removes the enchantments protecting the archway and begins to bombard it with spells, in an effort to destroy it.

The half-orc having had his fill of punching grabs his foe around the head and squeezes. The mage’s skull shatters and the half-orc, rips off one of the dead man’s arms to use as a weapon, turning on the remaining zealot.

Hyam notices the mayhem in the orc section of camp and see’s Cronkoor Cain and Pie Mei, bloodies and bruised. He clears his mind and throw his hands forward unleashing a cloud of soot and ash that obscures the vision of the remaining orc. He then hefts his repeating crossbow and begins picking off soldiers, as they flee the camp.

Sylas runs towards the portal, and comes face to face with the lion-like demon. he remembers seeing one similar to it in the Hammerhore mines before the egg was reclaimed, and without hesitation he lets his arrow fly. Unfortunately the elf’s shot goes wide and the creature is on him, clawing and biting at him. Sylas grabs his last arrow and fires at point blank range. This time as soon as the arrow touches the creature, it explodes.

Cronkoor Pie Mei and Cain finish the remaining orc, then race down to help the rest of the party. Ferka joins them healing their wounds as they go. They arrive in time to see the half-orc smash a solider and zealot together and throw their lifeless bodies into the remaining demon kicking it back through the portal.

The group begins to mop up the rest of the camp while Ruk and Fenys continue to dismal the the portal.

Session 15
In which there are meetings and overpowered encounters



Did not appear in this episode

Shattered Island Party

Don’t tase me Bro: Get his with a lightening bolt, and make a friend. Segitho Ochocinco

Plain As Day. Ignore ancient information about how to enter a building. -Dallamar

The surgeon Remove a party members body part after causing them to but it in acid. – Inessa Swiftblade

Skeleton muncher Let your rod eat a skeleton – Kazim

Tactical advantage: Suggest to the party that using a trap to kill monsters may be the best course of action. – Moleid al’Kal

The Walking wounded. Loose an extremity do to poor judgment. – Hooch

Total XP Earned 7,300

Bonus XP
Segitho – Pick up the shattered remains of a mosaic snake = 1000
Hooch – Thinking outside the box and bull rushing a skeleton into the area of the fire trap = 1000

New Items:
Party 2 (On Shattered Islands) – 2x Dwarven Blasting sticks, 1 Scroll of Mass Cure Serious Wounds, 3 Cure Light Wound Potions, Rod of the River Serpent, Robes of Powerlessness, 1 severed finger.

Total Gold:
3200gp (based off of value of gear found.)

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 13th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

After making their way through the Gargoyle infested area above the party lead by Molied, follows a winding staircase thirty five feet down, ending up in a circular room, with 10 doors, each of which has serpent carved into it. Unbeknownst to the party as they were fighting gargoyles a elf slipped down the stairs a head of them and proceeded to hide in the shadows, observing them.

Dallamar happens to notice carved into the the ground in front of the western most door words in a particular tongue. After studying it he realizes it says, “She is great, she is salvation, she is Maeles. Only the penitent may enter”

After various attempts to discover a locking mechanism on the door the party gives into the cliche and kneels, which causes the door to open. As they enter Segitho hangs back in the shadows, monitoring the group.

In the next room the party encounters another door that is held shut with a magical means. While Hooch in a display of acrobatics balances on his peg-leg and attempts to kick the door only to fail, Dallamar detects a magical aura resenting from three Orphidic statues holding stone scimitars, in addition to one on a pillar in the center of the room Inessa notices a trail of acid smelling slime leading from a tunnel to the north and under the locked door. interested to see what the tail is, she convinces Hooch to stick his finger into it. The dwarf doesn’t even bother to question the request and dips his right finger into the slime, his skin instantly starts to bubble and burn. Thinking quickly Inessa takes here dagger and severs the dwarf’s finger, which falls away and melts into the acid.

Segitho still watching from the shadows begins to question if following this group is really the best idea, and decides to make his presents known, by casting Dancing lights on Inessa and Hooch. This raises an alarm in the party , but it only lasts a second as the begin a conversation about exploring the northern tunnel. Segitho who has become fed up with the antics of the group, decides to attempt to kneel in front of the other doors and see what happens. Each time the rogue kneels, the door behind the party opens and shuts, as he kneels the third time, the stairs that the party came down retract back into the daylight above. These actions get the party’s attention, and Dallamar and Inessa go to investigate, as they step into the entrance room Dal notices Segitho, and judging him by his gear, assumes he is a Black Hand Assassin, and acts accordingly by drawing his galive and shooting fourth a lightening bolt. The Segitho reacting a split second after the wizard lets a bolt fly, impaling the wizard in the wrist causing him to drop his weapon but taking too the full brunt of the attack.

The rogue puts his hands up in a gesture of surrender, a pleads that Dal not tase him anymore. with Inessa’s bow leveled on him, Segitho explains why he is here.

Dallamar convinces the ex-assassin to come along with the group, with the promise of taking him to the council to help cure his curse. Molied reconizing Segitho’s accent approaches him and explains that he is a welcome addition, since he has grown weary of traveling with the north landers and welcomes the company of a refined man such as someone from Kohla.

Inessa and Segitho explore the northern tunnel, and discover a fourth stone scimitar what looks partly eroded by the acid the it sits in. Dal realizing that to open the door you need to put the swords in in pedestal congers an unseen servant and has it retrieve the sword. Following Dal’s hunch all the swords are inserted into the pedistal and the door opens magically leading to a large chamber, it’s floor covered with bones.

The party speculates on the design and Kazim, deduces that is was a receiving hall at some sort. Dallamar marvels as the soot and ash covering the walls, realizing that there must have been some sort of ferocious battle in this room. At the far end of the room another door sits locked by magical means. Dal manages to detect a necromantic aura resonating from the center of the room as well as a abjreation and envocation coming from the door. Dal sends his unseen servant to investigate the door. As the creature touches the door, Segitho hears a blast of fire from the other side. He explains that the door is likely trapped and they should figure out a way of opening it without triggering the flames.

The party notices that the trail of slime leads south into a tunnel, Inessa and Segitho follow it and discover that the trail ends at a partly dissolved body, of an adventurer, there is no sign of what the party assumes to be a gelatinous cube save slime covering the walls. After an investigation, the group believes that a blast of some sort resonated from the body and destroyed the cube. This theory is confirmed when the corpse’s pack is discovered to contain two dwarven blasting sticks, along with a scroll, three potions and a rod, that Dallamar identifys as The Rod of The River Serpent. Dal hands the rod to Kazim, and explains what it does.

On the way out of the, Inessa steps a little to colse to the center of the room. suddenly skeletons Orphidic in nature rise up from the ground and attack the party. The battle seems to be going poorly as the only two party members with blunt weapons are Hooch and Kazim. One of the skeletons attacks Segitho and Dallamar, while the second engages Kazim. Molieb Inessa and Hooch fight the remaining to. The Quargin realizes quickly that these skeletons are giving the group a problem and yells for the party to try and get them to the door so Dallamar can open it with a spell. Segitho draws his attacked closet to the door, as Dallamar lobs a scorching ray of light at it. Kazim does the same drawing his opponent closer to the door as well. Hooch in a desprate attempt to help bull rushes his opponent and slams it into the stone door from across the room. As the skeleton hits the door Dal, casts his spell and the doors swing outward as white hot flames surge from the threshold consuming all but one skeleton and Hooch and Segitho, who both suffer burns. The remaining party engages the last skeleton, and Kazim manages to deliver a blow with such force that the serpent head of his rod opens up and consumes the creature and begins to crush it. Kazim, unable to get his magical weapon to release it’s prey, ops to drag it along behind him.

The party drinks the last of the water from the cave, and continue on reaching a T shaped intersection. After fighting with a constrictor, they decide to head south which brings them to a room with a mosaic of a snake inlaied into the floor. The party sends Hooch ahead but the second the dwarf steps into the room the doors begin to close. Segitho moving quickly manages to thrust his sword into the door, keeping it from shutting completely, and he begins trying to pull it open. Inessa runs over to assist and summons energies from deep with in, which help her to pull the door off the hinges.

Inside the room Hooch notices that the floor has turned to liquid under foot and also that there is a door to the east that is padlocked. As the door comes off the hinges Inessa and Segitho walk in and begin to check the door and lock for traps. They fail to notice the tiles on the floor begin to shift and a tile serpent rise out of the liquid, the creature lunges at the pirates and rogue. The ceramic snake is clearly outclassed by the adventurers, and a magic missile strikes the killing blow, blasting tiles all over the room. Segitho picks up the tiles and puts them into his bag as Inessa finishes picking the lock. the door opens to a hallway with a room containing a pool a the far end.

The two rogues scan the hall and discover that the whole hall is rigged with arrow traps, pressure are set up every five feet. Inessa attempts to gracefully dance through the plates but trips and falls prone as an arrow flies over her head, however the trap does not reset giving Segitho the idea of placing tiles on the plates. This method is interrupted by Dallamar who simply casts a flying disk and ushers the party on to it.

In the room on the far end of the hallway, the party recognizes the water in the pool to be the same as the healing pool that they came across in the tunnel leading into the valley where they discovered the entrance to the the building they are currently in. Dallamar also notices a man in fine wizard robes who seems to be very well preserved slumped over in the corner of the room. Dal gets very excited about the robes but that fades as he discovers they are cursed. Molieb calls for a rest and the party feeling that this area is relatively safe. breaks, to discuses the next steps.

Session 14
They have a cave Troll



Did not appear in this episode

Shattered Island Party

Failure to explore: Be grudgingly search the ruins of a temple. -Dallamar

Silent: Say nothing since your player was on his honeymoon. – Inessa Swiftblade

Forced Labor: Become pressed into working by use of a suggestion spell. – Kazim

For the mother land pt2: Continue to speak like a Russian. – Moleid al’Kal

Like a rock: Confuse a Golem and Animated Statue. – Hooch

Bonus XP

Kazim – Taking the vines = 2000
Hooch – Checking out the spider eggs = 1500

New Items:
Party 2 (On Shattered Islands) – 2 rubies, 1 piece of onyx, 1 sapphire, a +1 Flaming Great Scimitar, 4 spider eggs (500 gp each), vines.

Total Gold:
3200gp (based off of value of gear found.

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 13th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

On the Shattered Islands
As dawn breaks on the Shattered Islands, the secure shelter that Dalamar has created withers away and the party begins discussing their next move. Having discovered the cave entrance, Moleid suggests orders his captives into the cave with Hooch in the lead.

In the entrance of the cave Dalamar takes note of the way the 8 foot high ceiling seems to have been carved almost smooth, as if someone carved this out using primitive tools and then it was burrowed out and smoothed down.

The party ventures deeper into the cave when they reach a four way intersection that has suffered a cave-in to the northern most section. As they investigate Kazim is aware of a slight rumbling, and attempts to shout a warning to Hooch, but is too late as an ankheg erupts from the ground, slashing at the dwarf with it’s mandibles. Shocked, Hooch takes the full brunt of the blow, and retaliates wounding the creature, as Inessa and Kazim rush to his aid. The warriors path carries them into the center of the intersection just as another ankheg bursts out of the ground and grips Kazim in its mandibles, pinning the pirate helplessly to the ground.The fight is over rather quickly as the on of the ankhegs retreats underground, and the other pinning Kazim is slain.

The party continues to investigate the cave noticing a greenish goo covering the floor to the west of their current position, and the spell of fresh air coming from the north passed the blocked hall, the trail of greenish goo also seems to trail off down the eastern tunnel. Traveling along the western tunnel the party discovers nests covered with the green goo. Dalamar is able to puzzle out that the nests are those of a harpoon spider, and the goo is it’s blood. The wizard relays this to the rest of the party, though it does not make them any more cautious in their delve further into the cave.

With the dwarf in the lead, the party makes their way slowly down the eastern tunnel of the cave, where the ceiling seems to get higher, and the walls seem to be much smoother. Dalamar and Kazim both notice that there is a rumbling that seems to be moving along with them, they bring this to the attention of the rest of the group but their concerns go unheeded as the peg-legged dwarf leads the group into a room where he has spotted something that looks like a pile of odds and ends with a rather large sword in the center.

Inessa and Molied Stand guard outside of the room as Dalamar, Kazim and Hooch inspect the pile. Kazim claims a Great Scimitar that Dalamar is able to see an evocation pulsating from the blade, which he realizes is a flaming enchantment. The wizard also scoops up some gems before checking on the baby on his back that everyone (including the DM) forgot about. The prince seems to be sleeping soundly and satisfied Dal and the others turn to leave the outcropping, just as a large, powerfully built creature looking something like
a cross between a great ape and a beetle, bursts out of the ground (The DM must ask forgivness, as he realized about halfway through writing this that most of this session involves things bursting out of the ground). Dalamar instantly reconized the creature as a bewildering beast, and shouts a warning to the group just as the creatures two big compound eyes settle on Dalamar Kazim and Hooch and flash suddenly, causing the three men to become confused.

Molied and Inessa react instantly, lashing out with spell and steal as their three companions deal with their confusion (which was totally botched) In short Hooch attacks Dalamar, who becomes unconfused, Dalamar, attacks Kazim who becomes unconfused, and Kazim attacks Hooch. Then they all gang up on the beast and manage only to get slightly mangled.

The party finally gets the message and moves more cautiously through the rest of the cave where they encounter the corpse of a harpoon spider. The aberration looks to be torn apart as if something were to have grabbed it and just ripped, and Dalamar notes that there are not many creatures that act as a natural predator of these spiders. AS he inspects the corpse the wizard notices that there is enough venom to coat a weapon and mentions this to the group…however before anyone can act, Hooch begins to cover his mace in it.

The party reaches another forked path and Hooch scouts ahead discovering a large "Sasquatch looking thing a large cavern to their north, after venturing back to the rest of the group Hooch hears a slight bubbling from the eastern part of the fork. Following it, the salty dwarf discovers a shallow pool giving off a dull green hue. Dalamar joins him and discovers is it s healing pool, which allows the whole party to recover from their ordeal with the Bewildering Beast.

Hooch starts to try to collect the spring water in his ale mug but the water turns into vapor as the metal touches it. Dalamar is unsure why this happens but has a suspicion that it would be too easy for them just to carry the water with them.

Kazim, meanwhile takes notice that this is the only place that vegetation seems to be growing in the cave. Following the creeper vines he realizes that they are gaining nutrients from the spring and decides to pick them in hopes that they will keep some of the springs properties.

The party makes their way into the “Sasquatch like thing’s” area and Dalamar notes that is is a cave troll. seeking cover behind some rocks the party successfully avoids detection. However instead of leaving, they decide that the only good cave troll is a dead cave troll and after casting haste the party engages the creature. Hooch lands two surprise attacks, which enrage the troll, who smashes Hooch with his great club. Dalamar sends searing hot electricity jutting out of his hands as Inessa and Kazim both land blows. The troll staggers as Molied leaps from his hiding place and stabs the troll in the head killing it instantly.

After the troll drops to the ground, the party searches the area but all they come across is nest of spiders four eggs that Hooch appraises for 500 each on the black market, and tucks them away in his sack. to sell after this the party gets out.

The group makes their way along the only path they have not yet traveled and reach the end of the cave with sunlight streaming into the mouth of the exit, just as the glow that Dalamar cast on his fades. Stepping out into the light, the party realizes that they are standing on temple ruins in the belly of a valley. The temple it’s self is in a design similar to a stepped temple with a bridge lined with 25ft high columns topped with stone winged creatures and 15 foot above the ground, leading to a pool of water with a dais in the center nestled between two giant stone snakes (DM Note – This is a pretty god damned impressive ruin!)

On entering the area Hooch and Kazim decide to walk up to the stone snake which proves to be a near fatal mistake as the hooded stone viper uncurls and hits both men who have decided to investigate it.. Dalamar quickly realizes that this is a stone golem and prepares to tell both of it’s victims that it will negate damage form all non bludgeoning objects, however the wizard is unable to get his words out as he is knocked to the ground by a gargoyle. The animated creature begins to gore him, but is hit by a arrow from Inessa and then it’s head is severed by Moleid. Engaged with the golem Kazim and Hooch fight desperately trying to disable the creature, just as another gargoyle swoops down at them. but misses widely. Dalamar having had enough blasts the gargoyle with a scorching ray and sends another streaming towards the golem. Inessa and Molied finish off the last gargoyle as Hooch and Kazim land the killing blows on the golem.

Taking a moment to actually look around, and for Kazim and Hooch to eat some of the creeper vines the earlier took from the healing pool, Dalamar notices the odd construction of the ruins they are standing on, he can tell that all of the other members of the party are feeling rather uneasy. Using his knowledge Dalamar makes an assumption that the ruins might have looked like this before falling into dilapidation.

Molied who has become more and more frustrated with the whole lack of information on the journal which he seeks, notices a chest, on the ground 15ft below them in addition to two more the the south of their position. Casting suggestion on Kazim he, Inessa and the reluctant swords man make their way to the to chests in the south, and Dalamar with some prodding from everyone levitates down the 15ft to check the other chest. Each chest contains four serpent figurines, cast in silver with emerald eyes. As the party regroups they hear the sound of stone parting and on the northern most area of the temple, a pedestal appears with 12 slots carved into the shape of snakes. Molied takes the snake statues and pushes them into place, under the protest of Kazim who is convinced he can get 800gp back home for them. As the figurines lock into place, there is a audible clicking and suddenly from the dais, a staircase begins to form, leading down into the temple.

Molied excitedly states, in his oddly thick Russian accent, “We descend”

Session 13
Demon, and Snake Zombies



Did not appear in this episode

Shattered Island Party

More Power: Unsuccessfully dispell a spell. -Dallamar

Bondage: Try to save you male counterparts by participating in bondage. – Inessa Swiftblade

The Architect: Surprise everyone with you knowledge of ancient construction. – Kazim

For the mother land: Suck it up and become a Russian. – Moleid al’Kal

Growl: Have most of you lines be a guttural growl. – Hooch

New Items:
Party 2 (On Shattered Islands) – Rod of Petrify Demon, a Mysterious Amulet, x3 Cure Light Wounds, x2 Cure Moderate Wounds, x1 Cure Serious Wounds Mass, x1 Chain Lightning, x2 Guidance

Total Gold:

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 12th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

On the Shattered Islands
Sitting on top of his friends ex-lover with a royal baby strapped to his chest, Dallamar ponders the events in his life that have brought him to this exact moment. Above a gruff voice yells down after Inessa, who replies with a simple, “Get off of me wizard.”

Molied, Kazim and Hooch make their way down the shaft the opened and find their companions and themselves in what seems to be a laboratory. Dallamar, senses that the vale in this area is all but nonexistent. As the group looks about the room they notice a writing desk against the wall many papers cover the desk, they additionally notice what looks like several demons dissected and preserved on the walls and on a center table, which is also covered with various notes in a hand writing similar to the scraps of letters that Dallamar discovered upstairs. In the corner of the room sits a chest with a demonic skull carved into it. The last object in the room is a statue of a Vrock stands menacingly across from the stairs. Molied begins to look at the table, and turns to Dallamar, “Mr. Fancy Pants Baby Man, will you be being so kind as to look if this table is dangerous?”

Dallamar casts detect magic and as the last word of the spell leaves his lips the whole room lights up with a collection of various schools of magic, nearly blinding the wizard. Hooch during this time has made his way over to the vrock and is growling at the statue. Kazim begins paging through the notes on the table though he is unable to make heads or tails of what they say. Meanwhile, Inessa takes a closer look at the treasure chest, with a skull carved into it, she notices that there are chains and secured with a padlock, and she begins to study them.

On the other side of the room Dallamar and Molied examine the writing desk for any magical traps, and Molied explains why they are there, “It seems to me wizard that you are not wanting to be here. If you were to help me find what we are seeking, I would be willing to give you passage back to the great empire of Quarg, I’m sure a wizard of your skill could easily find a place in the royal navy or working in the palace no?” We are looking for a book, I can not tell you more than that, when we find the book we will know. So, “he waves his hand over the writing desk, “what are these?”

Dallmar inspects the table, seeing many scrolls and diagrams with graphic descriptions of demon anatomy. He explains this to Moleid who begins to read through them himself. Dallmar’s eyes finally having adjusted to the intense magical auras in the room begins to be able to pick out points of light brighter than the rest of the room, one of which being on the center table. Making his way to the table he notices an amulet the aura is unlike anything he has ever seen, and the wizard managed to slip it into his pocket before anyone notices. Just then Inessa calls him over to the chest. “Wizard, can you tell me if this is safe to open?”

At this time Kazim is no inspecting the statue of the vrock and notices a two foot crystal rod jammed into the base of the statue. taking a closer look at it the pirate can tell that it would be nearly impossible to see unless you were looking directly at at the correct angle sine it is so finely crafted.

Dalamar looks at the chest noticing that the chains and padlock are magically enhances, so he dispels them then casts knock on the chest. The top of the chest bursts open and a beautiful woman almost completely naked slowly rise to her feet. “Thank you for letting me out of that stuffy old chest. You’re rather handsome aren’t you,“ she says looking at Dalamar who stands with his jaw gaping, “You came here to rescue me didn’t you”.

All the men in the room with the exception of Molied seem drawn to the woman in the chest, (or drawn to her chest) Inessa on the other hand tries to regain Dal’s attention by shamelessly flirting with him, which has no effect causing her to try a desperate plan.

As naked woman strokes Dal’s chin while drawing him closer to the chest, Inessa leaps at the woman but falls into the chest, and the unseen chains that were binding the woman release her and wrap themselves around the elf. Free of her bonds, the woman flys up the stairs and out of the lab knocking into Kazim who stumbles back into the crystal rod knocking it from the base of the statue. as the rod falls to the ground that stone vrock animates and screeches loudly, looking around the room the creature begins to dance. The party looks at the creature, all except Inessa who simply grumbles from inside the chest, “Let me out of here”.

Kazim trying a diplomatic approach walks up to the vrock and ask why it’s dancing, the creature answers the pirate in abysmal which stings the party’s ears. Hoock attempts to growl at the beast which accomplishes nothing. Dal frees Inessa, and moves to the other side of the table in the center of the room putting distance between himself and the creature, and the Quargian commander studies the creature from across the room. Inessa gets out of the chest and asses the situation notching an arrow just in case. The vrock keeps dancing as Hooch tried to stare it down, and Kazim starts his own dance mimicking the vrock, Dalamar still under the infulence of his detect magic spell, notices a point of light lying on the base of the statue with a beam generating from it, that he begins to focus on. Inessa raises an eyebrow when she hears Molied yell and and sees the warrior race forward “You fools he is doing a dance of ruin, we must fight, for our lives.”

The party springs into action but not before the vrock finishes his dance and lightening erupts from his body. The lightning ignites the some chemicals that are on the lab table and a fire begins to quickly spread. The warriors attack and take the vrock down rather quickly, and escape the burning lab with the rod and a book Dalamar grabbed from the table. Inessa leads the group from the house as the fire spreads and once that are safely Dalamar and the party open a book that turns out to be a type of atlas for the island. Looking on the map they assume that they are on the largest island, and several structures marked, such as a village, the old Magic Academy, and a Temple. Judging by the scale on the map and Molied’s suggesting they go to the closest location first the party heads to the temple marker on the map. During that time Dalamar studies the rod and is able to determine that it is an item that will petrify a demon as long as the item it continuously trained on the creature. Never having seen anything like it before he starts to wonder what else they might find on the island.

In a little over 4 hours the party comes to where the temple is marked on the map, unfortunately they just see ruins and a very curious fountain in the center. Kazim looks around the area and announces, “This seems to be very much Orphidic construction with the exception of that fountain which if I recall by the elaborate stonework is elven in design.”

The whole party looks at him, and he shrugs, “I read a lot”

Inessa looks around and says “Do you guys find it strange that you don’t hear anything? no animals nothing?”

Hooch shrugs at this and approaches the fountain with Dalamar cautiously. The two eventually decide that the crowned prince needs a bath, and Dal begins to wash the prince who sprouts a beard. The Wizard looks at the dwarf who smiles and says “Ima gonna drink me the water. Hehe, I’ve always wanted to do this.”

He takes a sip and his wounds heal a little, and Dal follows suit. Hoock excitedly plunges his head in and drinks deeply, Dal on the other hand cups the water to his mouth, dripping a little on the ground. As the water hits the ground it begins to rumble, however only Inessa notices, and she moves behind a wall for cover motioning for Kazim to do the same. Hooch comes up for air and shakes his head like a shaggy dog, showering the ground with water. As the last droplets hit the ground several decayed hands shoot out of the ground followed by scaly bodies.

Inessa recognizes them as Orphidics, but as they have not been seen in years she assumes that these must be zombies. Molied launches a wave a scarabs which rip through most of the zombies allowing Kazim and Dalamar to rip through the rest of them. As the last zombie falls Dalamar finally notices that the fountain is a very elaborate illusion and trie to dispell it, it almost works, but an image of an old man laughing appears in his head and the spell remains. Inessa in the mean time stalks around the area and notices something concealed by trees, which looks like a tunnel entrance. Dalamar sets up a shelter and the group agrees to spend the night before exploring the cave.

Session 12
In which nothing happens, but everything goes down


Backing vocals: Provide lyrics to a world renowned minstrel’s song. -Pei Mei

Dwarf Beats Everything: Kill more enemy combatants then the whole of your party and the Kingdom army combined. . -Cronkoor Shortbrew

The Reluctant Nanny: Successfully stop an 8 month old crown prince from crying. -Dallamar

Wolverines!: Name the party. – Sylas Blackheart

Divine presence: Be a member of a holy order and happen to be in the same area as the party. – Kotex the Red

Small but strong: Kill a creature one size ranking higher then you, in one shot. – Hyam Strogal

Walk first search later: Trigger a trap by not being a real rouge. – Inessa Swiftblade

Strong but Silent type Don’t say a word. – Kazim

Accent switch Start talking like a russian part of the way through you adventure. – Moleid al’Kal

Are you there be part of the party but don’t appear. – Hooch

New Items:
Party 1 (In Stratus) – N/A
Party 2 (On Shattered Islands) – Mamma’s Croissant recipe, and a bunch of papers.

Total Gold:
Party 1 -9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.
Party 2 -None

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 12th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

Outisde Stratus
As the last Uruk-Hai falls to Cronkoors axe, the dwarf lets out a loud sigh and sits on a rock. All along the side of the road lay the remains of the Uruk and goblin patrols, that they had encountered earlier. The post battle rituals of the party had become like second nature to all the traveling companions, Sylas and Cain began searching bodies and cleaning their weapons, while Pie Mei dropped to the ground lost in meditation, and Hyam, their newest member, blew a song on his flute, absently mindedly.
“Dae ye think ye can heal me lassie, or should shall I just sit here on me arse thinking about the meaning of life?” he asks in the general direction of Ferka.
The elven cleric makes her way over to the battle weary dwarf and touches his shoulder, causing a white light to surround the dwarf, and some of his wounds to close. Ferka removes her hand short of closing all the dwarves wounds, “I must reserve my magic general, if we are to enter into a battle, we may need it more than we know.”

Sylas continued searching the bodies, only half hearing the dwarf shouting to the cleric, he was absorbed in what the Uruk-hai were wearing, Quargian colors. Not that this was a rare thing, the Quargians used Uruk and other such creatures to fill their ranks constantly, he was just surprised to have run into them this far north. Satisfied that his inspection was at an end, Sylas addressed the rest of the party, “We should likely get a move on to Stratus, there…”

The elf’s words are cut short as a party of Gnolls emerge from the bushes. The dog like creatures smoothly moved from the underbrush, holding up their weapons, in an non threatening way, as the largest stepped forward and barked something in their high pitched cackle of a language. Pie Mei, immediately leaped to his feet and responded in a high pitched laugh mimicking the gnoll’s own language, prompting questioning looks from both the party and the canines. “I suppose, you’re looking for a fight? Well ‘en, step up, I’m ready for ye.”

Largest gnoll held up his paws in defense, and began speaking in a growling version of the common tongue, “He-Elf, fight well, we come to keep our lands free.” The gnoll offers his hand to Sylas, “You head south to fight? Pack travels north. Army block our passage, Pack looking for other way. He-Elf not fight pack, Pack not fight He-elf.”

Sylas in his typical suspicious fashion quickly assess the gnoll and deciding that the creature seems to be on the up and up shakes his hand, The gnoll smiles if you accept his large razor sharp teeth making him look very menacing: “Pack leader like He-Elf, give token of friendship with Pack of north” The Gnoll gives hands Sylas a bone necklace and the small group of gnolls fade back into the woods.

The elf calls after them asking about their willingness to fight, and from the lack of response he gathers that they are not into the whole fighting thing. Sylas examines the necklace which seems to be constructed of bone that still has bits of meat attached to it, the elf scans the tree lines quickly making sure the gnolls are gone and hands the necklace to Pie Mei. The monk gladly takes the item, “I been looking for stock bones, this make good soup, we eat well.”

The group decides to hurry along to Stratus, hearing sounds of combat as the approach in the distance.

On the The Shattered Islands
Crying fills the air as Dallamar begins to come to. The crown prince Adoven is still secured in in the baby bjorn™ that the wizard fashioned out of tapestry in the castle. Having only been conscious for a few minutes, Dal decides that he has had enough of the crying prince and attempts to cast sleep on the infant, the spell fails instantly and the wizard suddenly realized where his is, somewhere on the Shattered Islands. He initially believes that he is in the ruins on the old Magic Academy, until he remembers the incantation that Isset gave to him to activate that portal in Stratus. He quickly takes note of the items in the room he is currently standing in, and notices a piece of paper clutch tightly in a hand in the debris of the portal that was destroyed. The wizard retrieves the paper noticing that it is a recipe for croissants, and he tucks it away for safekeeping, as he begins to explore the ruins.

On the other side of the same building 4 figures approach, the a crack in the wall, with a female elf leading them. The elf looks at the wall that has collapsed on itself and then to a Quargian wearing the livery of royal court, “You know if you told us what we were looking for you, we would have a better chance of finding it.”
“You have been told all you need to know my pointy-eared pirate, you will find the item we are looking for and for your services you and your ship will be spared.” the Quargian folds his arms, “Now can we enter this accursed place or not?”
A peg legged dwarf and Quargian, snicker, as the elf rolls her eyes and nods, waving the group in.

The exits the woods and sees a massive battle going on in front of them on the fields of Stratus, catapults lie in flames, body litter the blood soaked ground. Directly in front of the group a skirmish rages, between a kingdom soldiers and some uargians. The captain of the kingdom looks to be fighting a losing battle, and his troops are being beaten back by the encroaching enemy forces forces. Gazing across the battlefield it becomes apparent the Quargians are concentrating more on catapulting the city while waves of Orc and Uruk-hai, throw themselves at the defenders. It seems that where the party exited a weekly defended position which is why the kingdom attacked it, but while gazing out on the destruction, the party suddenly hears a shouts of alarm as two arrows plink off Cronkoor’s armor. The group quickly mobilizes and begins fighting the Quargians.

Cain and Cronkoor both charge forward the bigger man giving the dwarf wide birth as he swings his axe in a full circle around him cleaving clean through three of the troops. Cain and Pie Mei dispatch another 2 while Sylas peppers their numbers with arrows. The Quargian forces retreat more scared of the maniac dwarf, who before combat ends kills another 2 of their constituents.

With the enemy troops frightened off the commander of the kingdom forces turns to the party, “Thanks be to the gods you have arrived…who are you exactly?”

The party stops and Sylas turns to face them,"Yeah I’ve been meaning to ask you all about that, Typically adventuring groups have a name, so we should have one, I vote Wolverines. After a very minor debate is which Hyam suggested that they be know as Damages Inc. but realized that there might be a legal battle with a much more famous incorporated company. The name became solid when Cronkoor hefted his axe over head and yelled, “Wolveriens!”

Sylas turned to the commander, “We’re the wolverines, perhaps you have heard of us?”

The commander looks at the elf, “What are you NAMES?”

Cronkoor looks back at the commander, “The Wolverines, did you not just hear us come up with it?”
“Yeah we lit·er·al·ly came up with it in front of you, like it just happened.” Sylas addes.

The commander rubs his forehead with a blood stained hand, “Lets try this again, what are you given names?”

Cronkoor looks surprised, “You don’t know who I am?” turning back to the newly dubbed Wolverines, “He doesn’t know who I am.”

Sylas finally gets what’s being asked an responds, “OH I’m Sylas Blackheart, world famous pirate, perhaps you’ve heard of me, and these are the Wolverines.”

The Commanded narrows his eyes and looks at the elf who smiles smugly, "Is that so…Lieutenant Munts, take this group to the Field Marshall, on the wall, tell him that we’re going to hold position to keep the sandy bastards from getting the catapult up and running again.”

The Lieutenant leads the newly dubbed Wolverines through the battlefield back to the castle wall and gives three shrill blasts on a whistle he wears around his neck once you reach the wall. Pie Mei leans over to Cronkoor, “That rape whistle.” The dwarf snickers. A woman in armor appears in a poof of smoke and looks at the party and the lieutenant: “Lieutenant Munts, what’s the news?”

Munts quickly explains the situation, “..and the captain suggested that they be brought before the field Marshall.”

The woman nods, and motions for the party to gather around her, seconds later they poof up onto the wall of stratus. The woman leads the group across the palisades when suddenly light flashes as boulder collides with an unseen wall over the town, light flashes

The woman with you yells as fist sized chunks of rocks rain down, one striking Munts killing him instantly.

Sylas drops to his keens and yells into the heavens. “MUNTZ!!!”

No one is impresses.

The woman ignores this and continues towards the center of the wall over the main gate. As the party gets closer to the gate they see a familiar face shouting commands, a sandy haired young man in armor, a sword at his side and followed closely by a tall man encased in armor. Percy notices the party and hurries over clasping Cronkoors shoulder looks: “It’s good to have you back, here’s the situation —”

Before he can finish a boulder rockets into the wall knocking spraying fist sized chunks of rocks.

The boy commander continues, “They arrived a day ago, the Uruk hai, lead the first assault on the walls while the Quargians began pummeling us with rocks. The council, held off erecting the shield around the city hoping that you would be back, until that damned Balor blasted through the northern gates and into the castle courtyard. The troops report that the council has the creature under control but Hina and Sya are growing weak powering the shield for the city. I met with Lore Master Finious, the few elves that are here are acting as artillery for us on the walls until the reinforcements from Thailous. Thankfully Kotex from The Order of Her Grace arrived.” The boy turns to the paladin, “Though I do wish they had sent more of you.”

Kotex stands silent looking out over the field.

Percy shakes his head, “What’s odd is they seem to be buying time, waiting for something to happen.”

Another rock hits the magical barrier.

“I’ve been looking over their attack plan with my generals and can’t make heads or tails of their strategy. The scouts have been able to make out the construction of an archway in the center of the Quargian camp, and we’re not 100% sure of it’s function.” Sylas leans over to Cain, “But it’s to summon shit.”

Another blast from the catapults rock the wall spraying stones everywhere,“And in case you couldn’t tell,” The boy commander turns and yells “we are doing a piss poor job of dealing with these catapults. General Shortbrew, you’re much more seasoned than I am, so the command it now yours. Aram,” he motions to the woman who escorted you, “and I have a group of soldiers that are ready for your command. I’ll work to advise you.”

Sylas takes a look over the wall and onto the field, “You know those catapults are ship catapults right? They should be pretty easy to flame.”
As these words leave the rogue’s mouth a regal looking elf turns to face him, “Does you simple mind not think we have already ascertained that information? Do you not see the ruins of three smouldering husks of those war machines on the field of combat? Perhaps the loss of you one eye has affected your whole perception.”

“Hey, hey, I was just trying to help.” Sylas replys with his hands up in defence.

“So general what’s your plan”

On the The Shattered Islands
AS he wanders the rooms Dallamar sees that this was indeed a home at one time, this is especially apparent when he stumbles into the former writing room. Scattered about the floor are various letters from people named Lotana and Eral, all starting off with dear friend. Dallamar scoops them up a hand full to read through later and continues on the crown prince wailing echoing throughout the ruins.

At the next juncture Dallamar, having become fed up with the constant crying opens his food pack and gives the baby a biscuit, which seems to stop the crying, relieved Dallamar enters what he preceives to be a bedroom and sees a paper on the table, that looks like it would yeild some information if her were to make a rubbing of it. Hepockets this too and heads to the only place he has not explored, the great room. Just before he enters he has a brief skirmish with an animated candelabra, which he easily defeats.
The sound of crying reach the ears of Inessa Swiftblade as she and her party finish searching the what seems to be a large dining room.
Kazim, do you hear that?” asks the elf
The dark skinned pirate nods and points in the direction of a hall
Inessa nods and takes the lead, cautiously walking into the hallway in single eyeing the ceiling for traps.
“Elf woman, why do you look up.” asks the groups Quargin handler?
“Well captain Moleid, I’m just as interested in dying as I am of working with you, but atleast I can avoid the earlier by keeping a keen eye ope….”

The elves words are interrupted by an ominous click and suddenly the statues spring to life, lashing out at the unsuspecting adventurers.

The Quargian Captain laughs as he rolls out of the way narrowly missing a stone sword., “You must be out of practice little elf.”

Kazim and Hooch, quickly dispatch two of the statues, while Moleid destroys the other two. As combat ends, the Quargian looks at the elf, “Perhaps you should look down also.”

Issett shrugs and the group continues into the great room.

As the pirates enter the room they see a figure staring a stone fireplace, one that Isset recognizes instantly as he ex-lovers friend Dallamar. The Rogue motions for everyone to stay back and sneaks behind Dal putting her blade against his throar, “Hello Dal.”

Dallamar who upon entering the room was drawn to the fire place answers coldly, “Hello bitch,”

Issett smiles, “What are you doing here wizard?”

Dallamar explains everything that has transpired, leaving out key bits of details, but making sure to mention to the know pirates that in the baby bjorn™ strapped to his chest is the crown prince of the kingdoms.

When Dallamar reaches the part about the demons, Captain Moleid steps forward, “The Quargian army would not throw their lot in with demons, you will watch your tongue!”

In his outrage Molied doesn’t notice a depression on the floor that that me steps on causing the fireplace to open and sent the party and Dallamar sliding down.


“So it’s decided?” Percy asked as the scout rolled up their maps, “You’ll assault the camp while we lead a force to hold the northernmost catapult? A sound plan General, a sound plan.”

Percy leads Aram, the Wolverines and several troops down stairs into a small hall: “General, it would do me well if you lead the charge with me, I think it may bolster the men’s resolve. Very good general, solider, if you would.” A soldier steps forward, and presses a button on the wall. The wall shutters and slowly moves to the side creating a path out to the battlefields.

Percy anxiously looks at Cronkoor, “Battle?”

The dwarf nods and yells, “BATTLE!” and the troops rush forward towards a group of Quargians guarding the northern most catapult.

The Quargians are caught by surprise and engage the young lords troops. Arma sends a ball of fire screaming into the catapult burning down several quargian troops punching a hole in their lines for the Wolverines to make to the woods.

The young lord smile, clearly proud of his tactical planning yelling after the party, “We’ll make sure you are not followed go.”

In the woods, Sylas takes the lead and begins making his way through the thick underbrush, and once confirming the path is clear he singles for the others to join him. Cronkoor for some reason the gods can only speculate about drops to his stomach and begins to commando crawl across the rocky ground, creating a sound not unlike nails on a chalkboard.

THis horribly loud sound reaches the ears of an Orc patrol which confronts the party, and nearly kills Sylas, before the dwarf, Cain and Pie Mei, thoroughly kill the group of twelve agressors.

“We need to keep him quiet.” Sylas says pointing to the Dwarf, “Ferka, do you have anything that could help?

The cleric thinks for a moment and then casts silence on the dwarf. Cronkoor, amused by the spell begins to clang his two axes together, inside the confines of the spell. Sylas nods approvingly and the group splits, Pie Mei Cain and Cronkoor take the western path while Sylas Ferka and Hyam, take the eastern.

Along the eastern path Sylas and company run into three Orc patrolling. Wanting to surprise them Ferka casts blind, and Hyam sings a lullaby, which affect two of the creatures, and sends the other one running out of fear. The elf rogue nods and finishes the two orc. Just then the clattering of axes returns to the air and then abruptly stop.

Along the western path Cronkoor and his group happen into the Orcish side of the camp, also happening upon a Uruk-hai century who screams to alert the camp. Unfortunately for the uruk he is in the zone the silence spell and his calls are not heard. Unfortunately for Cronkoor, the spell wears off as he still bangs his axes together. Their location know the three warriors prepare for battle.

Session 11
In which the story is salvaged


The neglectful owner: Leave your newly acquired minions in a bar while you teleport out of the city. -Pei Mei

The Tank: Actually take as much damage as you dish out. -Cronkoor Shortbrew

The Controller: Have your actions dictate story events. -Dallamar Bonus Exp 300

The Negotiator: Enlist the help of the Dwarves, in breaking a siege. – Sylas Blackheart

The Minstrel: Compose a battle song for a dwarf you have just met – Hyam Strogal

Viva la revolucion: Save a prince, potentially the world, and make sure mama’s recipe survived – The Three Musketeers

New Items:
A potion bladder containing five potions worth of liquid of cure serious wounds, 2 dwarven blasting sticks and an Unguent of Timelessness

Total Gold: 9900gp Plus a 10% share in the Steelanvil mine, netting 120000 with a monthly deposit of 10000gp into the party’s bank account if specified.

Items that can potentially save the world: 1

The current date according to the Endheal Calendar.

Norui 12th, 721 A.E.

The story so far

Dal, Sylas, Cronkoor and Cain stand over the body of the saline drow matriarch, while Pie Mine fashions little gis for his two minions before continuing his ti chi session. Ferka administers killing blows and last rights to any creatures in pain sending up a silent prayer to Maladara for the slain drow.

The four men standing over the matriarch go back and forth about their next move all agreeing that they need to leave the mine, save for Sylas who wants to set up a house and become a cave dweller. Curious about the magical properties of the cylindrical objects that were discovered Dal attempts to detect magic, and notices a faint necromantic aura coming from the a small out cove that he inspected with his arcane eye, he slowly makes his way over to the crystals, and investigates.

In the mean time Cain and Sylas try to get Cronkoor to be helpfuf, the dwarf folds his arms defiantly across his broad chest, “Ain’t no way yer gettin’ information abut these out of me labs,”

Dal who over hears this asks Ronsog’s spirit,“Do you know what those devices are dwarf?”

The voice of the old kind chuckles in his head, “A lad those be dwarven mining sticks, they be pretty powerful tools for excavating.”

Dal waves Cronkoor over to his position by the crystals, “How’s about you blow up these crystals, and we get the magic thing behind them?”

Cronkoor looks at the mage who tapes a finger to his head and smiles. The dwarf looks at him and grumbles something about selling out his race’s greatest secrets then lights the stick, causing the crystals to explode.

In the meantime growing bored Cain and Sylas join Pie Mie in his ti chi session and even Ferka finds her way over to them, as the monk leads then all through the exercise.

Back in the outcrop Dallamar and Cronkoor look through a pile and discover a rucksack, containing some jewels that Dal, estimated to be worth 700gp, another excavation stick, and a leather bladder containing liquids, which Cronkoor tastes realizing that he is holding at least 7 bottles of cure serious wounds. The dwarf drinks 1 potion’s worth to heal himself, and the rest of the group shares the others bringing everyone to full health, leaving only 5 bottles worth left.

The party gets into SEF and moves to a door that Cronkoor realizes leads to the first level of the mine. Still paranoid of the traps he’s discovered to this point Sylas searches the door and the path leading up to it, finding nothing but the words Safety etched in dwarven runes on it. Dallamar however realizes that the is a evocation around the door and suspects that it might be trapped. Advising the party that they should move back Dal casts knock on the door, triggering a fire trap that damages no one, much to the relieve of the party. Before they head up Dal asks Sylas if they want to go back and look at the bloody gold, but before he can answer Pie Mei covers in mouth with a finger and says,“Old proverb say,When the moon’s full and the gold is a-bleedin’ lady’s on the rag.”

traps through the door that leads up to another door that was blasted off it’s hinges when the fire trap was triggered. The group emerges into an eerily silent cavern, who’s ceilings span 50 feet high making it very difficult to see due to the stalactites and shadows. The only sounds that can be heard are the sound of a a cloak dragging in the dirt, and a low hum. Sylas and Dal are the only ones that make out sounds, and warn everyone to get to a hiding place. Unfortunately Cronkoor and Pie Mei and him minions (who will hence forth be referred to a Morty and Ferdy)suddenly forget the concept of hiding and walk behind what they think is a rock but in reality is nothing. It is at this time that everyone notices that in the center of the cavern 4 dwarven miners standing in a circle, a taller figure in dark robes next to them. The dwarves are next to a crystals similar in color to the one in the necklace, from Grufkins and Grufkins. Dal notices that it looks like there are strands of energy running from the dwarves to the crystals. The dark robed figure moves slowly and deliberately around the dwarves, scrawling symbols into the the ground.

The Dal not liking what’s going on casts detect magic, while Sylas whispers in his ear, “Um, why are you doing that, he’s summoning a demon.”

The mage ignores him and is able to ascertain that at least 3 spells at work, an enhancements radiating from the dwarves, an abjuration radiating from the robed figure, along with a large conjuration being prepared the auras are very strong almost like it’s building with every symbol drawn on the ground.

By the time Dallamar finishes his spell the robed figure has made a complete circle around the dwarves and begins chanting in Quargian, “saya panggil kepada kegelapan.Buka terbatal ke dalam alam manusia”

Pie Mei translates for Cronkoor, with the help of a ring of tongues “I call to the darkness. Open the void into realm of man"

The monk looks at the heavily armored warrior and shrugs “I don’t know what that mean either”

As he speaks a portal begins to open, and two demons, and muscular red one, and a slender grayish brown one. begin to materialize. The party recognizes one as a battle demon, that they have faced before, in Last Haven, however the other they have never seen. Dallamar surmises that is can cast spells or at least has some spell like abilities, but needs more time to study it.

As demons step out of the portal the crystals shatter, and the portal collapses behind them and the dwarves, who were tethered to the crystals, fall to the ground lifeless.

The robed figure shakes his head and sighs, “Failed again, though it seems the crystals helped.” he bends down and picks up a shard of the crystal, and tucks it into his robe.

Turning to the demons he says, “You may feed on the dwarves and the ones hiding behind the rocks.”

He congers another portal which Dallamar realizes is a planer shift and passes through, it closes behind him instantly.

Sylas shakes his head and notches two of this arrows of slaying, just as brown one launches a bolt of lightening at Cronkoor, catching the dwarf in the chest. This of course causes Cronkoor to laugh and he flips up his kilt, flashing the demons, who become enraged.

Sylas jumps on top of the rock he the rest of the party is hiding behind, and lets fly his two arrows of slaying that strike each demon square in the chest. The elf quickly dives back behind the rock as the creatures explode, showering Pie Mei, Cronkoor, Morty and Ferdy with their entrails.

Sylas looks at Dal,“So did you’re spell tell you anything about the demons that were being summoned?”

Ignoring Sylas’s quip Dal walks over to the summoning circle and begins to investigate while Ferka sees to the unconscious dwarven miners. The wizard studies the crystals, picking up some unique magical properties. Ferka sensing them too helps Dal collect a few samples to bring back to the council.

Cronkoor and Pie Mei toss the entrails that cover them to the ground as Morty and Ferdy roll around their feet fighting over what looks like an intestine.

Cain and Sylas meander around the giant pile of rocks that blocks their exit when they hear a familiar dwarven voice, “Okay now stand back. When that goes off we’ll be ready for those beastliness back there.”

The two men look at each and run diving back behind their original hiding space, as the pile of rocks explode behind them. Through the ash and debris a company of dwarves race into the cavern lead by none other then Ivan Steelanvil.

The dwarven warrior stops and looks around catching site of Cain and Sylas peering out over the top of their hiding place, along with the other party members. As he catches sight of Cronkoor a broad smile creases his face.

“Oi, Cronkoor my friend, what ar ye doing don he?”

The dwarf looks at him, “Saving yer damned mine.”

“ Ah well that nu good foreman may be partially the one to blame for this, seems he had an awful lot of coin on his person, Quargian in make, I think he may have known something. We just arrived here, heard from a fine fella in the bar, Dimble I think his name was, that ye were in our mine. Then he explained the Stonbender sent you so I figured we should help.”

Ferka gives a slight bow to Ivan, “We are much obliged sir dwarf”

“Ah lass it’s I who am obliged to yu. It’s a great service ya did the Steelanvils, you and yer mates here, and that be deserving of a reward, how bout a stake in the mine. I’d be willing to give you 10% of the profit that we pull from the sale of gems, that sounds fair, no?"

Cronkoor looks at Ivan and begins to say “Fifte…” When Sylas covers his mouth, and expresses his gratitude.

Ivan smiles, "Ay, tis a deal then, by the way yer a wee bit beat up, perhaps you best see Lucinda before you find your man in the Stone Hammer Pub. We might meet ye, down thar later, wanten to be cleaning out the rest of the mine first.”

Ivan signals for two of his company to lead the party back to the Temple of Moridan.


As the party enter Moridan’s temple, Dallamar feels Ronsog getting excited, “Sumthing feels familiar here lad.”

Lucinda walks out of the back of the temple with, and greats you warmly," You have need of my services i presume, I feel the presents of an ancient spirit here, have you been possessed?

Dallamar looks at her point to his head, “Spirit of a dead dwarf lord named Ronsog in my skull, I would very much like him out.”

Lucinda looks at Dallamar, “You are possessed by the last king of the dwarves?”

Dal shakes his head in agreement,“It’s not so much a possession as much as he’s hitching a ride.”

Lucinda leads Dallamar to the temple’s alter and has him lie down on it, then the cleric stand over the possessed party member and waves her hands, “Moridan grant me the power rid this body of it’s possession. Restore them to their former state so they may continue to do your will.”

The dwarven lord’s voice echos in Dallamar’s head," Great now, I can get back to drinking with Strum. So long laddy"

As Dallamar slowly starts to feel the spirit leave body, Sylas tries on Ronsog’s helmet, which grows larger then his head eventually covering the elves eyes. As he takes it off the helmet slips from his hand and rolls across the floor, touching Lucinda’s foot. The cleric bends down to pick up the helmet and as her hand touches it, a blinding flash of light illuminates the room, as images of Lucinda sitting atop a throne in the robes of a king with Cronkoor at her side flood the room. After a few seconds the images subside.

Lucinda looks around at the party, “What in the god’s names what that?”

Ferka looks down noticing that the helmet has re-sized, " I believe friend dwarf, that you are the heir of Ronsog." and bows.

Lucinda looks bewildered, as she studies the helmet, "Um…would someone care to explain what just happened?”

Dallamar still lying on the alter explains, “The’s his helmet, if it fits on your head, you’re his hire, and rule the dwarves, et cetera, et cetera, etcetera.”

Cronkoor pipes up after studying a pile of notes he has been taking, “You should go to Gruby and look for the Orclever clan, they are supposedly bound to Ronsog’s blood line.”

The female dwarf looks at the helmet, "Perhaps this is Moridan’s will. Thank you I guess…I mean because of you I have now had the mantle of responsibility thrown on me, but if this be the will of the gods then I will not question it. Please I need to make ready for trip, I pray that our paths will cross again adventures. Oh, and general, please take this.

Lucinda hands Cronkoor a chanter, “I have had this chanter for years, I feel that is should be given to you, as I feel you appreciate the music of our people. When play it, please think of me fondly.” she pecks the general on the cheek and turns back to her personal quarters.

As the party heads to The Stone Hammer, Dallamar checks out the chanter and lets Cronkoor know that it has the ability to cast ghost sound, when it is used in combat.


As the party enters The Stone Hammer, they are met with a warm inviting glow, a pot boils above the stove, and two human bard plays a dwarven drinking song, that has the whole place up in an song. Sylas catches sight of Dimble at the bar, he is clearly very drunk and upset. As the party makes their way over to Dimble, Cronkoor notices a crotchety looking old dwarf smoking a pipe in front of the fire, and be lines the the bar, scoops up two beers that are there and runs to the fire. Pie Mei, hops onto a chair, and points to the fire, indicating Morty and Ferdy should go there, both Virl scamper off and curl up on the bare skin rug in front of the fire and fall asleep.

Dimble looks up and sees Sylas and Dallamar, “Thank heavens you’re back, I have terrible news, it seems in the week you have been in the mine, Quarg has marched on Stratus. The City is under siege, I received word from Grufkin and Grufkin’s a day ago. The Council is planning to erect a magical barrier around the city that is will stop the my travelers wings from working. Ruk sent word as well, said that if we had Sya’s boy with us he’d know what to do. So wizard, what do we do?”

The wizard thinks momentarily, “Well, mother told me that spells designed by the council would never affect a member of the council’s immediate blood line as well as other member of the council, I was kinda of a check and balance system. This leads me to believe that I can bypass the spell with out an issue, though I are not sure how you guys would be affected.”

Ferka looks over while sipping her beer, “Could you go back and have them drop the shield then pick us up?”

Dal shakes his head and poofs out of the room.

Cain shakes shakes his head, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Sylas takes a slug of beer and says, “What could possibly go wrong”

In Stratus

Dallamar poofs into existence in his old room on the second floor of the council chambers. Taking a deep breath the wizard smells the magic burning through the air, and there is a sudden explosion from outside the door. Stepping outside he see several demons engaging Isset Starseer fighting off several carnage demons.

Isset sends an arc of lightening through the carnage demons slaying all but two, who charge at her. This allows for Dallamar to finish them off with magic missiles.

The last demon falls Isset looks at her old lover, “Dal? Thank goodness you’re back, the city is in disarray. Before Hina and your Father put up the shield around the city a group of demons lead by a balor, stormed the city. Ruk, Syph, Aela and Fenyus are protecting Hina and Sya as they keep the shield around the city up. I was sent there to receive you with instructions from Hina. You are to make to the castle with me and we have to get the prince and royal family out. There are catacombs under the city that will lead to a traveler’s gate. You remember about travelers gates right, one way portals to another place, this one leads to the Shattared Islands, you need to take the prince there and wait for me, I will take the Queen and King to Ralious, they should be safe there.”

The two wizards race to the king and Queens chambers banishing four more demons before the reach the door. Isset enters the king’s private and Dallamar sees the king standing ready, with a glowing blade and three warriors at his side. Behind them stands the queen the baby prince clutched in her arms.

The King has a look of shock on his face, ”Isset, why are you here?”

The beautiful blond mage looks around the room as if to see if there is any immediate danger, “Your Majesty there is no time to explain, we must leave the city, Lady Talis please entrust you son to Dallamar Frostbane, he will take the child to the Shattered Islands, where I will join him after I safely see you to Ralious. Please we must hurry.”

The queen is clearly overcome with emotion “What news is there of Syph, is the city…”

Her words fall short as the king slaps her, “There is no time for hysterics woman, we will trust in Isset and Hina as we have before, give the Frostbane boy out child, so he may live if we die.”

The queen painfully looks from her baby to Dallamar and then back to the king: “As you command my lord.” The queen reluctantly hands you the baby.

Isset, takes Dallamar and leads him to the door, “Dal, head to the portal in the catacombs, stand on it holding the prince and say these words exactly, ‘To mist we go, a distance great, to Kelack’s home, the grand estate.’ Once you are through destroy the gate so no one can follow.”
The king turns to this three guards, “Porthos Aramis and Athos accompany my son and this wizard to where they need to go. Allow no harm to come to them.”

Athos solutes the king, “Wee, misère”
Isset turns to the king and queen, “Gather what you need you majesty’s.”

She accompanies Dallamar and the soldiers to the door and stops, “Follow the stairs across the hall down to the lowest level of the castle, there’s a wall there that’s not really there. You’ll be able to pass through it. Once you do the spell will be broken.”

The beautiful mage looks into Dallamars eyes for a moment and leans in kissing him longingly. The kiss is abruptly ended as an explosion rocks the room, Dallamar feels a spell begin to take shape in the room a puff of smoke materialize between the guards, Dallamar, Isset, and the king and queen. The shapes of two humans can be seen through the smoke and Dallamar senses the immense power radiating from them. Isset spins around as bolts of lightning leap from her wand into the cloud that in holding the two figures. As the bolts are about to strike one figure raises his hand and the bolts turn and speed back to the mage, who quickly shields herself from the attack.

Realizing that she is outmatched, Isset screams to Dallamar, “There is no time to waste, GO! Now!”

The three warriors grab hold of the wizard and drag him from the room to the catacombs.

On their way down the signs of combat can be seen all about the castle though the guards do not seem to be heavily outnumbered. The three guards lead Dallamar safely to the wall and once they arrive Dallamar sends a message to Sylas explaining the situation.

Athos looks at the wizard, “I think you need take the lead misère.”

Dallamar walks through the wall and the illusion falls, the guards form a circle around him as the make their way down the hall. The group encounters a pair of large spiders and Aramis leads them into combat, shouting his battle cry, “Viva la revolucione”.

The group quickly dispatches the threat and Make their way to the travelers gate, where Dallamar speaks the words given to him by Isset, “To mist we go, a distance great, to Kelack’s home, the grand estate.”

The gate slowly starts to swirl, and the wizard sees that the portal is functioning.

Just then the guards, hear the sound of soldiers coming up the halls on either side of them, “Do not worry misère, we will throw ourselves at the so you and ze prince may escaps.”

Quargian soldiers begin to pour through the hall and the guards fight bravely, giving Dallamar enough time to get through the portal, Porthos Athos and Aramis, are driven back to until their backs are against the portal. Aramis calls to Dallamar through the portal urging him to close it, as Porthos pulls something from him pocket and thrusts his hand through.

Dallamar materializes in a ruined manor. He quickly turns to destroy the gate, seeing the three brave warriors he has only know for a short time fighting a losing battle. Dal raises his hand and sends a fireball at the gate, destroying it just as Porthos’s hand comes through. The explosion is so great it knocks Dallamar back against a ruined fountain turning his world black. The only reminder of a portal being there is a hand clutching a piece of paper, the says ‘Momma’s Croissants Recipe’

Back in the Kings Chambers

In the king’s chambers two bodies lay charred on next to the bed, a magic glowing sword lays at the feet of one body, that looks as if they took the brunt of the attack defending the second. A little further away two cloaked figures, one in brown robes one in red, stand while a Isset Starseer hangs suspended in midair, her body is tattered a bloody, and she is barely alive.”

The robed figure speaks in Quargain, “Where is the wizard, where has he gone with the boy?”

The brown robed figure stoops and picks up an amulet with red liquid inside from onf of the corpses “He is of no concern Raj, we have what we need”

The Raj leans forward and picks up the glowing sword and sighs, “Silly little toy, for sad little king.”
The air darkens and the sword bursts into flames and crumbles and he turns to leave.

Raj looks over to Issett then turns to the other man, “Sring, what about the girl?”

Sring Turning back around to Isset, the robed figure looks her over, taking her by the chin., “Such a pretty woman, perhaps the master will have a use for her.”

Sring smiles and plunges a knife into the mage’s throat, “even more so now I presume”

Tossing the limp body of the mage over his shoulder and he and Raj, vanish into smoke, leaving the decimated room empty.

Meanwhile in Hammerhore

Cronkoor hands a beer to the old dwarf who sits by the fire oiling his crossbow,“Um…you’re awesome.”

The dwarf eyes him and takes the beer, “What be ye name lad?”

Cronkoor squeals like a little girl, “Cronkoor Shortbrew.”

The older dwarf takes a long pull from his beer, “My name be Darm Brassballs, famous dungeoneer and dwarven Ranger.”

Cronkoor reconizes the name instantly and says much louder then intended, “You’re Darm Brassballs? Guys, this is Darm brass balls”

This causes the whole bar to erupt in cheers.

Pie Mei Quickly runs up to Darm and takes his hand, “You worship Moridan.”

Darm looks at him strangely.

As party makes their way over to Darm enjoying themselves, Ferka leans to Sylas and asks,“Shouldn’t Dal have been back by now, Perhaps something is wrong?"

Sylas shakes his head, “Everything is….”

The elves words get caught in his throat as Dallamar’s message reaches him.

“Yeah so, seems like Dal, is stuck in Stratus. Who saw that coming?”

Cain taks a slug of his beer and says under his breath, “I did.”

Darm hears the conversation as the rest of the party approaches, "Soonds like ye wee jimmies could use some options. I’ll be willing ta lead ya back to Stratus, through, the woods, they chocked full of Gnolls and all other manner of besties but I’ll get ya there. All I be wanting for my services be that hammer there, looks like it hasn’t been used once, and 400gp. It’ll take you a week about to get ya back. Your choice lads?

Sylas shakes his head, "Hang on…no no we don’t need that, we have our own ideas. Don’t we?

Cain looks around, “If you guys don’t have any suggestions, I might have an idea. Does anyone know if we can use those wings Dimble has to get outside the city? “

Darm holds up his hands,“Lad you be wanting a wand of teleport. I know where ye could be getting one and for free. You stay here, and I’ll be back with my friend.”

As Darm exits the bar, Ivan walks in and Sylas approaches him.

Ivan looks confused, “What are ye still doing here friens? Shudn’t ye be back at Stratus by now?”

Slyas briefly explains what he got from Dallamar’s message, “and I’m asking you for help now, can you lend us some troops?”

Ivan looks at the elf, “I’ll give ye two companies lad, but with a war on we best be taking care of our borders. It’ll take them a week to get to Stratus but I assure you they will help.”

Sylas bows to the leader of the Steelanvil clan, just as Darm walks in with a very fimiliar looking halfling.

Ferka: “Perhaps we can get word to our brethren in Endheal if all else fails. Though I had assumed they would be adding Stratus, and war would threaten everyone.”

Darm returns shortly with a halfling in tow. he wears a lute on his back and looks vaguely familiar.

“Allow me to introduce Hyam Strogal, brother of Lecky Strogal head of the teamster union, Hyam, these are the lads I was telling you about, trying to get back to Stratus.”

Cronkoor leans over to Cain, “Didn’t we kill Lecky?”

Cain makes a shushing motion to Cronkoor and the dwarf gets the hint.

Hyam looks at the group, “I can get you there, well I can get you to a campsite my brother and I use to use before I left him to pursue the Alus’s wims. All I ask is that you take me to see my brother again, once we get back to the city, I’m dreadfully worried about him. Do we have a deal?”

Sylas feints a look of confusion, “Teamsters, Lecky…never heard of any of them.”

Hyam shrugs,“Well I can find him when we reach the city, lets go.”

Hyam blasts the group with the wand and they take off into the sky.

Unfortunately Morty and Fredy are left behind still curled up on the bearskin rug in the Stone Hammer.

The outskirts of Stratus

The group poofs into existence on Lecky’s old camp sight and let out a sigh of relief when they wee that they bodies of Lecky and this thugs are no longer in the area. They also instantly hear the sounds of marching, and Sylas scouts ahead to see what’s going on.

He returns two minutes later with some not so good news, “Ok, so there are uruk hai and goblins paroling this road. But don’t worry I have a plan.”

The “plan” consists Haym casting haste on everyone then the rest of the party hiding in the rocks while Cronkoor is used as bait to draw the creatures into a kill zone.

Everyone sucessfully gets into position as the uruk ahi and goblins pass where Cronkoor is.

The lead uruk hai calls for a hault of both groups, and looks at the dwarf,“Mountain scum, what are you doing here?”

Cronkoor looks around and shrugs,“Tracking?”

The uruk hai growls, “Tracking what?”

Cronkoor looks up to the sky for a moment then back to the uruk, “You?”

This sends the creature into a rage and he issues a challenge to the dwarf to face him in one on one combat. The dwarf responds to the by tucking his genitals between his legs and flipping his kilt up and showing the “goat” to the uruk hai.

This enrages the uruk even more but send the goblins into a flury of giggles. Two of the uruk bowmen fire on the dwarf, which striks his shoulder on both arms.

This allows Sylas to fire four arrows, killing the urku hai commander. Hyam casts a spell that knocks all the uruk prone, and then the group enters melee. Cronkoor bull rushes a goblin while Cain swipes cuts through some uruk, Pie Mei delivers a flurry of blows killing another uruk. The melee ends as quickly as it started, as the party administers healing to the heavily wounded dwarf, the bushes behind the shake.


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